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  1. Tiress


    For furniture that is set as a cage at least, it could be done the same way Prisoner Recruitment is done, but this way it would work with every "cage" furniture, not just the stripper pole etc. There should be guides for dialogues on Steam if you wanna give it a try.
  2. Tiress


    I think it only works if the furniture has enough worker slots. Vanilla cage has only 1 slot.
  3. Tiress


    Yeah, it's a bit unfortunate, but it seems the CAGE functionality blocks the "Put in" menu option once a single prisoner is there no matter how many worker slots it has. But fear not, I got you covered. The trick is to send the second prisoner to bed before the first one gets in it, pausing the game should help with that.
  4. I think it could work. With a square labyrinth that has a door on each side, entry and exit points could be chosen on random making it less repetitive. And it wouldn't have to be big since you'd have to guess the exit.
  5. What about SE under dxvk? I guess it would be far from getting the same boost as LE, but it seems fair to take it into account for these comparisons.
  6. Tiress


    Try this one: Crawl.zip I don't know why, but the mod also increased worker slots for Prisoner Pole to 2.
  7. Thank you, especially for the Triggers, I had no idea it existed.
  8. Arachnid Brutality + Absolute Arachnophobia + Faster Frostbite Spiders is what I went with. Had to get rid of it eventually as I just freaked out and paused the game most of the time I saw them swarming me. To me the ones with skinnier legs and bigger body are more creepy. And harder to see. Making them even more creepy. Long legs add to creepiness too:
  9. Tiress


    Try this out and let us know. bedsex_PrisonerPatch.zip
  10. And then there is No Grass In Objects and Face Discoloration Fix .
  11. Oh, the struggle bar. This used to happen with SexLab Approach Redux if you had it below SexLab Horrible Harassment or Babo Dialogue in load order.
  12. Black Talon Armor [LoversLab] / [P] [3BA] [SunJeong]
  13. I've found an older conversion by Rektas, give it a try and let us know.
  14. Nice work. I found another one on Arca, don't know if it has the gap too, but in case you'd like to compare, here it is: Sexy Maid [P] [3BA] [Arca] / [P] [3BA] [LoversLab]
  15. Probably a typo. I bet @Themistae will correct it on next update. Meanwhile you can use this: Raven's Luxurious Seduction Mashup [P] [Nexus] / [P] [3BA] [Arca]
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