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  1. Set-up your game's updates like this in Steam (and only launch the game thru the SKSE loader) : You'll be normally fine.
  2. Just adjust your Steam params like this for SkyrimSE : And, only launch your game by the SKSE_Loader.exe, you'll be fine like this (normally).
  3. So, I've seen that I can add new strapons beside the one included in Sexlab. But, wher can I find these ? Thanks.
  4. The only part of this mod who cause problem is this DLL. Everything else works fine.
  5. This is the weird part: Vortex dosen't say anything about the culprict, just this particular DLL wasn't loaded and the error code 193. I have even tried to read the SKSE.log, just in case, no dice. Edit > Found the culprict : Wearable lanters Fix. This mod works pretty nicely though... Edit bis > One solution : just rename the DLL and the error will be gone.
  6. So, I can remoive it without any harm. (I've desinstalled Campfire) Thanks.
  7. I have this error in Vortex who says that this DLL isn't compatible with SkyrimSE. I can't remember wich mod add this. Any idea ?
  8. Beside "Beeing Female" (which is apparently abandonned), can you tell me which prengnancy mod is the best ?
  9. Do you use the new version of Skyrim Unbound ? If yes, we may have the same problem (the only thing I've changed between two playthrough). The old version of Skyrim Unbound (for Skyrim Se) did not cause any problem ...
  10. I'vve found this roadless world too : https://modthesims.info/d/603670/northeney.html
  11. Okay, I've just found this site with CAW files availables : https://cawster.wordpress.com/2012/08/16/hello-world/ My idea is to pick one world, modify to my liking and install it in my game. For those who wonder why I search words not too bug and, most importantly, without roads : road traffic causes a fair amùount of lag (traffic volume of course and cars blocked/jammed). So, why not modify a world I like to remove roads (for my own usage of course, can't reupload this anywhere).
  12. These two will do I think. Thanks a lot ! 😀
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