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  2. Do you find that your game loads faster like that? I used to have 15 gig of CC and my game took 45 minutes to load on a really fast machine What traits do you use? I have the traits here that I love. I have some others that I picked up and I'm really not even sure they work anymore. But I have one called Siren that is AWESOME! i use some of other peoples traits but the traits i made sex,anger,sad,i even made a smelly one for the tramps in the game.My CC in in 1 package file so i have no bother with loading.i found it silly having all those mods like for clothes and hair and so on
  3. OMG, tickled till pee! Forgot about that..lol Lol..sounds like a good idea.I have lots of my own traits i normally place them into 1 package as i do with the clothes,hair,objects and so on in one big package i think it's now over 1.2gb of stuff.I would like to see a command centre style menu where you could turn on and off some of these idea's.
  4. Yes! I could think of a ton too. I was married for 16 years and we married young (19), inexperienced and naive. If it can happen, it probably happened to my ex and I in those newly wed years. lol And of course, movies..media..porn.. porn bloopers are some of the funniest things I have ever watched. Right off the top of my head: Wrong Hole. The animations for this could be hilarious. The angry moodlet for her, embarrassed for him. Farting with BJ Farting with Cunnilingus (I'm glad Google spell check knew how to spell that!) Vag Farts/ Queefs (please please please give me pink mu
  5. What a good idea...even offer of sex for info or rape until they admit there crime.the frisking and photo station would be good to use to...feel up and down then remove clothes..and those silly things they pull out of there pockets during a search make it dildos and condoms and so on.hell or even get promotion from the boss with you know what.sounds like a endless bit of fun.
  6. No Farting?..Hell it's one of the best parts of the game..lol...i hope they make a mode called follow through..and sims shit there pants or even a mode that when you fart you make sims around you through-up or even die..lol
  7. I'm also getting MC errors to.lots of them.said it was the mc.log file
  8. I also got these warnings but also got a warning it was MCCC command center log problem? anyone else? i'll also send a copy of the last exception file. At last i found my problem.it was old mods after all.i had the no mosaic mod in from way back and some others that Command Centre changes for me.plus any other that i had not checked that could be outdated.so now no more warnings. lastException_63631669609.txt
  9. http://modthesims.info/download.php?t=545229 This may work if you edit it with S4PE. don't know about the ole dancing
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