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Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

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My very first shemale "Lola" checking out animations on a loveseat furniture:


"Do not bite me, doggy!"




Oups, it seems Lola was really angry


attachicon.gifLola2p.jpg   attachicon.gifLola3p.jpg


but happy again


attachicon.gifLola4p.jpg   attachicon.gifLola5p.jpg



I love her hair, she's pretty fierce, hehe.


Outdoor encounter...

post-2153581-0-04885400-1501025198_thumb.jpg post-2153581-0-12881900-1501025215_thumb.jpg



post-2153581-0-44525400-1501025260_thumb.jpg post-2153581-0-83312100-1501025291_thumb.jpg post-2153581-0-04129400-1501025337_thumb.jpg


Apparently that's her sister though... And they are close...

post-2153581-0-03360600-1501025378_thumb.jpg post-2153581-0-10879000-1501025394_thumb.jpg


post-2153581-0-92024300-1501025410_thumb.jpg post-2153581-0-52664000-1501025417_thumb.jpg post-2153581-0-99009400-1501025430_thumb.jpgpost-2153581-0-31446300-1501025441_thumb.jpg

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what skins do you use for your lady sims and how can i get it? thanks!

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Been awhile, but I am fairly certain the skin I used in those pics is an edited version of "E-Skin Game."



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I can't get enough of Evin Star, I can't get enough of Evin Star, I can't get enough of Evin Star! 








On another note, do you think this fiendish devil is sexy? I've noticed you staring.



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Almighty All,


new to this forum; yet, impressed with some of the pictures posted.

@ Mariana Soprano: your sims are especially alluring!

i'll begin taking more pictures of my Sim's adventures (myself, actually — i'm the ugly Sim dude in my avatar pic); for now, i shall observe and learn.


thanks for the thread, my best wishes to you all.

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Rather than focusing on purly hardcore. My intension with these samples was to capture the raw intimacy and trust surrounded sex, that leads to passion.











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great pictures, TamraBlue!

every time i play this Amra72 animation and see myself checking an imaginary wristwatch, i laugh. :grin:
that's somehow rather Latin: the girl melting down from sheer pleasure, and the guy concerned about time. would be nice to see the opposite, though.


thanks for sharing them.

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It's been so long since I last played... it always take too long to open to the start up before I'm able to select a saved file. I think I need a new pc :/


...So have some feral wolves on defenseless bunny :3 (I love those skins)




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God, RichieKing I love your burly guys :heart:  :smirk: Look at that big dong

Would you be interested in sharing? (It's ok if you don't want to ^^)

On 10/2/2017 at 10:35 AM, RichieKing said:

Just a few randoms I've gathered of my usual two, Bret and Shawn...













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On ‎11‎/‎30‎/‎2017 at 1:21 PM, Caged_Fenrir said:

God, RichieKing I love your burly guys :heart:  :smirk: Look at that big dong

Would you be interested in sharing? (It's ok if you don't want to ^^)


Awh, Thank you.  Unfortunately I will not be sharing Brett and Shawn, at least not right now.  However, I have a few other well endowed Sims/Families I would be willing to upload if interested?  The only issue is that I'm a CC hoarder and would never be able to find everything I used to make each Sim.  I haven't had time to play in a while, but next time I do I'll pull some of my guys For you as well as some screenshots so you can visually see what cc I used.  for the time being, some more randoms of Brett and Shawn.


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Curious how ol' King Mua will handle the introduction of Robinson Caruso to this Island paradise. Maybe I'll make it Jack Sparrow....






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