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  1. Here's where you can post your Sims 3 pictures! I hope everyone wants to share again!
  2. Thank you for these new animations! I tried using the animations for sims 4 after losing so many animators to it/ but ugh I just don't like it. So this is very much appreciated!
  3. I prefer Sims 3 over 4 mainly because I hate the way sims 4 looks. Sims in 4 look like clay and chunky. After putting Kurasoberina's skins into my game, I just can't see myself playing without them! I'm using a cheapo, under $500 bucks, laptop and have little lag. But I also use Nraas Story Progression and by editing that and controlling the population with Register (which is where most of my lagging came from), my game works well and the animations plays back perfectly. I love KW and play it regularly with no problems. If you are willing to tweak your game before you play, you could hav
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