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  1. Brothel Stories

    Laura Croft and Wii Chi Lover have moved to Aluna Island. For Wii Chi this is a chance for her to go to a prestigious private University while Laura is exploring secret treasure along with investigating strange actives occurring around the Island.
  2. Kinkyworld TV *Updated* 10/13/2017

    I have the latest build, and everything works fine. Make sure you did not replace the ONIKI_Videos.package with the one provided with KinkyWorld (it's a much smaller file size). Also make sure you delete scriptCache.package in your Documents/The Sims 3 Folder.
  3. I want to thank you, again, for everything you've been doing OnikiKay.
  4. Just think at how amazing the modeling career could be if your Sim eventually became a Porn Star and had to go to a place to do a shoot! Naturally these would be triggered like events. The Nighthawk - Half Dinner, Half Porn Studio (Brothel). The Directors increase their Woohoo Skills, while the Porn Stars increase their Exhibitionist skill. The event is triggered differently for different Sims (example: models/prostitutes are different from Directors/Brothel managers). Since one model is an exhibitionist he felt more comfortable doing it in the hallway, while the other who is not did it inside a bedroom. There is also a reverse route I sometimes play this scene on which involves an undercover detective disguised as a Prostitute who arrests Sims who try to "pay for her service". I might post that later.
  5. Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

    I've found some nice CC to make Super Muscular Men, and other Erotic Dancers.
  6. Kinkyworld TV *Updated* 10/13/2017

    I've been *craving* doing another one of these, but not for the KW main channels since I'm satisfied with the ones I have, but for the regular Sim Channels like Romance, Action, and Comedy; mainly to add them into the Large as Life Movie Screen. But I would like the moodlets Sims get to also change based off what they watch, or at least also get them horny/aroused. It would be cool if KW also supported the Video Cameras that come with Generations so that Sims who recorded other Sims having sex and later viewed them would get horny/aroused from it. Below are some ideas I've had.
  7. Kinky World - Video Clips

    That I know of the sound effect from clicking play/pause and or speeding/slowing the gameplay can't be turned off. When making videos I simply, edit out the sound by precise trimming and sound tuning.
  8. Kinkyworld TV *Updated* 10/13/2017

    It might be with your browser (i've had this happen before in Chrome) just right click on the file and click "resume download" or something like that.
  9. Kinkyworld TV *Updated* 10/13/2017

    I recently just edited the file. It's a minor edit that changes the volume of the Exhibitionist Channel and Zoo Channel so that they are not as loud and better match the rest of the Channels volume wise. In the future it would be nice if KinkyWorld or some other mod can lock TV channels from being switched on Community Lots. I was thinking of making a Cinema with the KinkyWorld TV Channels. It'll be too much of a hassle to be honest. I don't know exactly how Passion's Custom Video Channel's work. Also my video files because they are HD already take up a lot of space, even though though they don't slow down the game, I doubt people would want 500+mbs of video for their Sims..
  10. KinkyWorld - How Do You Play?

    Where do I begin . . . I originally got into The Sims 3 sex mods because I found their sex animations better than Skyrim (and still do). My original goal was just to test them out and see how it runs. I made a small Sim family that involved the story of a pure virgin girl named Aurora who slowly develops feelings for her stoner guitarist roommate Lucid. However I really go into the idea of storyboarding and slowly this grew and grew. I created more Sim families, added their backstories, and put them into my worlds, all tied somehow to sex (either for or against). It wasn’t more than a few months when The Brothel manager update came out for KinkyWorld, which got me excited again for this mod. Because utterly that’s all I look for in any adult mod, is if it has a Brothel. My favorite adult game is Fable - The Lost Chapters (so that explains a lot) followed by Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That’s how I originally got into Skyrim sex mods, I tried to make a freaking brothel and it failed miserably (it became more like a BDSM slave chamber). Currently I manage a brothel I made called The Lovers’ Lounge. It has everything I ever want in a brothel and it runs well thanks to all the mods I installed for it to add to KinkyWorld’s base feature. I love the stage it has which allows for two dancers and a stripper to come up and dance, the dancers having a dance shift and set location where to dance. I love that Sims usually skinny dip in the pool with the fish tank below right next to it allowing you to see through, the Kinky TV channels are a nice touch, along with the four different themed rooms, the sauna, massage table, hot tub, and my *newest* addition the sexy ‘butt’-naked waiter and chefs that also have a shift on when to work like the dancers. Other than the Brothel though, the rest of my Sim’s world is pretty tamed sexually (and I plan to keep it that way). I usually have “auto-accept” turned off, unless I visit The Lovers’ Lounge. Male or Female? Both, sometimes male, sometimes female, it depends on the story. Rapists On or Off? On, mainly for roleplay purposes. Every world I have is different, in Aluna Island and Isla Paradisio the females strangely were mainly the rapist which was humorous (I just loved it when the wife rapes her cheating husband at the lounge). At one point all the bartenders that worked at my brothel were getting raped autonomously and quitting (because they were freaking hot!) but I changed it to the creepy guy in my town who sells drugs (and nobody has touched him since). Zoo Off or On? Off, I don’t like seeing animals being used sexually, even if it is virtually. Incest? Off, I had to specifically install NARASS Debugger, so I could realign family trees so it doesn’t happen “by mistake”. Age? Young Adult to Elder, I mainly play young adult. What Expansions/Stuffs do you use? I have all Main Expansion Packs running except Into the Future, (didn’t care much for what it added, and I feel sci-fi breaks the emersion) and only High-End Lot Stuff and Master Suite Stuff since I felt those had the best items (especially romance related). What Mods & things like Clothing do you use? I would say 80% of my mods are gameplay/bug fixing related. I have NARASS MasterControler, Overwatch, Register, Relationship, DebugEnabler, and Animations installed.
  11. When you look so good, yet can't see your reflection.
  12. Which erect penis do you use?

    I use both Wicked's Default and LunarEclipse's specifically because one id cut and the other is un-cut and the mod gives you the option to randomize them among Sims.
  13. Kinky World - Video Clips

    I've posted my own video I made featuring two studs. Enjoy! Adam doesn’t want his hot boyfriend Tye to be bored. He has something planned for the two of them that they’ll surely enjoy. I would love to see something like that. It's against YouTube's TOS to post any adult X-rated content private or not, but other video sharing sites exist which allow it, I've never seen a "Let's Play" on PornHub, but I'm sure that would fly.