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  1. I found the problem. It was my controller, since it is a PS3 controller emulating an XBox it doesn't read the Select or L2 button correctly. When I use my keyboard and press F or another controller than the one I was using before it works. Thanks for the help.
  2. I currently have Dead or Alive 6 Ver.1.12 And REDELBE Ver. 1.4 Yet none of my Mods are working for Layer2. I have the REDLEBE Folder and dinput8.dll inside the Dead or Alive 6 game folder. When I run the game "REDELBE Ver. 1.4" shows up next to the game's update version. Inside the REDELBE Folder In the Layer2 section I have theMarie Rose Default hair (Black) folder, and inside that I have the Material and mod.ini file. The redelbe_log.txt even says "Hair mod "Marie Rose Default hair (Black)" successfully loaded". What am I missing?
  3. There seems to be a lot you can do without Mods, or hacks! I just wish you could remove the bottom for online game, like you could in Soul Calibur V. My attempt at a realistic male cock without Mods.
  4. Hey @autobanned is there a way that you can make the rig without it interfering/showing up in the First Person View Mode? kind of like how Kijiko did with his 3D-Eyelashes? *Maybe he could help you out by telling you what he did with his. There has to be a way because all of the EA hairstyles don't get in the way of 1st person view mode but a lot of the CC ones do.
  5. With the new 'Get Famous Expansion Pack' out, it's only a matter of time before someone makes a fully functional PornStar/Studio mod. What better way to 'get famous' than to corrupt other Sims into voyeuristic and sexual tendencies with your lustful body cunny visceral marketing skills. In the meantime . . .
  6. I made Evin into Chip The Dancer, just like The Sims 1.
  7. Currently it's a work in progress, you need Ambitions to own the lot you want the Porn Studio in to collect revenue, and Generations to be able to use a Camcorder to record videos. It's mainly used for role-playing purposes since it's not as immersive as other mods.
  8. That means you must have closed the webpage it was being downloaded before it finished downloading and before you transferred it into the KinkyWorld's mod folder. I just re-downloaded the video.package and everything works fine.
  9. I just tried to download something, and "yup" I'm getting this to, along with "there was a problem processing the upload file. -200" whenever I try to upload an image on here.
  10. That's very strange, perhaps more detail would help. If not here is a general route to clear up problems you might encounter while adding mods into The Sims 3 (these usually fixes a bunch of other problems as well, not just those related to TV, like faster loading and processing). 1.) Delete all the Cache files in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder. 2.) Re-download the latest version of KinkyWorld available either on here or from Patreon. 3.) Make sure you overwrite it with the old KinkyWorld files you have in your mods folder. 4.) Re download the KinkyWorld TV.package and override it with the file in the KinkyWorld folder. *That should fix most of the issues you have. Let me know.
  11. I would upload a picture of the error but I can't. -__- Every-time I try to upload ANY image I get this error, any know how to fix? And after that, somehow this post was able to get posted but I got the error: EX1021 Edit: This has been fixed.
  12. The Sims 3 along with KinkyWorld and other mods gives you so many fun erotic ideas you can play around with. Here are just a few. . . (note: I'll add the full 100 things to do overtime, here are just the first few). Table of Content - WIP
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