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  1. JackiMah324

    Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

    I made Evin into Chip The Dancer, just like The Sims 1.
  2. JackiMah324

    Brothel Stories

  3. JackiMah324

    100 Kinky Things to do in KinkyWorld!

    Currently it's a work in progress, you need Ambitions to own the lot you want the Porn Studio in to collect revenue, and Generations to be able to use a Camcorder to record videos. It's mainly used for role-playing purposes since it's not as immersive as other mods.
  4. JackiMah324

    Kinky TV

    That means you must have closed the webpage it was being downloaded before it finished downloading and before you transferred it into the KinkyWorld's mod folder. I just re-downloaded the video.package and everything works fine.
  5. JackiMah324

    Failed Network error

    I just tried to download something, and "yup" I'm getting this to, along with "there was a problem processing the upload file. -200" whenever I try to upload an image on here.
  6. JackiMah324

    Kinky TV

    That's very strange, perhaps more detail would help. If not here is a general route to clear up problems you might encounter while adding mods into The Sims 3 (these usually fixes a bunch of other problems as well, not just those related to TV, like faster loading and processing). 1.) Delete all the Cache files in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3 folder. 2.) Re-download the latest version of KinkyWorld available either on here or from Patreon. 3.) Make sure you overwrite it with the old KinkyWorld files you have in your mods folder. 4.) Re download the KinkyWorld TV.package and override it with the file in the KinkyWorld folder. *That should fix most of the issues you have. Let me know.
  7. I would upload a picture of the error but I can't. -__- Every-time I try to upload ANY image I get this error, any know how to fix? And after that, somehow this post was able to get posted but I got the error: EX1021 Edit: This has been fixed.
  8. The Sims 3 along with KinkyWorld and other mods gives you so many fun erotic ideas you can play around with. Here are just a few. . . (note: I'll add the full 100 things to do overtime, here are just the first few). Table of Content - WIP
  9. I'll just leave this here, floating around . . I'm thinking of adding a gay package to this mod, if anyone is interested. Let me know what scenes you all would be interested in seeing. I have a few on my mind.
  10. JackiMah324

    Share Your Male Sims!

    Just some gay Sims I made having fun with the Sims 4 again.
  11. JackiMah324

    Share Your Female Sims!

    She's back . . . !
  12. JackiMah324

    Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

    When you're randomly playing and your Sim breaks the 4th wall by staring directly into the camera.
  13. I agree, I worry OniKay might have a harder time modding KinkyWorld later on if she keeps it all connected to the same package, since newer updates tend to upset older ones and cause bugs/glitches. If she has a solid "base KinkyWorld" then whatever she adds later, through separate mods, will be easier to fix since the base KinkyWorld is bug free. I have a feeling though all the bugs will be gettin' rid of eventually, it's just a matter of time and patience.