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Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

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How did you get your sim to cum?


Just Photoshop lol.  As far as I know, there are no mods that let your sims visually cum.

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How did you get your sim to cum?


Just Photoshop lol.  As far as I know, there are no mods that let your sims visually cum.


Oh wow! Great job!

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"when the world goes to shit, I didn't let it take me down with it"



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Fabulous pics everyone, keep 'em coming - no pun intended :D


MaryJane, loving the funny pics, especially the poolcue ones :D





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Some screencaps from my latest games...


That looks a tad uncomfortable.  (Sadly I had to abort this save, it got corrupted somehow.)



Sex with a ghost.  (I created this couple specifically to test KW exhibition interactions on ghosts.  Ended up force killing the ghost, though.  I decided I didn't want her in my game anymore.)



Pee play is my big kink, so I had to capture this.



Now that's a nice client, paying to give oral instead of receive it!



A little solo fun.



Fun with a vampire friend, showing off that nice tattoo <3



Some three-way fun.



Watching kinky videos led to some live action wink.png



More three-way fun!



Her husband got toadified in an alchemy mishap and she still couldn't resist grabbing his cock when he flashed her... O_o;;



Hubby is having some solo fun in their new home.



And the last two are from a marathon fuck session in that same new home.

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So sorry Springacres – this is nooo male at that time! This girl misses something! Or can you see a dick?

I really don´t know what happend in November 2016 in CAS with this clone.

I was much tooo dump not to save the guygirl (no dick!) and change Sabs clone later to a complete male.


I ve changed the gender or age of my Sims often and / or use this clones, curious how sims look in the opposite sex.

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Messing about in Photoshop today, trying to make some wall-art for my new colour-scheme Fairy brothel.  This is my main character Zane and his current fuck obsession, a male fairy whore named Eden, made from a female Fairy by DCslaysMarvel, here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/60711-the-sims-3-savedsims-downloadsmf-update-5112017/


( I can't get Eden's wings to appear in-game, although they appear in Cas. I know it's a mod conflict, but I'm not willing to not use my mods :) ). 


Anywho, I think Zane is falling in love because he's constantly visiting the 'guys only' Fairy brothel, and when he's with Eden like this the world disappears and it's just the two of them floating on ecstasy :)




ETA:  Woohoo!  It worked :)  Made with TSR Workshop using a recolour of "The Cardinal Duc..." painting by Jim07, with the frames recoloured, from here






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My very first shemale "Lola" checking out animations on a loveseat furniture:


"Do not bite me, doggy!"




Oups, it seems Lola was really angry


post-1122810-0-16926800-1497436301_thumb.jpg   post-1122810-0-83064600-1497436332_thumb.jpg


but happy again


post-1122810-0-72343500-1497436351_thumb.jpg   post-1122810-0-02959100-1497436366_thumb.jpg




P. S. So sorry springacres, I sware I have no clue for the body hair on this Sabs clone - as I sayed I was an idiot not to save this sim before changing it to a complete guy. I ll try later if this will happen with one more clone of Sabs. And did you detect, this clone had a beard also?



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Lol! When you accidently set Maximum length/duration of woohoo to 'Infinite' in Passion biggrin.png

LOL!  That's actually come close to happening in my game for real.  I have sims with decent WooHoo and Athletic skills, so when they get busy with KW's autonomous interactions... well, I'm glad I have NRaas MasterController at times :D

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:blush:  However, my question still stands about the body hair.


Oups! Sorry springacres, missunderstandig.


I thought you´re looking for the body hair „texture“.


The male body (pubic) hair on this elder screenshots are from Cmar




and from Moximason









(permission denied - you have to register there)


Here you can find overlays (to combinate with body hair also)




post-1122810-0-70784000-1497778276_thumb.jpg   post-1122810-0-68675300-1497778338_thumb.jpg   post-1122810-0-54236200-1497778402_thumb.jpg


post-1122810-0-75333800-1497778448_thumb.jpg   post-1122810-0-82682100-1497778496_thumb.jpg   post-1122810-0-88225700-1497778535_thumb.jpg



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Had my first WooHoo party, really dig this feature. 

Big dicks and bukkake means Shawn has quite the clean up ;)



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Had my first WooHoo party, really dig this feature. 

Big dicks and bukkake means Shawn has quite the clean up ;)

Some got the Penis Award others the Cum Award for clean up  - :lol:

A very wet party! Only boys alowed... ;)

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I hope no one minds a futa with huge knockers...




There not to big are they?




Oh what am I saying? I'm sure some one out there likes them.




And if you don't, tough titties!

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