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  1. Join the detective career. Use nraas master-controller to change the career outfit to a skimpy superhero costume. Use kinkyworld debug to change the casp-value on how revealing the game will concider the custome, increasing the arousal of other sims. You may also use kinkyworld debug to assign the people you are investigating to rapist-status or insimply change the sims traits, increasing the likelyhood of your heroine to be raped when investigating crime.
  2. Sunset Valley 2016 now that brings back some good memories, used to play that world a lot couple of years back. In comparison I would say SVS2020 makes a better job that Sunset Valley 2016 by staying closer to the "true" Sunset Valley flavour while giving it a overwhole. Secondly the fixing bug and pathway errors that occurs on the Sunset vVlley map, which relieve some lag. It is worth having a look around Sunset Valley 2020 project's site to find tips on how to make the game lag less, like improving filme memory and safely tweak .ini without corrupting the game.
  3. Hello there. Welcome to our neat little community. At the moment JoshQ, landess, Ladysmokes and non-sequitor are the big cheeses of our community. Never mind me I am just the one that pops up ever so often. I agree with your assessment that Sims 3 offer on whole more depth than Sims 4, except from socialising. I have the impression that you can give your sims more personality in Sims 4 around the emotion based socialising. Yet there is something irresitable with open world.
  4. Thesimscatalogue: Lots of great worlds. Among my personal favorite ones are found here. Which are 1) Dronninglund, a southern Scandinavian themed world heavily inspired by Denmark and its capital København. 2) Devil's Port, a dark version of Bridgeport, a Gotham City of Sims where crime, corruption and poverty runs rampant, 3) New Twinbrook, remake of my favorite vanilla town. - Link: thesimscatalog SVS2020 Project: Overhaul of Sunset Valley. The project is aiming to completely overhaul Sunset Vally while maintaining immersion. Including all expansion packs, bug fixs and reworking pathwa
  5. This artcile is a very interesting read. "Listening to Ingebretson describe the ins and outs of The Sims 4 AI feels like a blunt lesson in human psychology. At its most basic, the AI works with the interplay between two mechanics: commodities and utility curves. Commodities represent a Sim's internal state while a utility curve dictates an avatar's desire to fulfill a commodity. Every interaction opens up a series of possible improvements. "For instance, if a Sim drinks a cup of coffee, their energy will go up but their bladder will go down," Ingebretson says. Just as in the real world, e
  6. Absolutely, just look at how socializing and personalities works in SIms 4. While not having played the game myself, from what I've seen from Let's Play on YouTube and heard from a friend. Moods and emotions are even more complex.
  7. This is fun. Let's get on with it. 1) Brooding Contemplative as default state of mind. Always pondering the existential questions and intriuged by mysteries. Philosophy is a great hobby of mine. 2) Genius I am a genius according to sims-logic in the sense that I savour the pursuit of the mind. Always striving to obtain knowledge. Living an emotionally detached life that normatively as well descriptively operates accoridng to the principles of objectivity and rationality. 3) Loner Introvert. Enough said. 4) Night Owl During weekends one stays up late in t
  8. I have never expressed my sincere appreciation for this mod. Thank you very much for creating this. I have always been of the opinion that there is severe lack of statues in Sims 3. Particularly erotic statues, also greek and historical figures alike. Again thank you very much for making this, I hope you will make more statues in the future.
  9. Sasha Gray by Alice Liddel http://aliceliddelstudio.blogspot.com/2012/09/ann-by-alice-liddel.html
  10. It has been silent a while now. Time to do something about it. Cynthia, melacholy and grace. ... much beauty is found in sorrow. Love tenderly dear Cassandra. Euphoria... Bonus! The boys are having fun too.
  11. What a great idea. Love it! Too bad it's for Sims 4 while I am a humble Sims 3 player.
  12. You are really improving as a creator. This dress is some of your best so far.
  13. Whoohoo Sims 3! This is quite cool though, hope to see more of these mischievious sisters. Perhaps are even other interestings sims around town?
  14. Now that is some sexy shoots. This thread has been missing love and attention recently. Good thing you and Baldroon are doing something about it.
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