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  1. Hope you are well, dear!!!

  2. true art works in this thread, peeps; congrats to you all! Eddie
  3. hello, @indixavior17, as for your first question — "What are Skin Overlays?" — you may find a quick yet thorough mod —> Here <—. about skins with nipples and other details, check "The Sims 4 Downloads Threads;" you will find what you need there. hope these help. cheers.
  4. good point, @JoshQ: optimising is the secret. i'm running an iMac i5 with a good amount of RAM — which doesn't really matter, because the Sims 3 wrapper (Cider) only allows the game to allocate 2GB during runtime. on a Mac, there are some procedures to take, such as do not exaggerate the quantity (not size, though) or CC used (the reason why i combine most of my CC packages), have the memory purged every 30 minutes or so, and other stuff. following these, i can play it for days in a row without crashing it. thanks for your creations; they are truly great. E.
  5. @spaceman1 i have and still use your animations, Spaceman1; thanks for sharing them: they are exceptional.
  6. i do, Caged_Fenrir; will have them .7z then uploaded to your PM. cheers.
  7. @Slick Silk really nice, Slick! your lady is gorgeous.
  8. if i'm not wrong, both girls are using TractusOpticus skinset, but i can't recognize their hair. hope this helps; cheers.
  9. Cloudgirl, this is Amra72's "Floor BJ Threesome" (or something like it). :-) if you like it, you should see the "Floor Kissing Threesome;" it will give you the butterflies. have a look at Amra72's download page; you will find it here. (continue)
  10. @Raul Jorge hello, Raul Jorge, sometimes it's just easier to install a Downloads Manager app. if your platform is Windows, please give a look at this article; there are good (and free) options for your o.s. hope this helps, Eddie
  11. hey, @farlibarcai, i was actually into the real retro and new-wavy B52s when i was a kid. :-) thanks for sharing. cheers.
  12. hello and welcome, @fentynicole.
  13. Jerry Goldsmith "Planet of the Apes" Soundtrack Suite "Alien" Soundtrack Suite "Total Recall" Soundtrack Suite
  14. Film Music Masters — Jerry Goldsmith (Documentary) a documentary / interview with Jerry Goldsmith, one of the greatest film composers of all times. (note: due to copyright claims from Youtube, this video might not play 100% for certain countries)
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