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Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

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I'm not playing very much myself lately, but I have some old, and some pics from yesterday. Not all are sexy, but they may be funny... :P





Fun in the park.




I don't think this is such a good idea... ;)









Yaiks. Wouldn't be my choice. 



But yeah, she isn't very fortunate. I always have background story's for my sims. This girl is actually very pretty if you see her face, but come from a bad environment, lives in a trailer park and doesn't know how to make her money except for selling her body (to aliens, apparently. lol) Maybe one day she will be rescued? 



And some funny pics.



Everything OK. Nothing weird here... 



Laughed so hard when I saw this. He got arrested for raping someone, but my game bugged out and he just cycled away, handcuffed and all. xD




Growing up seems to be a bit painfully? 



Here I stand and hesitate, should I play pool or masturbate? (Why not both!)






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So glad sims 3 got its own picture thread! I missed seeing and shareing sim pics!


So I finally downloaded the fixed bridgeport world from MTS and am in love with it!!

I used to hate playing in this world becuse the lag was unreal,  but now its my favorite!


I accidently deleted a folder with about 600 screenshots from the new game in it so this is all I have kinky wise to share so far...


Dude nuts... 5 minutes later, fierce af.


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Just though I'd drop some shots I took of random encounters.

Hmmm, nice gangbang scene, 

Here are some extra scenes I took.









Thank you, I like your scenes too. 

SN: what animator is that animation from? I don't think I ever seen it before lol


How do you guys take pictures of your Sims so close?? And how can I upload my screenshots? Do I have to upload them on another page like photobucket and then copy the link?


If you hit tab while in live mode, it will enter a camera mode, you can then move around using the arrow keys, zoom in and out with the +/- keys, and raise and lower it with I believe the Q/E keys. I see below you found out how to upload them lol!

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