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  1. What you want is romantic animations for KinkyWorld? There is a bunch of romantic animations but they aren't for this mod. I think you need a mod called Animation Player. Also, you can make a request in the Request section. https://www.loverslab.com/forum/89-request-find-the-sims-3/
  2. *Still have hopes for more zoo animations*
  3. Caged_Fenrir

    Converting Sims 4 animations to Sims 3

    First thing, you need permission to convert other people's creations. Also, this question has been asked multiple times. Check this site:
  4. Caged_Fenrir

    Currently Making Horse Dicks

    The images doesn't work? Well, any images you posted actually.
  5. Caged_Fenrir

    Kinky world wont work!!!

    You need to install the mod manually. Click on Sim>Kinky World...>Enable. Wait for a while until its fully installed. Do you have the animations? You have to download them and place them in the Mods folder.
  6. Jonha Sliders have options for breast, butt, etc. Cmar created a slider for the penis. If your sim is a female she can Shave herself. Bald Pussy/Hairy Sim traits More info: http://onikikay-kinkyworld.wikia.com/wiki/Traits
  7. It makes sims feel atracted to others who has those traits. If a sim with the Big Boob Lover trait sees another who has big bobs they will be atracted. I think those only works when the other sim is naked tho.
  8. Sorry I never tweaked with those settings I'm sorry I can't help you
  9. It's pobably that they are rejected because they don't know the sim very well and/or they aren't aroused. You can try clicking on Sim>Kinky World...>Debug>Always Accept ON
  10. Caged_Fenrir

    Asking about some shirts:

    You could simple edit it in CAS by changing the pattern and color.
  11. Tried The Sims 4 again.


    The game looks nice, it load fast but it still lags a little on my laptop (my sim came back from work 2/3 hours late) and there are only one to three lots to create your house per world (completely empty lots, you can't move to a pre-created house it seems) :/

    Still prefer Sims 3

  12. Caged_Fenrir

    Bukkake body texture?

    You need to register to download from baidu Maybe this is the skin you are looking for? http://www.mediafire.com/file/f917dm46vtia5z7/ESkin-GAME-130905-.package I only found this cum shot acc: https://noiranddarksims-adultworld.blogspot.com/2016/12/ts3-accessory-cum-shot.html
  13. Caged_Fenrir

    Sissy/forced feminization mods

    There are no mods that I know of... but the sims romantic actions used on a sim of the same gender are pretty much.... strange? If you are looking for femenine clothing for male sims check this site (the creator has a high amount of transexual clothing): https://venusprincess.wixsite.com/venusprincess/downloads
  14. Caged_Fenrir

    Kinky World

    You mean an animation were the sims shoots semen from his penis? There is no animation with visible semen coming from the penis.
  15. It's a false positive from your antivirus or the browser. Try to download it from another browser and/or disable your antivirus.