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  1. I think you need to wait but I don't know how long ^^' I bought some things online and I completely forgot about them, they were in the mailbox when I paid the bills. I think they should arrive in the morning.
  2. Check your mailbox, everything you buy online will be there.
  3. Caged_Fenrir

    Sims Sharing Stash

    I had some sims stashed on my folder and I thought I might as well share some with you guys. Skins and Tutorial to create your own anthros: https://www.deviantart.com/popcornstar45/journal/Zach-s-Anonomaly-Fantasy-Anthro-Skin-Tutorials-706998023 *Kita Shiori* Species: Bunny Anthro (White) (Human) Gender: Female Age: Young Adult Traits: *Loves the Outdoors *Animal Lover *Artist *Virtuoso *Masochist MODS USED: CC USED: Download .SIM file: https://www.simfileshare.net/download/816311/ Screenshots:
  4. There is no way to know... We are in the 3.75 build while in Patreon they are in the 3.91.... let's hope we get a new public build in new year
  5. Caged_Fenrir

    KinkyWorld Weirdness - Just For Fun

    Hello, guys. I've been away for a long while. But I took a break and came back to the game I really needed a break. So- a burglar came into my house while my sim was away... What to do?
  6. Thanks. I did that and also made them able to drag in live mode I'll test it now, hope everything works fine
  7. Caged_Fenrir

    Active-passive gay

    I feel you xD Like c'mon does he look like an active gay person?
  8. Thank you! So I only have to copy the text Sims3.Gameplay.Objects.OnikiStuff.Dildo and paste it on the new dildo?
  9. Caged_Fenrir

    Active-passive gay

    I know, it's bothersome :C wish that was a feature, maybe for next update? (We can always hope) If you don't know how to change their positions: Click on your woohoing Sim or the partner> Kinky...> Woohoo> Switch sim posittion to (partner name)
  10. Caged_Fenrir

    Active-passive gay

    I don't think there is any way to mark a sim as passive or active. If the sims are yours, what I do is select the sim who is gonna top and ask the passive to woohoo. You can always change the position for the other sim if it didn't work out.
  11. How can I add the script? Please help.
  12. Is there a way to make the Dildo recoloreable in-game by editing the package file in S3PE? Or I can only recolor it using the IMG resources?
  13. You can dress male sims with femenine clothes, long hair and even make them wear high heels, but there isn't any way to make them act like girls or change the way they walk. Some examples:
  14. Caged_Fenrir

    Vagina editor for sims 3? (Kinkyworld)

    As far as I know there aren't any kind of sliders that would help with that. I asked CMar once if there was a possibility to create a bulge slider and they told me that it wouldn't be possible as there aren't any bones on that area. A vagina slider would be the same.
  15. So it seems you are missing everything from the mod. I need to ask; you enabled the mod, right? You need to manually enable the mod and install it so you can use it. Click on a Sim>Kinky World>Settings>enable. It will take some time to fully install it.