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  1. [Sims 3] Oniki's Kinkyworld FAQ

    It seems I have a problem with the creampied masks, I always get the moddlet but not the mask. They doesn't appear after or during the animations. I have enabled the "Creampied Effects" and I never changed that setting. I could never got them to work but they appear in CAS. Any help?
  2. Kinky World pics show us yours

    Have some more of Horny Wolfs :D (Ignore the high amounts of dildos I was trying out an experiment)
  3. [Sims 3] Oniki's Kinkyworld FAQ

    How can I change the color and material of the dildo? I tried to use the Create a Style option but it doesn't work.
  4. WCIF threesome blowjob poses?

    If you only want the animations you can use THIS. But you'll also need this other mod to move the sims and place them where you want. This animation is made for three characters so you'll have to select person and animation A, B and C. I don't know if you can use more than one animation at a time with the Animation Player :/ In my opinion: just use Kinky Mod, select the sim you want to woohoo with and you can freely choose the animation. It's much easier :3 and you don't have to move or tweak the sims in any way. Hope that helped I'm bad at explaining.
  5. Anyone has those animations? Every link I find takes me to LadyMoiraine and the site is down :(
  6. Kinky World pics show us yours

    This thread is too quiet... might as well share some of my screens. Some horny feral wolfs on defenseless bunny
  7. WCIF Adult-Themed Scultures

    maraas that sounds interesting but won't I lose my sim? Danragon01 lol I don't want erected penis sculptures xD
  8. Bunny Tail accessory?

    Thank you I'll start looking for it :D EDIT: I only found Hat slider :(
  9. I'm looking for a bunny tail accesory for YA & A Male and Female. The one I found looks like a huge puff ball and I need a realistic looking one I also found this one that closely resembles what I want, but I don't like it's shape https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-accessories-rings-ringfinger/title/[-dazzle-]--af-tail/id/1130668/
  10. Zombies Can Woohoo

    What about mummies? Can they woohoo?
  11. is there any true "sexy" career clothing?

    These are the only uniforms I could find. Lemonleaf's Uniform Temptation (Police Officer, Nurse, Stewardress): http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_63e832e00100if4v.html Police Officer: http://modthesims.info/d/580243
  12. Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

    God, RichieKing I love your burly guys Look at that big dong Would you be interested in sharing? (It's ok if you don't want to ^^)
  13. Dog Junk

    There is an option in the kinky mod settings that you can use for the dog penis. Kinky > Settings > Global Settings > ZooLover > Penis Display. You have to change the setting to 'WoohooOnly' I'm not sure if it is a PATREON ONLY option though. As for the mod there's a mention of this in here but I can't find it on the links on that post: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/48066-sims3-guide-to-onikis-kinkyworld-okw/?page=10&tab=comments#comment-1832253
  14. KW Pets Animation

    The only multiple animal on human animation I was able to get was a blowjob to a dog and another dog mounting/breeding the sim. I don't remember if I had a screenshot, I'll check. EDIT: I had a recorded video of it happening. I think both were strays. I might post the video if you want to see ^^
  15. Post Your Adult Sim Pics Here!

    It's been so long since I last played... it always take too long to open to the start up before I'm able to select a saved file. I think I need a new pc :/ ...So have some feral wolves on defenseless bunny :3 (I love those skins)