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  1. I got it from here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/82485-passion-requires-patch-level-163/ I only use KinkyWorld so I don't know where can you get the animation to work on Passion
  2. More screenshots: I think those are all of Whosthewhat animations
  3. Didn't thought it would take me this long... I will see if I post more later. This is tiresome
  4. Caged_Fenrir

    Getting an Error Message

    It seems that many other has been having this problem or a similar one nonetheless... Try deleting the Kinky World mod (only the mod, leave the animations packages). Re-download the last update and place in in the mod folder. Delete the cache files: CasPartCache.package compositorCache.package scriptCache.package simCompositorCache.package And then try to open the game. You will have to config the mod and register the animations again. If you are afraid that it may corrupt your game further, copy your Sims 3 folder wherever you want, like the Desktop. ***Another option to create a backup it's a Factory Reset: Rename your Sims 3 folder (the one inside Documents>Electronics Arts). Name it anything you want, for example Sim 3-backup. That would make it a backup and you won't lose anything. Open your game normally and when it tells you to select your game, close it. Now there should be two folders in there, the old backup and the new Sims 3 folder. The new folder will be clear of all data, saves, download, mods, saved sims, etc.
  5. Caged_Fenrir

    Getting an Error Message

    That's strange. For it to stop working like that... I noticed on your comment that there says "Participants: 1" but you need two sims for that animation to work... What do you do? *Select your active sim and ask another for woohoo *Select active sim for woohoo alone Cause I've been thinking that maybe you make your sim, let's say, masturbate and then change the animation for a 2 person woohoo. Maybe that's the error?
  6. Caged_Fenrir

    Getting an Error Message

    Do you have all of the animations downloaded and extracted in the Mod folder? Are they registered in KinkyWorld? When was the last time the mod and the animations worked?
  7. Caged_Fenrir

    Getting an Error Message

    We need more info to be able to help you. Do you use KinkyWorld, Animated Woohoo or Passion?
  8. You mean as in showing screenshots of the animations? If that's what you want I'll post some tomorrow.
  9. Caged_Fenrir

    Request for a cc accessory - Animal 'nose' mask

    The image you posted is broken. EDIT: This is the only thing I found. A cat nose makeup: https://pyxidis.dreamwidth.org/23161.html I can't help if I don't know what you are looking for.
  10. There's so many weird, freaky and funny things goin on the Sims world and now with Kinky World on our games that weirdness has increased to a new level. Why don't we show our weirdest screenshots? (Glitches, weird places to woohoo, weird looking sims or just things that you found funny in your game) So I will start: This thread was created just for fun and to have a nice time Everyone is allowed to post screenshots and little stories of them.
  11. After using KinkyWorld for a while I noticed some XML files accumulating in my Sims 3 folder. I never deleted them, cause I'm paranoid, but now I have more than 200 files and it's really irritating. Can I delete them without fearing that this could damage the mod playability? The main name of the files are: -KW_LocalizationExport_5EC62B0E -KWLog_Export_01AA9DFD -ScriptError_(pc name)__01-15-2018__14-22-23__473E3261
  12. Caged_Fenrir

    [Sims 3] Oniki's Kinkyworld FAQ

    Did you create the Mods folder? Does it have a Resource.cfg file in the Mods folder? If you did create the folders then maybe that's why they don't work. GET THE FOLDER WITH THE RESOURCE FILE HERE (<-There is a tutorial on how to correctly install packages) Try to use that folder and don't remove any of the files that comes inside (it already comes with two packages but don't worry, they aren't dangerous). Open the game and check if it's working. One of the packages on the downloaded folder is a 'Skip Opening' file so it would be easier to check if they are correctly working If it works (skips the intro without needing to click anything) you can close the game and move your packages files to the folder. -Also .sims3pack files are not like .packages. The .sims3pack files go to the Download folder and are installed manually with the game launcher.
  13. Caged_Fenrir

    Modifying Lunar Transformations

    It's the only thing I could find about supernatural creatures, sorry.
  14. Caged_Fenrir

    Kinky World - Video Clips

    Forgot to post this ^^' Some Merry Making˜ https://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/29010/merry-xmas-let-s-have-a-merry-ride-dear-deer
  15. Caged_Fenrir

    Modifying Lunar Transformations

    Found these mods but I don't think it's what your looking for: SimTransformer: http://modthesims.info/d/383086 sHoNi's Vampire Overhaul: http://www.modthesims.info/download.php?t=425824 Vampire Tweaker V5.1: http://modthesims.info/d/523897