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  1. Keep up the good work mate, I'll donate to your account when you show us some demo. PS: Does anyone know where I can get that tongue piercing?
  2. I think not, but the smartphone only appears ingame if you have University Life installed so maybe that's the issue? (I don't have any phone accessories apart from what's included with University Life, and the phone shows up for me)I already have University Life installed but still it won't show up. What should I do? :'( thank you tho @DrakieWalden thats because you played the animation with AW mod and the phone will appers only if you played it with kinky mod.
  3. Hi nice job, can you upload your female sim cuz you know she's bloody sexy!
  4. Hi Amra72 love your animations, I use alot of sliders in my game and it allways doesn't work very well with your animations so could you please upload your female sims cuz they seem to be working well with your animations also they are looking hot as Hell!!
  5. Can't wait anymore just release the update please!! we are dying here!
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