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  1. Well right now he's in the middle of ripping out the code and only using what works for him, so it is likely he won't be able to fix much until he gets the mod in a state he likes.
  2. All I know is, if others are getting involved, Nintendo characters are pretty easy for art assets. There's like a billion Zeldas.
  3. The issue is the servants were already spread out in the old incarnation of the mod, so I don't think an intrigue choice would work if he worked it like I've suggested. Chances are, if you don't make a choice, all the servants will have been taken by the AI, leaving you without one. By prompting the player at game start, you can force the game to let you have at least one before the AI has at them. I feel like leaving it a choice that activates the servants at a later date is a bit too gamey, especially since the servants are normally already active by that point.
  4. If it is the Extra choice ala Nero, Archer or Tamamo, maybe the start of the game will just plaster you in the face like most mods do on game start about starting with a summon (like how LF throws a race choice at you, with the option of just staying human). You can choose from a list of choices, and whoever you choose cannot be picked by anyone else. So like if you pick my favorite fox, no other NPC can also have her, since I'm sure they'll all exist as a single entity. NPC rulers will then pull whoever is left over, while the player gets priority over who they get first. Kinda feels like Pokemon, or maybe more Digimon since you only get a singular partner.
  5. "The new mod will essentially be what both DroZzhat and I said DZM and DZME wouldn't become and that is a Fate but for Crusader Kings 2 mod." Down with the establishment! More waifus, more waifus! Let us not kid ourselves, most of the bulk of the content ended up being the soulforging. The guilds were only a portion of it while a lot of the cool stuff you could do was only as a necromancer. Also it isn't really clear how the thieves guild can steal shit for you, so personally, I don't really care seeing that content get axed. Fuck those guys.
  6. The Mage trait can actually allow you to get the trait you need to get it ready. Normally you need to keep busting your ass until you get the Mystic trait, which on the next attempt, you can make your book of spookiness. However, the Mage trait acts as the Mystic trait, so just having it allows you to make the book, and it is easier to get than the Mystic one.
  7. Holy biddy, these tiddies got updated.
  8. Delicious hidden content that the player has no way of managing because the game never tells you about such things. It is nice when people make a game that takes player agency away from you, especially since Stellaris is their most customizable game seeing as there aren't even any historical nations or figures to play as. It's all random.
  9. I'm not too bothered about the graphics limitations because the majority of my games are indies which usually don't have the budget for that kind of horsepower, or they have a certain style that doesn't even need that good of a GPU to make it look nice. Also I use it a lot for emulations of mostly ancient games which also includes things like DOS. So most of my library already either looks dated, or has been dated for over 10 years. Most of the kick coming from not upgrading to 10 is if you're the kind of person who tries to play all these modern games, which I play like 4 every year.
  10. Some people say it was a mistake, I don't see the issue, but one of the reasons I never moved to 10 was because things I heard about certain programs being borked, namely all my Japanese games. It seems 10 does bork some things outside of my expected programs. Seems inconvenient.
  11. I remember I got to the point where there were anime girls everywhere. There were animal girls that took over the Earth, the Kagami race which I treated as having to abandon the Earth (this was before the animal girls took it over too, a whole other weird lore I pieced together), a race of Kitsune that fled at the same time but went in the opposite direction, which split into two factions: psychic mofus, and Kitsune that said to hell with your ways and became a Hive Mind. Then I had my first anime girls from another planet which were an all female fighting race, where males are rare and are thus pampered like they're a quality resource while women have to do everything, and then some awful joke where a similar but different race of humans became accustomed to frozen worlds, using the word Tsundere and something with Sei in it (I think it was a Japanese word for home or planet, Tsunsei). Every one of these planets followed the dere naming scheme, with sei at the end of each one (because hurr durr tsunderes are cold). I'm an idiot sometimes.
  12. There's a chance I had an older version, I don't know. I nuked my mod folder and eventually came back to it, so maybe something changed. Anyway, whenever the weird VN aspects come out before CK4 is released, I hope to god you don't butcher Gozen like she usually is. Tamamo usually gets away fine, I can handle a hyperactive wife. But Gozen often gets raped by the localization stick. I don't want her talking like some Twitter tard. Other than that, I do wonder why Chloe is in the game but the original she's supposed to be broken off of isn't. I find it kinda weird the "origin" character isn't present, even when their little magical girl spin off kinda made her a servant in a way. I just hope some of the not yet present servants get in too. Above all else, I hope you can eventually squeeze in Scathach. It's either LF or Dark World that does it, but there's a brief male rape event where a warrior chick shows up with her image, and it kinda bummed me out she's not there. Her weapon technically is, but that's Cu's.
  13. For some reason I thought of having a unique building that kinda goes with the whole thing about them using less housing (I assume it's literally because the family isn't really leaving because most of them are each other's partner now), being some kind of public space that's literally dedicated to inbreeding. You could even go further with that by having different tiers like how some of vanilla jobs work, like the administrators, the specialists and all the grunts. The highest tier could be interchangeable depending on how you're rolling with your race. One could simply be someone who runs the joint, may or may not be related, there the specialists could be considered "mothers," as in each mother is a mother of however many families go into the building, and the grunt workers in this sense are considered siblings, as in any brother/sister pair and or same sex siblings who want to bang each other. Yes I'm too knowledgeable of potential incest. Yes I had a ruler who fucked his sister and his mom. Yes I then paired my son/nephew heir with his sister/aunt that came from my ruler's mother which fused all the generations together in their next child. Yes my family line looks like uroboros.
  14. It's fine, losing loads of progress can sometimes kill you. Though I have to say, in Tamamo's case she's probably one of the more busted servants, as her Kitsune trait gives her all the busted healing abilities their status would normally give just for being a fox. I also tend to give Gozen the Kitsune trait, because she kinda is one too but only Tamamo spawns with it, which means she applies for also being kind of broken. In fact I typically give any character canonically a certain race their trait, meaning people like Kiyohime and Elizabeth would be given the dragon trait, who can also regen (it's more of a time thing rather than instant magic like foxes). So pretty much not all the servants will be treated the same, and some are better than others. I'd pretty much say all fox and dragon servants are on a higher tier list than human ones, and fox ones get obscene stats when they hit 9 tails. Just a bit of perspective, if you ever decided to automatically apply race traits, since only Tamamo spawns with one already set for her. I also wondered what the stalker trait was for though, other than for the canon characters who are a little creepy. At times, sometimes I'd say Tamamo is a little yandere herself.
  15. I still find it amusing touch fluffy tail actually gets rid of stress instantly. You get a bit of mofu mofu and somehow the rest of the day doesn't feel so bad. I think I'm gonna use mofu mofu as a euphemism for Kitsune sex now, since it also will lead into it. Though that makes me think of Senko in a new light, even if I know that's supposed to be more wholesome.
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