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  1. This is more a general question, but does anyone know if it's a mod or base game feature where a furious or suspicious tag gets put on characters that seems to climb higher and higher? It's not a tyrant modifier, and I have no idea what triggers it, but it'll get massively fucking huge and becomes really annoying after a while.
  2. Oh, my family tree is gonna be a mess when I finally croak then. Besides everyone I've knocked up, there's also enough incest to link the families I've had individually until they all have the same blood of every other mother. Also after a bit of playing around, I thought being a cultist was OP, since cultists never hate each other and will universally have 100 opinion. I was wrong. Being a tentacle monster lets you mass rape, attack leaders, and then vassalizeing them with a special action only they get, flipping entire kingdoms without even declaring war.
  3. So I forgot. How old do tentacle monsters get? I heard they're not immortal, but they also live way longer.
  4. You'd think there'd be at least one good image of Black Cat. ;-; As of right now, I think the only notable Marvel female character in the mod right now is Mary Jane, unless there's a few hidden ones.
  5. Are there any other characters besides Deadpool, Venom, some characters from X-Men and the like from Marvel? Maybe I'm just unlucky but I mostly have DC characters. Though it seems the DC side at least is mostly women, as there are more males on the Marvel side. Aside from the Incredibles, who are just kinda there.
  6. It's meant to gain a lifestyle trait, so if you have both the only thing the focus gives you is a +1 learning.
  7. I didn't realize how potent the ones with non-human blood could be. I had a bunch of kids with one of the girls with cat blood, and every child has their cat portraits. I wasn't sure if it resulted in anything since they were all human children, but they changed when becoming adults. Apparently it's a hidden trait that won't show up unless they reveal that's what they are, but damn, their genes will get into every child you have, because not one looks human. Do all the (blank)-kin people spread their genes into your kids? I don't think I've seen any one race dominate my whole line like that.
  8. Is the society for joining Lilith not working for anyone that worships any of the Dark Elf gods? I noticed the concubine option has a really big UI issue that it doesn't do for the other religions. Figured I'd ask here since you'd probably know if something is out of date or it just doesn't play nice with it.
  9. Does anyone know what mod has the research family history decision? I used to have it, but it's just gone now, and I don't even know what mod it came from. I don't think it was a vanilla feature, and I never really had a Steam mod that had it (to my knowledge anyway).
  10. I can't remember if the Kitsune stats got moved to the tails. I think I remember Kitsune having a hard learning and intrigue bonus just for their racial trait, but now it seems the stats are connected to the tails instead. Was that always like that?
  11. I may have to re download stuff to see if something hasn't just flubbed up.
  12. Did the festival change? I remember the game taking you away from court for a while while it did it's thing. I also remember a lot more events firing off when it was going on. I played the monster perspective and saw the events that was usually only seen by the girls, but actually playing as a girl only gives me that first event that gives you prestige or piety.
  13. So there's an issue I have never had before, and it's a little after I played again with the majority of the LL mods updated. Bloodlines are completely borked. They'll be active on your character, the sound goes off and you clearly have them. But the frame you click a character that has a bloodline connected to them, bam. Pegged in the ass, game crashed immediately. I do not have anything except for a UI Steam mod and the majority of the LL mods that are only compatible with the two core mods that add all the fantasy races. The old versions of these mods never gave me issue, but for some reason just having a bloodline is asking for trouble. Edit: Scratch that, Steam had a huge aneurysm and never updated my game to .3 update. I have no idea how that happened, but I've updated it, and now the game no longer sends me to the shadow realm.
  14. How do you play as a tentacle monster again? I honestly don't know.
  15. The tentacles are considered some other wordly eldritch horror, so the idea of a woman controlling what is essentially a cosmic being is just silly. You either get fucked or you don't, it's really that simple. I don't think there's any reason to have a middle ground.
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