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  1. If your sims aren't wearing anything revealing the normal animation plays, if I remember correctly. I think the KW animation shows up at a revealing clothes score of 2+ (not completely sure though)
  2. The handcuffs should equip themselves. If you're on the public KW build they won't work yet unfortunately, they only work on the patreon build. Wait for the public update of KW (or use the internet.... you can find a lot on the internet, that's all I'm saying )
  3. Hey there, thanks for letting me know! I don't think I have time for it anywhere soon unfortunately I really want too, but I can't due to my work and study. If I was a free woman we would have a lot more Sims 3 Animations! If I have time for it I will look into it. I'm not sure about editing other animators animations though: for the work in blender I would need their rigs to make it work. Some animations will work with my rigs or the standard rigs, but most will not I'm afraid. If it's only the clipfile that is needed, without having to edit the animation itself, it should be easy and anyone could do that. The only thing that is needed is a working animation package with the clipfile in it and the corresponding XML file to make the animation show up on the object! I think the soonest I will have time for animations is February next year (and I can't even promise that ), because I have some important exams in January that I really need to study for (blegh). No plans for it, but if I make some animations I could add some vehicle fun of course. Any specific car you like? It won't be anytime soon unfortunately. I really want to, but my time is very limited. Sometimes I imagine what I could produce if I hadn't had a job and a study. If I can make 8 animations in one weekend, well, do the math!
  4. Click on your sim --> nraas --> mastercontroller --> advanced --> skills (something like that, I don't have my game open at the moment) I don't know if you have to up 'club dancing' or 'dancing'. Maybe both. Can't harm to max them both though
  5. Thank you! Your sim need to improve their dancing skill before my animations show up! You can also cheat it up with mastercontroller if you don't have the patience. Dancing is a hidden skill. The animations you see now are practicing animations that Oniki made. Before my animations that were the default pole dance animations. Now they only do that to practise untill their skill is high enough to do the acrobatics. Do not replace it! That would just mess things up. Are you on the public build? The handcuffs don't work on the public build unfortunately. If you're on the patreon build you don't have to put the handcuffs anywhere, only placing them in your mods folder is enough.
  6. I'm not a patreon for KW myself anymore, so I can't contact Oniki there anymore. I can almost never play due to lack of time, so I stopped supporting a month ago. Maybe others can do it!
  7. The whip, bondage frame and handcuffes are included in the pack for your convenience. The pole and dildo come with the KW mod. You can find the dildo in the hobbies section and the pole in the athletic section. Passion also has the pole and dildo.
  8. I dedicated my free weekend to animations, and it paid off! The new update (1.5) arrived today with 8 new animations, including WORKING handcuffes!! Grab it now!
  9. Hey Twilightstorm, always good to hear from you! Of course I haven't left. I can't leave the sims. I'm just really, really busy (and sometimes I hate it, because I want to animate and play sims 3!!). But new content soon, I promise!!
  10. I use the top and bottom from GECKO for the female , it's on the downloads here on loverslab and makes the boobs look better. I also have a lot of boob sliders (and facial sliders), realistic feet (bloom sexy feet), skin map (buhudain) and tons of cc. They wear custom skin. But I have so much it's hard to be specific, I'll have to look into it. The male one from navetsea and the woman wears a skin called Cake Face, if I remember het correctly.
  11. I'm happy to announce that you will see this 4 new animations arrive next week! I want to make more before I release them, but because of my lack of time I'm not sure if I will manage to do so. So, if I don't make something extra, you will at least get this 4 animations guaranteed next week
  12. I think you don't have the correct files in your mods folder, that's the only explanation I have I'm afraid. If you placed them there, it should work. Further: Hi all, long time no see! I have some free time, only a week unfortunately, so I'll make some animations. Not many, but I think I will have 3-4 new animations by the end of the week. Maybe more, hopefully not less. Sorry that I didn't bring new content in such long time. I'm just so busy I can't even play sims myself. And I must admit I tried playing sims 4, but no... back to 3 again. Sims 3 is the best!
  13. Which mod do you use? Oh lol, since you mention the brothel it must be KW. The whip should load automatically when you play the animation, you don't have to put it in an inventory. It's an outfit accessory, not an object.
  14. What do you mean? Just an animation made for a boat or motorcycle? K69 already has animations for a motorcycle if I'm correct. I'm not sure of the boat. I don't use them in my game that much. And if the boat is in the water, is it even possible to have an animation play on it? Maybe with your amazing mod Passion, but I'm not sure if it's possible in KW. Anyway, I still don't have much time, so if I do it, it can take reaaally long...