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  1. Which mod do you use? Oh lol, since you mention the brothel it must be KW. The whip should load automatically when you play the animation, you don't have to put it in an inventory. It's an outfit accessory, not an object.
  2. What do you mean? Just an animation made for a boat or motorcycle? K69 already has animations for a motorcycle if I'm correct. I'm not sure of the boat. I don't use them in my game that much. And if the boat is in the water, is it even possible to have an animation play on it? Maybe with your amazing mod Passion, but I'm not sure if it's possible in KW. Anyway, I still don't have much time, so if I do it, it can take reaaally long...
  3. I had a bit of free time and opened blender again. Was planning on making some BDSM animations, but my hands weren't doing what my brain was thinking, so I decided to go with the flow and ended up making this: So I'm going to make a sequence for it Might take a while because of my time limitations, but working on it when I do find some time! ^^
  4. Hi there! The whip should load automatically when playing the animation if you have it in your mods folder. Hi! I'm not animating for the sims 4, that should require me to make some rigs for sims 4 and I don't have time for that, it's a lot of work. Maybe you can ask one of the animators for sims 4? There are plenty of them active! And a generale update: I'm so busy guys, I'm sorry for not bringing any new content. It has been months since I even played the sims 3... I'm still planning on making more animations, but with the current state of what I have to do for my study (write papers and study for exams) ánd have to work on top of that, I'm so tired when I finally have some free time that I can't bring myself to animate. I hope you all understand, and thank you all for being so patient.
  5. Also, I'm very happy to announce that both TwilightStorm and Oniki put in their efforts to include new objects for animations. (Not released yet in public, but as there are no animations for it yet, this isn't a problem) I'm VERY busy now, I have no time to animate, but first thing I'll do when I have some free time is animate with this new object. Expect some BDSM coming up! (but unfortunately, not soon )
  6. Did you already found a solution? If you download my file, it shouldn't be a link, but a zip file containing 4 package files. The bondage frame, whip, KW_maryjane_animations and OKW_maryjane_animations. You need to unpack the file using winrar or 7zip. Place the files in your mods folder. Delete your scriptcache in mydocuments-sims3 folder, just to make sure. Make sure you're game is set up for mods (recource.cfg)
  7. No, if you use the latest build on patreon, don't use my override. I'll update the OP. You're very welcome! Thanks to all the people that answer questions in my absence. I'm very busy at the moment, so I'm not able to answer question all the time, so it's a good thing you all back me up. Thanks
  8. Thanks for clearing that up! Thank you! Glad you enjoy the animation!
  9. Which mod do you use? And maybe it’s a stupid question, but did you unpack the zip file? Sometimes people forget to do that. Also, did you put them in de right folder after unpacking? (Mods folder) And did you put both files in there? KW_maryjane_animations ánd OKW_maryjane_animations? You need them both in your mods folder. I’m having the same issue! I didn’t make the routing fix myself, if I’m correct Oniki did that, so I don’t know why this happens. If it bothers you, you can download the original one at sexysims. The problem is that the routing don’t always goes well with that one, so animations get interrupted. I don’t have time to test it for myself right now, but i’m gonna look at it tomorrow. What you also can do is move your sim with the debug menu if you use KW. There is an option “move” and you can set the distance you want to move the sim. But it’s not ideal, so I hope someone can fix the bondage frame, because I have no experience with editing objects.
  10. The bondage frame is included in my Pack! Just unzip it and you have it. The whip also. The original is at Sexysims by Funnyface, but this one I included has a routing fix so the animations work properly. The top of the female is by JoshQ. He has AWESOME sexy clothing for females. Here on this site. https://www.loverslab.com/profile/535934-joshq/content/?type=downloads_file And why should asking me a question be offensive? These question aren't silly, just a fellow simmer looking for som nice stuff for their sims to enjoy!
  11. I know, right? And I wasn't even fully free when I made this animations, I had to work and go to college between working on them But luckily, I wasn't very busy with assignments, so when I was home I could focus on animating. That's gonna change the coming months, unfortunately. I really love animating. And I have a thing that is called "hyper focus". That's my lame "super power". It can work with me ánd against me because I don't really have control over it. If I hyper focus on animating, then I'm productive as hell. But if my hyper focus falls on playing sims 3, then I make almost no animations. Let's hope my hyper focus falls on my study now, so that I work quickly and effectively
  12. I figured something out. If you want the Hottub Jets to be on during the Hottub animations, you can use Debug Enabler from Nraas. (But be careful with it. Don't install it and go clicking around to see what it does, as some debug interaction can have horrendous results on your game) If you have it installed, do this during the start of the animation: Click on HotTub ---> Nraas ---> Debug Enabler ---> Options: Name of Hottub ---> Turn on Jets
  13. You're so kind, thanks! ^^ I love the objects for Passion, but I don't want to run Passion and KW at the same time, and I can't say goodbey to kinky world, as much as I love Passion. I hope Oniki would want to add all the accessories of passion, because they are awesome and it would be easier with the XML files. I hate doing things two times So if Passion and KW would share all the objects, it would make it less work for all of us. I need to constantly switch mods if I would want to animate with an Passion object and test it. But Oniki isn't replying to me unfortunately. I know she is busy, but I already asked her about other objects, if she could add them, so I don't want to keep bugging her. Need to wait until she replies, or else I'll spam her inbox full, lol. And I'm not leaving! Sometimes I have a Sims break because life gets in the way, but I'll always come back I play sims since sims 1 (I was a kiddo back then), and since sims 2, when I was a hormonal teen, I'm hooked on the sex mods So I don't think I'll turn my back to it quickly. If I still play sims, 18 years after it all started... (Ugh, I'm ancient xD)
  14. I'm honored, but really, L666 is the Queen of animations, I'm content with being the princess IF I ever reach her level, that would be awesome, but always with my own style of animations! Thanks for this info, I didn't knew that passion had a different whip. I'll link to this post in the original post.
  15. The new update, 1.4, arrived! It contains 9 new animations, making a total of 30 animations. Grab it now! This is probably the last work I share in a while, since february and march are full of assignments and deadlines for my study, so please enjoy.