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  1. It was named Oniki_Anims just as the file that comes with the mod. If you just install the mod you're fine with the file that is in there. Just don't replace it You don't need the replacement file if you're on the current public built or anything above that. If you're on a later version, the poledance animations are included by default from patreon build 377 and above.
  2. Guys, I removed the poledance animations for a reason, and that's because Oniki implemented them in KW as default. So you don't need to replace them, they are part of the mod now (yes, also the public built). Please don't use the old file, it's terribly outdated. Don't see my animations? There is a reason for that: your sim needs to build skill before they can really dance. So first you only have the option to 'practice' and you'll see the animation by Oniki. Then, after the hidden dance skill is built, you'll get the option 'dance' on the pole which will use my animations.
  3. Yeah! I really like the dresses you're making so I thought: let's check if she has new content ^^
  4. Some of this sims I still have, only the one in the hottub not. I will share them some other time, because I tried to export them but they wear a lot of CC, and when I tested them in game some cc got pretty funky. So I have to change their clothes first. You mean adding sounds that are not from the game? I don't think that is possible. If it is, I don't know how. I have a lot of different skins, but this one is the one I use for the Tied Up previews: https://kurasoberina.tumblr.com/post/137273135579/primer-hd-skin-for-all-ages-baby-elder-this-is I use the HD+ version. Also, get this skinmap overlays: http://mahamudosim3x18.blogspot.com/2013/01/you-are-real-adult-version-part-ii.html?zx=d71bf795140aaa2 Get the Female body V1.5 (nipples and vulva) and the 1.4 face. http://mahamudosim3x18.blogspot.com/2013/01/you-are-real-adult-version-part-i-male.html Get the Male body 1.5 New abdominal Nipples + Penis and the 1.4 face. Note: the You Are Real are default skin MAPS, not default skins, so you can use this with default skins. Also, please delete cache's if you install them. Or else you might not see the changes.
  5. The cuffs are not meant for the inventory. You don't have to put the cuffs anywhere. The dildo can be put in the inventory. It's weird that your game doesn't allow that. I have no idea why, these aren't my objects. That's strange. I downloaded and unpacked it myself without any problem.
  6. Of course you don't need to remove those files, or else I would have mentioned that. I made a separate file with the edited clipfiles, re-added the sounds myself, so they work with the XML I set up for them, not with the original ones. They get treated as different animations entirely. Thank you, glad you like them! I'm gonna state the obvious, but just in case: you need to unpack the object file first using winrar or 7zip or some program like that. Then place the files in your mods folder. After that the bondage frame should be in the entertainment section.
  7. Oof, now you're asking me something! I have so much skins and stuff it is hard to keep track of what I have. I use the skin map of buhudain (You are real). This gives your sims more realistic 3D features. I mostly use the skins of Kurasoberina. Don't know if they're still up for download, maybe you have to search a bit. She had quite a few different ones. But I have a lot of non-default skins that I collected over the years (I merged a everything, so I can't see the names of the skin) Futhermore I use Gecko's default replacement top and bottom for females in my game, they're up for download here on LL. I added a pregnancy morph to Gecko's top myself because that was missing. I also use blooms sexy feet.
  8. What I did is load the clipfile in blender on two default rigs without any IK. Then I put an limit location contraint on the ROOT_bind, fiddled with the numbers until it was the right height for the bed. I decided to share them tho. But will take them down if the creators take offence in adjusting height of their animations. I shared them here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/73534-maryjanes-animations-for-onikis-kinky-world-update-2372019/page/16/#comments
  9. Aww thank you. Sorry to hear about your pain, hope all is well ❤️ I decided to share, but saw that I had also put some of Amra's animations in it. So the pack is called KW_L666_Edit_Animations but there are also Amra animations in it. I named the pack before I tried some of Amra's too, so I didn't know at the time. If one of the creators takes offence I will take it down immediately. There are not so many animations in this pack, only 15. This are the animations: Romantic Missionary 1 to 4 (L666) Hard doggy anal 1 to 4 (l666) VIP chair Oral (l666) Rubbing masturbation (L666) - this one doesn't fit so wel, but I'm to lazy to take it out. Doggy Kneel 1 to 3 (Amra) Rough Missionary (Amra) Rough Blowjob (Amra) The only thing I did is adjust the height of the animation to fit on the bed. None of this is my work. Some are the wrong way, I can't fix that without messing up the animation. Not all animations are adjustable. For example, L666's VIP chair vaginal & Anal I couldn't change the height of without making a freak show of the animation. I didn't try all animations tho, just some I wanted to use on the bed. Type: KW_L666_Edit_Animations to put them in your game. L66&Amra.7z
  10. Sure. Be warned though, she is full of CC and if you install her, you'll automatically install the CC I put on her (if I remember correctly). I use a ton of cc. Skins, hair, make up, details, clothes, sliders etcetc. Sarah Hendrix.Sims3Pack
  11. Hi Everyone, I uploaded a new pack with 6 new animations. I actually wanted to make some more before release, but life got in the way so I thought: let's share them. Or else you would have to wait so long! Hope you all enjoy.
  12. Aw, thank you, that is so nice to hear that I inspired someone. Hope animating is going well for you! It's hard in the beginning, but you'll get better eventually. When I look at my older animations I think they suck. Lol. (I actually think I still suck at animating, I don't do it often enough! But they're OK enough to use ) I'm working on new stuff now! Here is a teaser, but more is coming Thank you! I'm on the mend now. I consider myself lucky, it could have been a lot worse. Broken spine is still shit, but luckily I didn't become paraplegic.
  13. Hey, I actually converted this animations to bed position for private use. So it is possible, but it is hard to do because I don't have the rigs of L666. I managed to work my way around that. It didn't work with every animation, but with the romantic missionary it did work. I did this for personal use years ago. So I have them for a while. Also converted some of Amra's floor animations for bed position in the same pack. Problem is, I don't know if I can share it because it's not my work... Edit: before I forget to mention, they are also 'the wrong way around.' Couldn't change that without messing up the animations. So they look like this on the bed:
  14. Very late to reply, but still thanks, haha! My year was not so good unfortunately. I broke my spine a few months ago in an traffic accident. The pain was horrible. I'm very lucky tho, no 'real' damage done (I can still walk). Still recovering atm... Hoping to get to animating soon again. Would love to make something for my simmies again.
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