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  1. No, of course not. That would require coding and I'm not a modder. These are just animations you can play in the game as all other animations Would love to make it a real sleep scene, but I don't have the knowledge how to do that. I might eventually look into replacing some of oniki's animations with these so that they coun't as real sleep sex.
  2. Whatever you want it to be for your gameplay If she is really asleep then it can't be consensual (unless they are partners and agreed to it or something!)
  3. Honestly, this is really not my forte so I'm not sure. I do know that when you clone an object, it renames internally (or else it conflicts with the original). Maybe that has something to do with it? I have not tested yet with both files in game, will do that too
  4. I don't think that has anything to do with it. I just tested it, the cuffs work fine in my game when I have the original file in my game. When I put the ones you made in and only those, then the cuffs don't seem to work for me either. Which of the cuffs do you have in game?
  5. Huh, that's very strange, that they suddenly don't work with that build!
  6. It's indeed a issue with the build. I don't remember in which build Oniki implemented the use of the handcuffs. I asked her a while ago to add code to support them and she did, but I relly don't remember which build and onwards they are supported. If you use the latest build you should be save
  7. No problem, I hope you figure it out. It is super frustrating to have something that goes wrong and you don't know what went wrong exactly. Trust me, I have been there 100 times myself, and I was also unfortunate that there weren't any other animators active at that moment. It sucked! Try to fiddle around a bit, see if you can find what went wrong. If you really can't find it, you may send me your files and I will take a look at it. But try it yourself first, you will learn the most from that 🙂
  8. Your dopesheet looks fine. The orange line between keyframes means that you didn't change anything between the keyframes, so that they're duplicates of each other (if I remember correctly! I'm a bit rusty with animations atm). Unless that wasn't your intention, there is nothing wrong with that. If your animation is good in blender but doesn't work in game, the possibilities could be: 1. something went wrong with baking 2. you forgot to bake/didn't bake correctly 3. you messed with parenting of some bones (I remember when I fucked up the parenting of the ROOT bone, the animation was fine in blender but went under ground in game) 4. you didn't import your animation in to your package file (sounds stupid, but it really happened to me once! If there is no animation to read that you specified in the XML, your sim will just stand there) or you made a mistake in the XML so the game doesn't 'know' which animation to play.
  9. I did a quick update on the text about baking and added a link to the updated cliptool that I found. Clydie informed me that baking also worked on newer versions of Blender, but that it works a little different - you have to uncheck everything for some strange reason. But if it works, it works! I have not tested it yet myself because I'm not animating atm. The update in text was real quick and dirty. I will update more thoroughly once I tested everything and know what to do and what not to do.
  10. Well, then it isn't the blender version! The child of constraint shouldn't have anything to do with it - I often animate without it too and never have problems with baking. I can't be sure why your animation isn't doing anything after baking. If you have the keyframes in the dopesheet and checked and unchecked the right things in the baking process, it should be the same animation as before that. Check if you 1. have 'pose' clicked when baking 2. if the frame step is 1, 3. if you left 'clear parenting' and 'only selected' unchecked and 4. if you did check 'clear constraints',
  11. There was another user that had problems with baking, and it appeared that they used an incompatible blender version. So, which blender version are you on?
  12. What did you do exactly? Is this your own animation or did you alter one from another animator? If you did the last, the IK on the legs probably got lost when moving the rigs.
  13. That is very weird and should not happen (unless you use sliders, but you said you didn't) It doesn't look like this in Blender?
  14. I'm not sure what you did and what happened. If it worked one time it should also work the other time if it's the same animation, makes no sense otherwise! Or maybe you did two different things without realizing? And we all start clueless, that doesn't matter! If you really want it you eventually will get better and start to understand more. Thing is, it is really complicated so you will have to work for it. Even a 'stiff as a board' animation isn't necessarily easy to make, you will still need to know how to work blender a bit. Patience is the key with animating, and most of all, not giving up! Edit: sorry, only now read your other message about it being two different animations. Yes, this can indeed happen. I converted some L666 animations for bed height. They were all in the same sequence, but not all worked, even with location constraint! VERY weird things happened. I remember that Lucas sometimes also altered animations by moving only the ROOT bone (often this bone is hidden). But I'm always cautious doing that, I have very bad experiences with playing around with the ROOT bone. But if it worked for him, maybe that is something you could try. Worst thing that can happen is that it doesn't work (in my case, I made a whole animation from scratch, did wrong parenting with the ROOT bone and could start over, lol)
  15. I have only see one animator use this, and that was Amra. In one of his blowjob animations (i think it's the one on the toilet... not sure anymore) he predefined the IK in s3pe (using the Grid version, similar to how you would add sound) instead of in blender, so that the male hand follows the head of the female. I think this is the way to do that, but I'm not sure, never tried it myself. Also have not tested if this makes it stick. But I like to analyze and this animation stood out because of it, never saw an animator do that before. Edit: might also have been a doggy animation! Only thing I know for sure is that it was an animation where the male sim is holding the female's hair. Might also have been more than one. it has been 1 year since I snooped around in his animations, lol.
  16. Your answer is correct - sometimes it works, sometimes not (although when you do this you also need to alter for the first frame, or else you get a weird jump in the animation)! I've had animations I could alter this way and animations that became a complete freakshow. But this is ALWAYS the case, you can't be sure unless you try. If I want to alter location of a preexisting animation, I usually use the location constraints because this is the easiest way to do it. For example, I'm not 100% sure but I think that if you try to alter my animations by moving the root_bind, it won't work because I used the root_bind for some movements in my animations and not only for location, because of my IK set-up. So, my advice is to try to alter with location constraint if you want to move an animation sideways, upward, downward or whatever. But, even then, it doesn't always work. The best way is to create an animation from scratch
  17. You can just click 'show info'' in the debug menu to show which animation it is. Good luck, seems like you know what to do.
  18. Yeah if you replace it with an Oniki animation in the same position it should be alright. What you did in blender is absolutely not the right way to do it, but that doesn't matter - I like it when people try stuff so keep fiddling around and do your thing! If I would try to make a dress I would fail horribly, lol. If you try to do a thing like that again, try moving the root bind of the default rigs to change position of the actor (and make sure it stays throughout the animation). If there are already to much keyframes on the root_bind, this is not the optimal way to do it as you would have to move it on each keyframe. If that's the case, use a location constraint on the root_bind, fidle around with the numbers until it is right, bake the animation and export it. That should work. Oh, and that's exactly what I meant by an offset: move the rig to a different position than the default. So put an offset on the original animation so it aligns.
  19. No luck involved! It's not possible (I think )to just find an animations that fits. You probably need to alter it by giving them an offset in blender, that's how I succeeded with replacing the grope animation. But the sleeping animations you mention, the woman stays in the sleeping position. For it to not look weird, you will need to find an animations in a similar position (so not suddenly in the middle of the bed, unless you don't mind that of course) or make one yourself. And test thoroughly if it works in all possible situations, when the female sleeps left or right and you catch my drift
  20. It is by cmomoney and she indeed uses that animation (I had that mod before KW even existed and recognized it! Just a little fun fact: I actually edited that smoking mod so that teens could also smoke. Which was the first time for me to succeed in altering a mod that wasn't pure tuning (and I think the last time because holy dam I don't understand much about it! 😃)
  21. I think you still don't understand properly. If you use my grope animation as it is as a replacement, it won't align properly. That was what I was trying to explain about Oniki's animations. They're not animations to be played by an animation player (which is what we animators basically do - make use of Oniki's intergrated animation player) but scripted animations. Especially a2a animations are harder to replace for this reason.
  22. Bit late to this party, but OMG this x1000. I hate the way the first page looks now. All the animators that have been inactive for years don’t need to be pinned anymore. Just make one post with links to the stuff and pin that post and Done. Heck, I wouldn’t mind if there just would be a link to my animations instead of the whole thread being pinned... Almost no space for other creations to get some attention. I really dislike that - please more room for other creators!
  23. I actually made one of my animations a default replacement for the grope interaction and even got it to align properly. Never uploaded it though, would you want me to? The ones I use are... well, my grope animations! Which are a bit old but still better IMO. Might make new ones eventually. The alignment has nothing to do with K69. Only his table animations are on the wrong side of the table. The reason for misalignment is because oniki scripts her animations - if I’m not mistaken those are the jazz files (but please, I’m not a modder and do not have knowledge of this, so please don’t gun me down if this isn’t what it is called!) The animations of kinky world work very different from from the animations creators over here made. Oniki makes them work like the EA animations so to say, what whilst I and other animators here do is only make an animation that is playable in one way. Oniki uses scripts so for example, it shouldn’t matter on which side the sim is sleeping, the animation would be the same only mirrored. this is why these animations are very hard to replace, because they would need to work in multiple ways. But it probably can be done. Also, for my animations counts that they may be used it any way. No need for permission. Just give me credits for the original if it’s released. For personal use everyone may do as they please!
  24. YES! Good that it's solved! Happy animating
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