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  1. Thanks - some are open but most have the blocked underside. Always depends on the mesh and how it's mapped.
  2. Some interesting items in Snowy Escape so slowly I may make some stuff. Billing cycle will resume and suspended again if I don't get any cc made or I might just make public items until the New Year. I'll see how it goes.
  3. All Now Public Access - as I've been inactive of late and will be for a while. Patreon billing cycle will be suspended for November and maybe December.
  4. Been making over some of my younger generation sims - This is Stephen
  5. Been making over some of my younger generation sims - This is Stephen
  6. @R-Lo great to see you back - wonderful pics and videos as usual
  7. @Juliette Tango Wonderful series - Amazing story Thanks for sharing
  8. I've given Nadine a new make over More under the cut
  9. Now public - Apologies for the delay with this one - On Patreon and my site
  10. Testing chair poses by Helgatisha, imadako and IMHO
  11. Just playing around with poses by Helgatisha, imadako and IMHO
  12. I must check out this slider. I wonder if creating an accessory bulge is possible. Certainly something I'll try and make.
  13. @erplederp It's by Saliwa and you can find it here https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims4-clothing-female-teenadultelder-everyday/title/latex-swim-and-sleep-suits/id/1385355/
  14. No they were two seperate files. Males is the post above the one you quoted
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