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  1. Julie J

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    I had a few pics I'd taken before the patch disrupted my game. I'll edit some of these and share before I bring in some of the newer sims. Nick with his twin sister Charlene And with ex-girlfriend Racquel who is Charlene's BFF and she's married to Nick's BFF Hugh
  2. Julie J

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Not all my pics I share are NSFW on here. I'm always happy to see all types of pics in game. Cute toddler btw Here's a normal pic - rare for me I know lol As the World Cup is on - Nick does have other talents lol Took this as I made the shirts
  3. Julie J

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Of course not lol, there would be no pics otherwise Seriously though part of why I'm considering his disappearance is to bring new sims in and to give him a break.
  4. I took out all old mods. Put in new updates for WW and MC also Sacrificial has updated as well. Game works fine now
  5. Julie J

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    R-Lo I hope things get better for you !! Considering killing Nick off or have him disappear for a while or he could fake his own death and return. Not decided yet He's finally lost his mind due to a drug addiction from his youth resurfacing and convinced vampires are toturing him.
  6. Using Necrodog's Dissection Mod - a lobotomised Nick with half a head
  7. As I have so many pics - I hope it's okay to start a thread ...I'll share one or two pics in other threads but keep the story here. Since Brendon moved on, Nick has dealt with so many demons. Since playing and testing other mods more. He's now addicted to Basemental Drugs and been using Sacrificial's and necrodog's mods more. This is all in his drug-addled head (or is it) Some of these pics are graphic
  8. Thanks - the nipples are not part of the top but from the skin I'm using on the sim. Skin is by remusirion
  9. Julie J

    [Sims 4] Collar with chain leash

    I like this - Thanks Well done on your first mesh !!
  10. Julie J

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    A new sim I made - Francesca with detective boyfriend Brendon (the one with male domination fetish)
  11. Julie J

    Share Your Female Sims!

    A new sim I made - her name is Francesca With her detective boyfriend Brendon (Who's male dom pics have been posted here)
  12. Is your Wicked Whims up to date? Also do you have an older version of the animations in your mods folder? If so download the latest one.
  13. Julie J

    Help with male coat

    I can recreate this either an accesory like the original or as a clothing top mesh