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  1. I don't mention what I'm working on as I usually have my ideas stolen by others (Mainly Sims 2 community) but I will say if you've seen my latest pics, this is something I'm looking into.
  2. Training to be a human pet, he's not allowed on the furniture. Mario wants to expand Nick's experiences as a sub. Also has remote control buttplug so Mario can control his pleasure.
  3. Thanks He's training to be a Human Pet, Mario wants him to experience quite a few different things and broaden Nick's experience as a sub. First pose is mine - not happy with it but I will keep trying
  4. You're welcome Skin is by Sclub (the WMLL Skins) at TheSimsResource Mario's Skin also at TSR by Thisisthem (RaphaelSkin) Body Hair by Luumia Feet are by Necrodog (I use version 3) The Skins I mainly use are by Remussirion, SClub and Ephemera
  5. Wonderful pics MrSimur - love that room and your couple pic R-Lo - All your pics are amazing as usual. I love those fairy outfits
  6. Thanks R-Lo He is enjoying it, having his cake and eating it 😁 That animation and idea is awesome and glad you like the new cc 😎
  7. Sorry not been here much - been testing new animations and new cc. Also updating some sims. Also been making slutty stuff for males. Nick's still been Mario's fuck toy and loving it The dungeon play has got rough with suits them both and Nick still has some baby time.
  8. I made this - need some more ideas for wording/slogans. Also needs adjusting for females and animations.
  9. The crib I'm not too happy with (not keen on the textures at all) and the bottle needs poses to work with it.
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