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  1. Julie J

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Francesca makes a return modelling this new dress I made
  2. Julie J

    Male chastity

    There's some stuff here https://juliejsadult18sims234cc.blogspot.com/search/label/bdsm. sims 4 bdsm
  3. Julie J

    LoveBelow SkyrimFantasies Diphallia

    These would be perfect for an alien sim, thank MiniGiles for sharing
  4. I started small by making small adjustments then lead up to the bigger stuff, much easier to mesh in blender and S4S which also maintains the UV1 map needed for the mesh to move with the sliders.
  5. Julie J

    Underwear bulge?

    Mine are here Retexture of Luumia's Bulge mesh (with permission) https://juliejsadult18sims234cc.blogspot.com/2018/05/sims-4-male-undies-swim-on-luumia-bulge_17.html?zx=49c23eda9de21004 My boxers are here https://julietoon.tumblr.com/post/143027727415/male-boxer-shorts-edited-and-recolours-by-julie-j
  6. Same here when I started, I just started playing with textures and stuff. I did read some tutorials for meshing though
  7. They're amazing R-Lo. I love them !! Welcome to making cc, it is a lot of fun
  8. Julie J

    Gun object and WickedWhims

    Interesting animations - can't wait to see the finished results for these
  9. Julie J

    Sims 4 aduilt diaper mod ?

    Very well made - thanks for sharing. I made one too - Glad there's an alternative.....
  10. That isn't bad at all Thank you for all your amazing stuff MiniGiles, it's helped with these projects a lot
  11. The monster has regained his strength and found a cured vampire to bear him an heir. He fears that she is too old, he also is after Nicola again. He's determined to conquer her. He is trying to learn about vampires from his latest prey and hopefully he'll try again.....She is powerful and he wants some of that power.
  12. Julie J

    R-Lo's Photography Corner

    Nick at some charity event Paparazzi out as usual in force Fans of all ages throw themselves at him One fan got a little too friendly and found her way into Nick's pants
  13. Julie J


    Also you can go here for tutorials on how to make cc and mods