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  1. I use Dallasgirl's shoes also there's mauvemorn, shoestopia, Juis.
  2. Hi Just nabbed a set of poses on tumblr but need sg5150's UPS Trucks and boxes sg5150 UPS Truck 2 sg5150 UPS Truck and Boxes If you please help me out, it would be very much appreciated. Many Thanks
  3. Was wondering the same thing myself - just been checking out Beto's stuff on tumblr.
  4. Vlad and the butler's new tentacle garden for their doll. More in the spoiler
  5. Do you have the pose player that makes poses work? https://sims4studio.com/post/43313
  6. More Vlad and his butler play with their doll More under the spoiler
  7. With help of the butler More under the spoiler
  8. With help of the butler More under the spoiler
  9. Vlad still lures Nick to Forgotten Hollow when he wants his male dolly to play with More under the cut
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