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  1. great idea. Sims4 needed this thanks
  2. you can never have enough of these Nice job
  3. Looks good for a starter, Can't wait to see what you do with it.
  4. I'm glad someone was able to get this into the game. Great job on this mod, Look forward to supporting this mod, and It's future.
  5. np just trying to get something to gether.. It's still got a ways to go, and it's only a temp solution until we can get a team together, and maybe come up with a better way do this. The first stages I still need to add but the final stages are set. You can find the downloads over on my page http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3806-wastedfluids-the-sims-4-mods-hugefile-sexy-billboard-city-replacements-31117/
  6. I need to get back into sims3 looks like fun
  7. holy cow the animations are awesome lol. First attempt u knocked it out of the park.
  8. Growable Weed Bush.. Still working out the kinks, and need to change a few things in how the weed grows. It will replace the tomato plants. I can't make but 1 flavor. I decided to make purple but I will make a green 1 as well. You will have to replace the purple 1 if that's what u want.... Managed to get the names changed. Any1 know how to add moodlets to items if so then we have a fully functionable eatable weed fruit mod at least its a step?
  9. goodjob. I will test these out soon. Any chance you put up a video sample? It might make more people download it.
  10. thank you haha https://youtu.be/kbTfj3Xp6U8 Oh hey Turbodriver, Do you mind If i upload these protest signs using your logo ? It would be a great addition to the game, giving that every1 likes to fuck in the sims lol. Also I was probably going to make another video using these protest signs if that would be ok with you?
  11. LOL wow is that a mod that we can find or just animations ???? Yes it's a mod. you can find it here : http://sims4studio.com/thread/7833/studio-drama I made a sims 4 music video I hope you don't mind, I used your animations at the end . https://youtu.be/Fa5qWbwgBew
  12. https://youtu.be/Fa5qWbwgBew Another vid that was requested just sharing. I might just share sims vids here.
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