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SSE Screenshots and Character Shots

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7 hours ago, DocClox said:

Scourg Barrow.






Same room, a few hours later:




Slightly gimped up. The lighting reminded me of some old master type oil paintings, so I emphasized that a little.


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I found an "alchemist's cap" in the course of the Undeath questline. It makes my character seem very Russian, at least to my English sensibilities.


It fits nicely with the snow and ice of Forgotten Vale.









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13 hours ago, DocClox said:

Я нашел «шапку алхимика» в ходе квестовой линии «Нежить». Из-за этого мой персонаж кажется очень русским, по крайней мере, с моей английской чувствительностью.


Он прекрасно сочетается со снегом и льдом Forgotten Vale.









rather magician of witcher 2.

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Finally got a decent shot of a character I've been working on for a while, had to bump up brightness a bit with out-of-game tools because I'm not really used to taking screenshots in-game, and I probably messed up something with the FOV as well 😓, but at least it's a good first attempt !



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Between Riverwood and clearing Bleak Falls...




That's three from the watchtower on the path leading to BFB, three from outside the Barrow, two from immediately inside, one from the bandit that demonstrates how the poison arrow trap works (you can save her if you get her attention before she bulls the lever)  and four or five Hateful Wenches that spawned in support of the Dragur. And I'm not even in the Sanctum yet.


And yeah, at least two of those would normally be male, but Womanized Lists for OBIS replaces a lot of male bandits with deadly wenches.

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