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  1. In fact, it's a ctd all by itself with the conjuration and some of the conjuration. Whether it's me or an enemy. For example, at the moment I've just finished the excellent Glamoril time and space mod. I have a spell to teleport to either Skyrim or the Dimensional Realm but I can't use it or it crashes straight away.
  2. Hello. Can a bad installation or a bad order of mods in Mo2, BDIC and SIC create crashes like when an enemy conjures a creature?
  3. Decidedly, Vyxenne. 😂 You are impossible. 😆 Sleeping with the archmage, after all. 😛 I'm guessing all the big names in Skyrim have gone through the motions with you. 😅
  4. I have installed and tested the new SE version of the mods. Some parasites have more interesting effects. However, I didn't see any real change with the spores/bernacles. I put them on, I waited but I didn't see much difference. For the living armor, ok, it sends current to the body to stimulate. The hip hugger, its liquid becomes mead and makes the PC want to drink it, and excites the character more. The tentacle monster, I didn't see much. About the living armor, I went swimming in the water and saw nothing. What do you call "onhit effects" for the spores? What exactly do th
  5. After defeating Alduin, my northerner takes a well-deserved rest in his home in Whiterun; Leaf Rest.
  6. The main quest? Yes, with a bit of a struggle at the end in Skuldafn. I have a crappy ctd that cuts me off all the time there. I have to coc Skuldfan01 or 02 to get there, then tdetect because the draugs cause me a ctd when they summon their monster. I still have the Civil War to do, since I'm doing a rp with Ambriel the Lost Princess. Then Dark Brotherhood to kill the emperor at the end and then do Return to Helgen to be Emperor. Unless it's Ambriel who will become Empress if that's part of the mod.
  7. I was just wondering if you mind that I put a picture with Elenwen.
  8. No. I did this with Sexlife. In his quarters. Do you have a problem?
  9. A moment of carnal pleasure or sexual torture?
  10. What mod do you use to make the character stick out his tongue?
  11. One sunny day, on the roof of my house in Riverwood.
  12. Great joke! I don't usually fall for it, but I was fooled here. For those who are against sex animations with mudcrabs, don't be afraid.
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