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  1. Hello. I'm trying to change the body of my characters on UNP using Bodyslite. I do everything right, I choose the body then UNP HDT. Then, I check build morph then I do ctrl+left click. Same for the hands and feet. Then I put the CalienteTools folder where the body nifs are and in Mo2, I create a mod that I call body UNP HDT. But the problem is that once in play, the body is not applied. What exactly do I need to do to get the body to actually be applied? I have several body presets in Body. I even tried with a preset where the body has a huge chest but in game it's the same. It doesn't apply.
  2. Hello. Here's the thing, when I try to disable Better female wrist and legs on one of my saves, the game crashes on loading just before Continue, New Game etc appear. I wanted to know already why it does this and if there is another way to remove it. Because I really don't like this mod. It makes the feet and hands look less pretty. I put it on because I was advised to do so but I never really liked this mod.
  3. Has anyone made a patch allowing followers to be corrupted too (vanilla and mod)?
  4. Sanghin in heaven with two beautiful blondes!
  5. The mages of the Academy know that their Archmage Teleria is a dunmer with a dream body... But what these unfortunate and ignorant people do not know...is that their archmage has become a terrible lich! 💀
  6. I mainly meant wear and tear on the body, like Wear and Tear from Sexlab. Blood in the vagina, fatigue etc.
  7. Is there also a mod for std and a mod like Wear and Tear from skyrim?
  8. Hello. Is there a mod to have sex with multiple creatures?
  9. Doesn't anyone have the SG hair pack of converts for SE here?
  10. The link in Pastebin no longer works. File no longer available
  11. Anyone have SG hait pack 280 for se or converted for SE? The other day I made the mistake of trying to eslify it, as a result it no longer works.
  12. The results of the AE are catastrophic. -Graphical changes: 0 -Mods: Most of them are not available The fishing mod is all rotten. Many bugs; some even without mods have their saves corrupted. I'm French and I go on a video game forum site, and on the Skyrim forum in this site, a lot of crying, and disappointment. For those getting back on Skyrim and not having blocked majs or done a backup and having LE, you can go back to LE again. On SE, without backup and blocked updates, it's dead. And the Nexus downgrade patch doesn't work.
  13. I am an SE user. I don't know about you, but AE really scares me. I made a backup of the game folder, a backup of my saves and mods that I copy to a usb key. But I'm really afraid that one day this AE will force us to go under wing and that modders will also go under this cursed AE. Without being mean, I don't want to be on the same level as all those suckers, waiting for the AE. Settling for the only CC mods with mute characters and fishing. But seriously...who plays Skyrim to fish here? Playing with disgusting vanilla characters etc. Yikes. 🤮
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