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  1. Beta build is for Skyrim Special Edition only More details on the version/beta coming later when I have more time. For now, I just want to get the beta out there for testing. So here it is. Non-SE users will likely have to wait until release for 1.63. I have no plans right now to release a non-SE version of the beta. Requirements: Skyrim SE 1.5.53 SKSE SE v2.0.10 SkyUI SE Changes since 1.62: Added a caching system to animation searches Increased animation slots to 750, decreased voice/expression slots to 375. A new scaling fix that finally solves the issue with some actors/creatures randomly changing sizes when animating (enabled by default) (partially implemented) a new hook system for developers that don't work on events, allowing them to fully complete their hook function before the thread continues. Solves some sync issues with more complicated or timing sensitive hooks. Some other stuff I'm surely forgetting because it's been a long time. Beta 2 Hotfix: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.7) Removed references to Oldrim scripts (NiOverride and MfgConsoleFunc) to fix compile issues Some minor tweaks here and there Beta 3: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.8) Fixed most of the slowdown at animation startup Fixed disabled animations still getting used for awhile afterward Some minor tweaks here and there Beta 4: Updated SexLabUtil.dll and PapyrusUtil.dll to the new version of SKSE (2.0.10) Known Issues: Animations take longer to start than normal right now. Other Notes: Animation packs from non-SE version have to have their animations converted to 64 bit in order to work. This can be easily automated and done quickly by the pack developers. All existing basic mods should work as is as far as I know. As long as they don't require any other SKSE plugins that haven't yet been converted. This means Devious Devices and its mods won't work until DD gets its SKSE plugin updated. I haven't fully tested a lot of the plugin in SE beyond making sure basic functionality works. So submitting bug reports are critical here. Download: Full v1.63 Beta 4 Archive: SexLabFrameworkSE_v163_BETA4.7z Patch for v1.63 Beta 3 users upgrading to Beta 4: SexLab_v163_UPGRADE_beta3_TO_beta4.zip Old version:
  2. Folks, please use this thread for screenshots and all other pictures for SSE. Nudity and sex are fine, normal forum rules apply.
  3. I've noticed during some SexLab sex scenes my character is missing her eyebrows - but it's not all scenes and it's only in SexLab (SLAL) animations. Weird. (This is a very minor issue.)
  4. Andreis

    Collygon Poser SE

    Version V4


    Collygon Poser SE A pose mod featuring 36 unique animations and 288 unique poses for many type of screen-archery scenarios ! - Credits - Collygon for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Pillowfun for the screenshots Original Version: Click here Please don't bother Collygon via his own page about this SSE port!
  5. View File Conversion of SexLab Framework to Skyrim Special Edition without relying on SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil. More Nasty Critters + many popular SLAL animation packs already included. Features: SexLab Framework API was kept as intact as much as the lack of SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil allows, meaning most Oldrim SexLab mods either work right away or can be converted fairly easily 803 animations (467 human, 336 creature) all packaged as its default animations, including the original SexLab animations, multiple SLAL packs and More Nasty Critters (At Tween's request for including his M2M animations, please read his legal terms of use included in the archive) Small MCM and in-scene control functionality Erection system that works with Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE But still, please don't expect everything to be the same as Oldrim SexLab. Without SKSE64, a lot of code had to be rewritten, meaning certain features get implemented differently or sacrificed altogether. This project has been undertaken with Ashal's permission. Ashal has offered future help to me if I hit any roadblock. However, please avoid confusing this port with the full Sexlab (all SexLab Light SE releases will have 0.x.x version numbers to avoid confusion). We especially want to clarify that Ashal himself is not responsible for supporting this 'SexLab Light SE' port so don't message him for troubleshooting about it. All questions about SexLab Light SE should be directed to myself only for the time being. Ashal still intends to port the full SexLab to SSE, if and when SKSE64 gets released with all the stuffs he needs. Requirements: FNIS Behavior SE - you need the Main download at least. Download the FNIS Creature Pack optional file also if you want bestiality stuffs. XPMSSE Recommended: (for nude bodies) UNP Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE (or this for different textures) - erection system works with SexLab Light SE Installation Instructions: read this detailed guide instead if you're new to SexLab Install the 3 requirements above Download SexLab Light SE from one of the two links provided (Google Drive and Mega.Nz) and install it. Run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe as admin, tick Skeleton Arm Fix, press Update FNIS Behavior Load a save (ideally clean, avoid starting a new game with SexLab.esm enabled), SexLab Light SE will automatically start its first-time initialization itself (takes a while). (Optional) The MCM can be accessed in Spells > Illusion. The in-scene controls are in a form of an Apparel inventory item - you should favorite it to a number, then press that number during sex Enjoy! Use one of the mods below to trigger sex Mods Using SexLab Light SE: SexLab MatchMaker Light SE - port of MatchMaker to work with SexLab Light SE. Easy mindless way to trigger sex scenes. SexLab Pleasure SE - 80 light-hearted but lore-friendly unique dialogues Abduction SSE Carnival - more complex version of MatchMaker The below Oldrim mods aren't official ports (at least not yet), but they have been tested and confirmed as working right away with SexLab Light SE without any conversion, though some bugs may exist Amorous Adventures SexLab Solutions 4.0.2 (but not v5.x, which requires Unofficial Patch LE.esp) Spouses Enhanced v1.7.3 (quicksave and load once for the dialogue option to show up) SexLab Necrophilia (must extract the BSA) SexLab Enchantress (must extract the BSA) SexLab Working Girl (must extract the BSA) Animal Mansion 0.6e (but not AM Plus which requires ZaZ, must extract the BSA) BSA's can be extracted very easily with BAE: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/78/? Future Plans: Creature schlongs Furniture and animated objects Creature on Creature Known Issues: Due to the 803 animations included and the lack of script extender, sometimes it takes quite a while to pick the animation to play. I'll optimize this later. Some creatures added by MNC (chickens, deers) sometimes refuse to have sex with males. I'll address this. Credits: Ashal for the original SexLab Framework Leito86, Anub, SirNibbles, Tweens, Billyy, and FunnyBizness for the animation packs included Dentarr for More Nasty Critters, whose animations are also included Fore for FNIS Groovtama for XPMSSE SexLab Framework Credits: SKSE Plugin: kapaer - Mfg Console h38fh2mf Ashal Animations: Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp Arrok - BBP Animations JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution Mithos Blac945 Zynsch TDA Zynsch Bleagh PanicForever Athstai - Dark Investigations 3jiou Mitos Leito86 4uDIK FalloutBoy2 Audio: Lovers with PK Setekh Mesh/Textures: Calyp - Strapon oli3d - Bukkake Shaders 4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures More Nasty Critter Credits: LordEscobar (Nude Creatures) Ep1cL3w1s (Creature Framework) Flyingtoaster (Hentai Creatures) Panicforever & Gone (Lurker, Werebear and Riekling Animations (AND Horse Animation)... AND Panic did the new Wolf+Dog Animations) Panic also did the newer new Dog and Wolf Animations and the corresponding Tail animations! Dayelyte (Female Werewolf and Atronach Animation and new consensual Dog/Wolf) Xandero (Spriggan Animations + second Atronach Animation + third Atronach Animation) Billyy (Skeever Animations) llabsky (Sabrecat, Hagraven, Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter and Wispmother) Anubiss (Draugr, Sabrecat) FunnyBiz (for Hagraven Animation) Leito86 (for Creature Features - now included and new Dog Animations) Gone (for Beastiality Extras - now Included) Bad Dog (nude models of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Skeletton) Vioxsis (nude model of Goat and Horker) diarawr (for JUDAH model) Shocky (for Deathhound Brute) SkyMoMod (for Arch Demon) More Nasty Critters Disclaimer: I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder. However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download/copy and have fun. If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all. Submitter vinfamy Submitted 08/29/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE, XPMSSE, (optional) FNIS Creature Pack SE Regular Edition Compatible  
  6. View File Bikini Ascend SE A mod featuring Elven, Orc, and Thalmor styled bikini armors for Skyrim SE - WHAT'S INCLUDED - Elven Elven Abs l Elven Abs ll Elven Abs lll Elven Assault Feather Elven Assault Visor Elven Assault Visor ll Elven Bikini Bottom l Elven Bikini Bottom ll Elven Bikini Bottom lll Elven Bikini Top l Elven Bikini Top ll Elven Bikini Top lll Elven Boots l Elven Boots ll Elven Breastplate Elven Chest Reinforcement l Elven Chest Reinforcement ll Elven Faceguard close Elven Faceguard open Elven Gauntlets l Elven Gauntlets ll Elven Gorget l Elven Gorget ll Elven Head Gear Elven leggings long Elven Mask Elven Pauldron l Elven Pauldron ll Elven Pauldron lll L Elven Pauldron lll R Elven Pauldron lV L Elven Pauldron lV R Elven Pauldron V L Elven Pauldron V R Elven Pauldron Vl L Elven Pauldron Vl R Elven Pauldron Vll L Elven Pauldron Vll R Elven Riot Helm closed Elven Riot Helm open Elven Spine Guard Elven Tasset l Elven Tasset l (Light) Elven Tasset ll Elven Tasset lll Elven Tight l Elven Tight ll Elven Tight lll Orcish Orcish Abs l Orcish Abs ll Orcish Bikini Top l Orcish Bikini Top ll Orcish Boots l Orcish Boots ll Orcish Breast Plate l Orcish Breast Plate ll Orcish Chest Reinforcement l Orcish Gauntlets l Orcish Gorget l (Heavy) Orcish Gorget l (Light) Orcish Gorget ll Orcish Head Gear Orcish Pauldron l L Orcish Pauldron l R Orcish Pauldron ll L Orcish Pauldron ll R Orcish Pauldron lll L Orcish Pauldron lll L Orcish Scout Helmet Orcish Sentry Helmet Orcish Tasset l (Heavy) Orcish Tasset l (Light) Orcish Tasset ll (Heavy) Orcish Tasset ll (Light) Orcish Thigh l Orcish Thigh ll Orcish Thong Bottom l Orcish Thong Bottom ll Thalmor Thalmor Bikini Bottom l Thalmor Boots l Thalmor Gloves l Thalmor Hood l Thalmor Hood ll Thalmor Hood lll Thalmor Neck Cover l Thalmor Robe l - REQUIREMENTS - CBBE SE Body HDT physics compatible skeleton (Groovtama's XPMSSE) The latest Bodyslide (Optional) CBP Physics or HDT SMP (For Boobs and Butt Jiggle) - INSTALLATION - 1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM or MO2, or if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder). 2. Obtain in-game via crafting or by using AdditemMenu SE 3. The default body is CBBE Curvy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on. 4. Download and install the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio utility. 5. Open the BodySlide utility. Search for "CBBE SE - Elven/Orc..." 6. Tweak the sliders to your liking, or use a preset that you have already created. - Known Issues - Strings bend weird on certain bikini top armors when applying sliders in bodyslide - Credits - Nisetanaka for the permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother Nisetanaka via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 01/30/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires CBBE SE Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  7. View File Tera Elin Race Skyrim Special Edition Tera Elin Race for Skyrim Legendary Edition https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/301-update-horse-riding-animations-fix-tera-elin-race/ LORE Building corporeal forms around tiny fragments of her own divine being, the goddess Elinu created the elins. Their physical appearance reflected the youngest daughter of Arun's wish for beauty and peace. Their queen governs both the elins and the poporis, with whom they share a history and a mission. The queen and her forces have proven their wisdom and diplomatic prowess in peace, and their tactical and fighting prowess in war. The Elins have one driving goal: If it's not good for nature, stop it. Older and wiser than they appear, they join with forces of nature and mortal races to sweep their enemies from the battlefield. Their speech is often dark, forthright, and otherworldly, and their sense of humor can border on vicious. =========================================================== ABOUT Tera Elin race for Skyrim Special Edition. These files are neither backward compatible nor interchangeable with the Tera Elin race for Skyrim Legendary Edition. =========================================================== UPDATES - WHAT'S NEW or CHANGED (2018 April 17) 2017 October 15 - Regarding the Elin Idle Animation Redone v2 *** READ *** =========================================================== FILES - ELIN MODS, REQUIREMENTS, and INSTALLATION =========================================================== MAIN ELIN MODS Adds the Elins as a playable race in Skyrim Special Edition. Requirements Skyrim Special Edition =========================================================== Elin Race Package FILE: SSE_MAIN_TeraElinRace_v1_0-20170116.7z Adds: Main Elin files. ElinRaceTaint.esm, which adds the various Elin hairs, has been merged with the main master file (ElinRace.esm). [*]Elin voices for combat and dragon shouts for Skyrim, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard. [*]Summon Elin Ring. 1st-Person Camera Fix. =========================================================== OPTIONAL - Color-Matching Ears and Tails [2017-01-28] [FIXED] FILE: SSE_MAIN_OPTIONAL_TeraElin_ColorMatch_v1_0-20170128.7z BSA only. Allows the Elin ears and tails, both standalone and hair sets, to match color with the hairs. Install FIRST: Tera Elin race main package. Install SECOND: Tera Elin Color Match option. Allow overwriting of 'ElinRace.BSA'. =========================================================== CUSTOMIZATION FEATURES This is for both the Normal main package and the Color-Match main package. You have 2 methods to select the Elin ears/tail sets when in the Character Customization menu (console command, 'showracemenu'): HAIR > HAIRS selection slider. The ears/tail sets are part of the Elin hairs. HAIRS > ADDITIONS selection slider. These are standalone sets and can be used with the earless/tailless Elin hairs or custom Skyrim hairs. =========================================================== OPTIONAL - Extended Colors FILE: SSE_MAIN_OPTIONAL_TeraElinRace_ExtendedColors_20170125.7z Due to SKSE, RaceMenu, and Enhanced Character Edit not yet compatible with Skyrim Special Edition, I have modified the Elin master file (ElinRace.esm) to include additional colors. Extended hues, saturation, and luminosity. Not too much, not too little. Additional colors for hair, skin, makeup, and warpaints. Works with the Elin Color-Matching option. Install FIRST: Tera Elin race main package. Install SECOND: Tera Elin Extended Colors option. Allow overwriting of 'ElinRace.esm'. =========================================================== FIXES/PATCHES - for Any of the MAIN Mods Horse Riding Animations - 2018-04-17 FILE: SSE_TeraElinRace_HorseRiding_Animation-n-Fix.7z Greatly reduces the clipping into the horse due to the Elin's size. Adds horseback idle animations. Works on any horses that uses the original Skyrim horse riding animations. Requirements Tera Elin main package. Installation Install with mod manager or manually. There are no special installation procedures. FNIS not required. Elin Voice Fix - 2017-03-07 FILE: SSE_UPDATE_OPTION_Elin_Voice_COMPLETE_v2.1-20170307.7z Version 2.1 fixes the problem with version 2 not playing any of the Elin voices. NOTE: Soul Tear shout is silent. Requirements Tera Elin main package. Installation Install manually or with a mod manager. Allow overwriting of the (Elin) voice files. DELETE the old plugin (ElinRaceVoice.esp). The v2 update/fix uses a new plugin (ElinRace_Voice.esp). DELETE the voice controller script (SCRIPTS > x2chElin_FemaleElinVoiceController.pex. =========================================================== =========================================================== OPTIONAL ELIN MODS Adds followers, NPCs, additional customizatin features, armors, and race exclusive animations. Requirements Skyrim Special Edition. Main Elin race files. =========================================================== Elin Idle Animation Redone v2.0. Remade using the exclusive animation paths from PC Exclusive Animations. Now compatible with the latest FNIS. For now only features the base idle animation; the Elin dance will be added as an emote in a future update. *NEW* Choice of 2 variant of the base idle animation. *NEW* Option to use the child sitting animation to fix some of the clipping when sitting on chairs and benches. *NEW* Tera (Castanic) animations. Replaced most of the Skyrim animations. REQUIREMENTS FNIS v7.0 Beta or newer http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3038 INSTALLATION Before installing v2, uninstall v1 to ensure there are no conflicts or animation oddities. Install FNIS. Install Elin Idle Animation Redone and allow overwriting of the files in TOOLS > GENERATEFNIS_FOR_USERS folder. Run GenerateFNIS for Users.exe. =========================================================== Elin CBBE-UNP Body Replacers. FILE: SSE_OPTION_TeraElinBody_CBBE-UNP_v3_9-20170131.7z Requirements. *** If you want to use BBP or TBBP armors and outfits then you need to install the following. *** SSE XPMSE (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1988) SSE FNIS (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/3038) FNIS is needed if you experience the T-pose bug (no animations are being used). NOTE: If there are no noticeable breast bounce, even when naked, then install SSE XPMSE and remember to select the 'BBP MAP' option which adds the breast and butt bounce animations. NOTE 2: XPMSE and FNIS is not necessarily required for the BBP and TBBP animations that is included with the Elin CBBE-UNP body replacer package (I have tested without using FNIS), but if your Elin and NPCs in general are stuck in a T-pose then you have 2 options: Install FNIS then run the FNIS Generator for Users (select Gender Animation fix + Arm Fix). Delete the BBP-TBBP animations (located in MESHES > ACTORS > CHARACTER > ANIMATIONS > FEMALE). Allows the Elins to use a custom CBBE or UNP body. 3 options for CBBE and UNP body: Slim (flatchest) (NO BBP, NO TBBP). BBP (with breasts) TBBP (with breasts) 3 options for CBBE and UNP textures: Fairskin. Normal. Sunburn Bikini. =========================================================== Elin CBBE-UUNP BodySlide Presets + Outfit Studio Conversion Templates. FILE: OPTION_Bodyslide-OutfitStudio_ElinBody_PresetsandConversionTemplates.7z Requirements. Bodyslide (SSE) (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/201/?). Bodyslide (Skyrim) (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?). NOTE: Bodyslide/Outfit Studio for SkyrimSE (SSE) does not have any files for the following: Conversion Sets Shape Data Slider Categories Slider Groups Slider Preseets Slider Sets This is why you need to also download Bodyslide/Outfit Studio for original Skyrim. Extract the archive and go to the BODYSLIDE subfolder. Copy the folders I previously mentioned then paste them in the BODYSLIDE subfolder from Bodyslide/Outfit Studio for SSE. There are 2 Elin body Presets for CBBE and UUNP: Elin (flatchest). Elin Curvy (with breasts). There are 6 conversion templates to convert armors to the Elin bodies: 7Base (bombshell) to Elin. 7Base (bombshell) to Elin Curvy. CBBE to Elin. CBBE to Elin Curvey. UUNP to Elin. UUNP to Elin Curvey. How to Choose a Bodyslide Preset or Elin Conversion Template. =========================================================== Elin-Skyrim Hair Packs. FILE: TeraElinRace - Offsite Download Links.txt NOTE #1: These can be downloaded offsite. You need to download a text file which lists the hair packs and download links. I made separate hair packs instead of an All-in-One pack. Mega, the file storage site, has problems uploading a 1gb+ file. I might create an AIO pack in the future when done adding any additional hairs for the Elins. NOTE #2: The hair packs contain only the hair meshes and textures from the original hair mods. These are only playable for the Elins. NOTE #3: All hair meshes have been updated for Skyrim SE. =========================================================== NPC Replacers and Additions. Elin NPC and Enemies Complete (Skyrim. No DLCs, yet). FILE: SSE_OPTION_Elin NPC and Enemies Complete_v1_0-20170110.7z Does the following: Replaces certain unique (female) characters (i.e., all female housecarls including Rayya). Adds new NPCs to Whiterun and Mage's College. Replaces some of the randomly generated hostile and non-hostile NPCs (i.e., Imperials, Stormcloaks, bandits, witches, necromancers, and hunters). Adds new Elin enemeies to the level list separate from what is originally generated by the game. NOTE: TDA made changes to the Elin mage instructor. Now when she demonstrates elemental magic in the Aracanaeum she will not damage and/or aggro any followers. Thank you, TDA! =========================================================== Elin Mannequins. FILE: SSE_OPTION_Elin_Mannequins_v1_0-20170117.7z Replaces all original mannequins in Skyrim, Hearthfires, and Dragonborn homes. Does not add new mannequins. =========================================================== Elin Armors for the Elin body. FILE: ARMOR_ElinBody_ElinMaidCostume.7z Elin Maid outfit from the game Tera. Craftable at the forge (requires GLASS Blacksmith perk) and tempered (requires Arcane Blacksmith perk). FILE: ARMOR_ElinBody_ConvertedVanillaSets.7z Some Skyrim armors converted to the Elin body (NOT CBBE or UNP). Craftable at the forge under ELVEN and MISCELLANEOUS. =========================================================== CREDITS Special thanks: Mephykun for advising me on what needs to be done to make the Elin mods compatible with Skyrim Special Edition. Miczello for providing the resources I need for some additional Elin mods I may release in the near future. TDA for his Elin NewNPC edits. Himika and the people of 2ch for bringing the Elins to Skyrim+Summon Ring, NPC -n- Enemies, and Elin Followers. Ousnius for his Nif Optimizer and help with fixing bugs with some of the custom hairs. ELINS The Elin race and resources from the game Tera to add the Elins to Skyrim SE are the properties of BluHole Studio. Elin armors are from the game Tera and thus the property of BluHole Studio. The Elins use XPMSE skeletons by Groovtama. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/25971-xp32-maximum-skeleton-extended/ The base Elin voice mod provide by KuriYokan. HEARTHFIRE MODS Lakeview Extended for Skyrim Special Edition by Ac3s http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6363/? HAIRS (Custom Skyrim Hair Packs) Apachii Hairs v1.5 and v1.6 by Apachii. http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/10168/? Cazy/Demoness/CCC/MySims/Newsea by zzJay. http://www.loverslab.com/topic/10943-zzshop/ Oblivian Hairs by Radioragae. Sims/JHairs by ??? Hepsy Hairs by Ryoso http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59661 Twintails (Twosideup) by Pyopyo23 http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59869 Submitter PsychoMachina Submitted 01/18/2017 Category Regular Mods Requires Skyrim Special Edition Regular Edition Compatible No
  8. View File Church of Buxomology Presents The Adiposian Playable Race SSE This is based on the original (found here). As always, I want to thank the community for being a great resource while helping me add more to this mod. I've had some help already but whomever has the time to test, please feel free and let me know if something isn't working quite right. I'm not a pro but I will do my best. Like the original, this mod is and will be a little overpowered when playing it at first. Prepare yourself for some over-sized fun. Race Abilities: The Flabalanche ability is available for each of the four races. With this, the player may knock down other NPC's while sprinting. Slow regeneration rate for health, magicka, and stamina. These races are much taller than the default NPC's. All races have the power of Metabolical Rage. This allows allows a transformation to an even bigger body for 10 minutes. This can be used once per day. Health and stamina regeneration is increased greatly. Also, the character is stripped of their gear, looses the Flabalanche ability, and gains a powerful hand to hand combat weapon. Adiposian Adiposians are all around BBW type body. Adiposians start out with a little more stamina. Numb Blood gives the Adiposian more poison resist. Transforming into a Buxom Beauty repeatedly calls Luscious, the hell spawn succubus, while making you a massive flabby ball of fatness. Derrierian Derrierians have the biggest asses out of the races. Derrierians start out with a little more health. Oxidation gives the Derrierian more fire resist. Transforming into a Booteus Maximus makes the player gassy, giving them super sonic belches and paralyses their enemies. Fortisian Fortisians have the biggest bellies out of the races. Fortisians start out with a little more of health, magicka, stamina, plus can carry a little more weight. Cooling Skin gives the Fortisian more frost resist. Transforming into the Gravitron Girl gives the player a gravitational pull around them from time to time. Lechean Lecheans have the biggest breasts out of the races. Lecheans start out with a little more magicka. Voltaic Screen gives the Lechean more shock resist. Transforming into the Dairy Queen gives the player constant squirting breasts that stagger whomever is in the path. Elegeia Elegeia are the giantess' out of the races which are extremely tall and have more of an hourglass shaped body. Elegeia start out with very low magicka but high health and stamina. Diamond Skin gives the Elegeia more magic resist. Transforming into the Amazon repeatedly calls the amazon spirit of Mjadunn to assist you while you are in your muscular form. Hall of Bosoms: A place of worship and shelter for all Adiposians and whomever wants to visit. Magic portal in the Silverblood Inn will take you to the hall when clicked. It's next to the bed in the first room on the left. Furniture Special furniture inside the Hall of Bosoms provide a blessing when sat on: The Milking Chair gives the blessing that increases your maximum magicka for a limited time. This also increases the size of the breasts on certain female models. The Feeding Throne gives the blessing that increases your maximum health for a limited time. This also increases the size of the belly on certain female models. The Booty Bench gives the blessing that increases your maximum carry weight. This also increases the size of the butt on certain female models. Available Followers The following are the available followers in the Hall of Bosoms: Madonna the Wow Cow: This animal follower will fight for you but it is weak. However, it has a magical healing aura that heals a little when you are within range. It is consider an animal so it has the potential of being an additional follower at the same time. Ms. Vavavooommm: One of Skyrim's great heroes! Ms. Vavavooommm is known to be of the Dragonborn throughout the country. With her hammer, she is a hard hitting melee specialist. She has the following perks - Barbarian, Skullcrusher, Champions Stance, Devastating Blow, and Sweep. Mjerna: One of the most agile Adiposian fighters. Her massive weapon usually intimidates anyone she meets, but she has a kind heart. She carries the massive Reaper of Souls Scythe. Mjerna has the following perks - Barbarian, Deep Wounds, Champions Stance, Devastating Blow, and Sweep. Dolly: A tall, newcomer to the Hall of Bosoms. Dolly uses the magical powers of ice and lightning. She has the following perks as well - Destruction Adept, Augmented Shock, Deep Freeze. Fluffy Felishia: Not much is known about Felishia the big belly Fortisian. However, she is very open when it comes to conjuration. She has the Conjuration Expert perk and Atromancy. Her spells include a staggering firebolt. She can also conjure a storm antronach or Luscious, the poisonous succubus. Lana di Latte: From the shadows, Lana is a big bosom close ranged killer. Having perks such as Armsman, Dual Flurry, Dual Savagery, and Critical Charge, makes her very intemidating. Lana is equipped with her own deadly daggers. Holatta Rump: Need something smashed? Holatta can handle it for you! She's ready for a holatta shakin' with you on your adventures with her maces. Julie Jiggles: Julie has dedicated her life following cleric practices. This very busty Lechean healer is equipped with her own healing aura and the Sun Fire spell. She also has the following perks: Restoration Adept, Recovery, and Respite. Big Betty: Betty was one of the first giantess Adiposians to grow to her size. She is ready to help you in your travels with her giant club. She has the Barbarian perk and is strong but a little slow. Armor and Weapons In the bedroom, there are containers holding armors. The keys are located somewhere in Skyrim. Some keys could have even been taken by an evil monster. The following are the armors I have converted so far: Ero Selene armor + weapons Lady Death Tera Castanic Hunter Tera Deathshell Tera Trielek Tera Xenocite BeanSidhe Spells Inside Bookcases In the main worship room, a couple of the bookcases contain special spell books. The keys are located somewhere in Skyrim. The spells are as follows Conjure Luscious: Summon a Flaming Succubus. Conjure Sweetness: Summon a Poisonous Succubus. Flaming Fireroll: Launch flaming sweet rolls. Shock Bread: Throw a loaf of electrified bread. Cheese Freeze: Chuck a frozen cheese wheel. Extras: Recipes Plump Sweet Roll: Use cooking pot to create delicious sweet rolls that provide a nice buff when consumed. Spells Call Amazon Gang: Summon three gigantic amazons to come to your aid for one minute. A very large woman in Skyrim is in custody of this spell book. Other Details: The female body meshes for all Adiposian races are based off CBBE Physics. No support for the fat male yet. Unfortunately, the Holy Cheesus spell does not work the way I really want it to so I need to find out how to reconfigure it. I have since removed it from version 1.00 until I figure it out. I plan on making more available recipes. What is needed for full effect: Skyrim Special Edition / all DLC including Hearthfire. SKSE64. Skeleton HDT. CBP Physics for the jiggles/bounces. Check out my own CBP Physic config here. For load order concerns, you may have to place this plugin kind of close to the top of the list. Bugs: Vampirism has been reported to not really work on this race so no full support for vampirism yet. Thanks and Credits: LordBBW for all the great ideas and support Cold Steel - Adiposian core body based off new BBW + body meshes AnTiWoMaAgNoT - CBBE-CHSBHC-UNP-ADEC-Human Argonian Khajiit Texture-4096 Ousnius and Caliente - BodySlide and Outfit Studio CPU for help with the scripting Urielzael for the great ideas Skyrimkillmod for armor meshes which I think are based off Ravensaw's body Apachii - ApachiiSkyHair SSE LogRaam - The Eyes of Beauty Asianboy345 + Bluehole Studio & En Masse Entertainment - TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim Monsto Brukes - Tit Kit Hey Chloe - Lana di Latte Body Slide 2 Preset Jerbsinator - Dolly's body based off XL Bust Meshes Loshirai14 - Reaper of Souls Scythe Kofman77 (+Jackga+Darthanimal+Aradia+DFSL/Cenobite)- Ero Selene Armor Vixene - Lipple Body Newermind43 - Lady Death Armor Set Volvaga0 - Angelic Halos and Demonic Horns The banners in the Hall of Bosoms are of Lexxxi, Himiwako, and Busty Mara but if you have any suggestions, artwork, etc to add, please let me know Azazellz - True Amazons Race and Armor Mallory for all the great ideas Mitakusaner - Credit should really go to them for the BeanSidhe armor. I edited the meshes to fit the Adiposian bodies. Submitter Booceefus Submitted 11/21/2016 Category Adult Mods Requires See details. Regular Edition Compatible Not Applicable  
  9. View File Makes it possible to edit the bodyshape of NPCs without having to use bodyslide, unique body mods or esp overrides. As a bonus feature it can also automatically randomise the bodies of NPCs to give a little more variety in your game. TLDR: Expanded stand-alone version of the option in Lazy Tools How to use Just put the crosshair on an NPC and open the menu. If you open it without a target the mod will allow editing of the player body instead. Notes The extended breast and butt tweak options requires a skeleton with the CME nodes. It's included in XP32 version 4.20 as well as the variant included in Enhanced Character Edit. A maximum of 128 NPCs can be managed. Disabled or dead NPCs are automatically unregistered from the system. Since nothing besides weight is stored in your save the changes aren't permanent. The mod will re-apply them however so they'll "stick" for as long as it's installed. The mod will apply the custom bodies on several triggers like game or cell load as well as changing location. Besides that you can also activate the bodyrefresh to do it on a timer, useful (required) if you're using the randomise option and want to make sure it's continuously run to catch any new NPCs entering the area. A value less than 10 means the refresh is disabled entirely. Randomised NPC data isn't stored in the mod. If you find someone with an appearance you like you have to use the Edit menu to register them in the system. Otherwise they'll have a new random look the next time the game loads them. NPCs with custom bodies/skeletons may not be editable fully or at all. Levelled/randomly spawned NPCs like bandits may ignore body weight changes. NPCs detected as managed in Lazy Inflation will not have their belly, breast and butt maintained or allow these to be edited for the duration of the inflation to prevent conflicting changes . Either wait until they're deflated or unregister them from Lazy Inflation to remove this block. Please note that this mod and its requirements are in testing so don't use it in that super important save you have no backups of! Submitter LazyGirl Submitted 12/26/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires SKSE64 SkyUI Regular Edition Compatible  
  10. View File SOS - Grower Extended SE (2018.09.23) This is a Special Edition conversion of SOS - Grower Extended, which is itself an update to Schlongs of Skyrim - Grower not a Shower to work with all supported SOS sliders. This plugin can use an actor's arousal level or weight to scale their genitals. Each of the sliders can be set individually, both for arousal and weight scaling - there is a threshold for each. Each arousal slider setting is what will be applied at the arousal threshold (and beyond, but default is 100); lesser arousal values will scale up to the slider value. Weight settings work the same way (although they won't really matter unless you have another mod that alters weight as you play). The scales you set in RaceMenu (if you have it) are what will be used at 0 arousal, 0 weight. Genitals will be scaled as if at full arousal during a SexLab scene, provided the actor is not in the passive position (first slot). Test sliders in the MCM allow you to see how everything will look at any arousal/weight combination. It will be shown for ten seconds once you exit back to the game. There is an option to shorten the schlong when flaccid (Shortening Factor). This works differently from the other slider settings in that it is applied at maximum at 0 arousal and has no effect above half of the arousal threshold. If you want a realistic "grower not a shower", this should be all you need. The mod now supports NPCs, but you must add each one to its tracking system. They may be added through the MCM when they are in your crosshair. Up to 10 may be added. Requirements SexLab 1.63+ SexLab Aroused SE A SOS compatible skeleton, such as XPMSE RaceMenu for SE Recommended Schlongs of Skyrim SE (Light version should work too but I haven't tested) SoS RaceMenu plugin Additional Info Skyrim version Submitter Holzfrau Submitted 09/23/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires SexLab Aroused SE, a SOS compatible skeleton, RaceMenu for SE Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  11. Hey all, first time posting since I'm pretty new to this whole deal, but more or less the problem I seem to be encountering is that I've got a bunch of mods all properly installed, but it seems like the game can't handle the amount of animations I have generated with FNIS, and therefore crashes when I attempt to load a save or start a new game. It isn't horribly many animations, only in the neighborhood of 9k and I am using the XXL version of FNIS, no warnings, no load order errors, nothing. I determined it was the number of animations by removing a few animation lists at a time, leaving the game to run perfectly fine under that arbitrary threshold and leaving it to CTD if I go above it for whatever reason. Anyone have any ideas or potential solutions?
  12. View File Description: This is the basics of a BDSM mod framework for FlowerGirls SE. What it does is to add Leito's fine BDSM animations to FlowerGirls along with accessors to play these animations. The idea behind this is 2 fold, it serves as a simple example of how to add animations to FlowerGirls for other mod developers. Secondly it could be used as a 'master' for another developers mod to play a BDSM based animation in SE. This is not a content mod, it will not add any gameplay connected with BDSM on it's own. If you want to check out the animations feel free to install. Turning on "Debug Mode" in FlowerGirl options will give almost any NPC (yes very little filtering is done here!) a "(BDSM)" dialogue menu where you can select/test any of the animations. In version 1.1 I added a simple dialogue choice for Seduced NPC's allowing you to spice up your sex life with that particular NPC. You can decline the option and it will not display again for that individual NPC. For other mod authors who are interested in adding BDSM based gameplay it would be as simple as adding the FlowerGirls SE - BDSM.esp as a master file to your mod (use wyre bash to set the master bit first). Then include a property on your quest(s): FlowerGirlsBDSM Then you can access the script functions such as: FlowerGirlsBDSM.BoundDoggyScene(Game.GetPlayer(), akSpeaker) And thats it. If you want to add new animations etc, you can look at the file to see how it is done (look at dxNCTokenToIdleScript). Installation: 1. Extract to MO/NMM. 2. Run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe 3. Include the esm in your load order after FlowerGirls SE.esm Updating from earlier version: 1. Please completely remove any earlier version prior to installing this. Important. 2. Re-run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe Credits: Leito for animations and animation objects. SirNibbles for animations and animation objects. Suke for animations. AnubiSs2167 for animations. Znarok for animations. Fore for making all this possible. Submitter Xiderpunk Submitted 05/12/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FlowerGirls SE. Regular Edition Compatible No  
  13. View File GomaPeroLand SE A beach resort location for Skyrim SE - Where to enter - A door on the ground located in Riverwood - Credits - GomaPeroPero for the permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother GomaPeroPero via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 01/24/2018 Category Regular Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  14. View File Yuih Pose SE A pose mod featuring 42 unique poses for many type of screen-archery scenarios ! - Credits - Yuih for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother Yuih via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 03/31/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE XPMSSE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  15. View File GENDER BENDER SE (2018.09.23) Gender Bender is an integration between SexLab and Schlongs of Skyrim. It is a lightweight framework that automatically changes the SexLab gender of NPCs to match their schlong addon. It can also change a character's schlong/gender, and then revert those changes. ONLY FEMALE CHARACTERS AND NPCS ARE CURRENTLY SUPPORTED! FEATURES Tracks gender and schlong status (including size) for the player and NPCs. These can be edited in the MCM. NPC SexLab gender is set according to equipped schlong: Schlongifier and Pubic Hair schlong addons are considered female; any other schlong addon is male. If you have SexLab Aroused, actors can gain arousal when a change happens. Chance for a surprise schlong on sleeping - chances for gaining or losing a schlong can be set separately. For Modders - A developer's guide is included as a separate download. REQUIREMENTS SexLab Framework 1.63+ Schlongs of Skyrim SE At least 1 female schlong addon ADDITIONAL INFO Skyrim version Submitter Holzfrau Submitted 09/23/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires SexLab 1.63+, Schlongs of Skyrim SE, at least 1 female SOS addon Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  16. So since the new SKSE update my game is crashing always shortly after the loading screen, I already updatet all mods, please help... Mod list:
  17. View File Tired of always being the slave yourself in most of the adult slavery mods? Well no more, this mod finally allows YOU to be the master of your own Slavers Keep, enslaving and punishing who you want. Wandering around just before Riverwood you will meet Setr, a lovely fellow who shares your dream of enslaving the NPCs around and doing naughty things with them. Unfortunately, Setr is not really a big fighter, and when you find him he is already dead. Fortunately for you though, he has left the key to the Slavers Keep he built, as well as a journal with hints on what to do there (seriously, just read it, it's not long and I don't want any PMs from people who haven't read the journal and don't know how to become the keeps master). Reading the journal will put the Keep on your map, and Setr will also have the key in his inventory. In the Keep you will find two guards, one initial slave, some gear from the ZAZ mod and two spell books. One of the spells is called "Enslave" and allows you to add further slaves to the keep just by firing at them, teleporting them to the Keep (does not cause aggro by the people around). It will not work on essential characters (those that you can't kill for story reasons) and children (obviously), but everyone else is fair game. Which also means you can break optional quests if you're not careful. Maximum number of slaves is 10, but you can release slaves you no longer want (they will be removed from the game, not resume their previous live). The other spell teleports all slaves outside of the Keep back into the Keep, for convenience/bugfix reasons. Once you have your slaves, you can give them all sorts of commands to make them follow you, stand still, use any of the devices around, hold a pose or have sex with you or the guards. I don't recommend using the "I'm gonna rape you" command when playing in VR, because sex with the player doesn't really work there. You just float above the NPC while it does the animation without your character showing. I have added the guards for that purpose. You can make the slaves wear bondage gear by ordering them to "Show me what you're carrying" and then putting it into their inventory. Requirements: - SexLab Light SE 0.1.1 or newer - ZAZ Animation Packs for SE 1.0.0 or newer - You will also need "ZAP 8" or "ZAP 8+" assets linked in the ZAZ Animation Packs for SE thread Installation: Use Package manager of your choice or unzip into Skyrim SE directory. Bugs/Issues/Further development: - Aggressive NPCs (e.g. Bandits) sometimes might still attack you or other slaves after being enslaved. - NPCs keep their dialog topics additionally to the mods new command topics, I don't know how to remove those. - Sometimes a command doesn't register and the slave just stands around or keeps doing what it did before. To fix this, just talk to the slave and give them new commands. - The code is based on a similar unreleased mod for Oldrim called "Slave farm", and there are still textual references to the farm in the code I haven't cleaned up yet. For example when you capture a slave it says "A new slave has been sent to the slave farm". No functional problem, only wording doesn't fit. - All dialog options assume a male player, so everyone calls you "master". I was too lazy to add alternative "mistress" lines, but I might do so in the future. - I will probably extend the Keep in the future, adding more rooms with more of the devices in the ZAZ packs to be used. If this mod has had no changes for at least six months, you can consider it abandoned and anyone who feels like it may pick it up, modify and re-release it to their hearts content. Submitter MeanGreenBean83 Submitted 08/25/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires SexLab Light SE, ZAZ Animation Packs for SE Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  18. View File Original | Special Edition Main Package Download Due to the size of Maids II: Deception (2GB+), it must be downloaded from one of the sites below. Packages uploaded here on LL are supplementary. Mod Sites ModDB Nexus Mods File Storage View Readme - How to combine 7z part files.txt for installation instructions. MEGA Torrent Available on this file's downloads. Help seed by combining all parts of the regular M2 download and renaming the single .7z archive as "Maids II - Deception SE" ________________________________ Description ________________________________ Maids II: Deception (M2) is a sequel to Maids I: Euphoria for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Originally intended to be a simple mod that would add a single maid to a player house for dress-up, the series has evolved to feature a questline. M2 aims to expand upon where M1 left off, this time with an emphasis on story. Quest Start: The quest should be added to the Miscellaneous section of the quest journal upon loading the game with SMSkyrim.esp activated. The quest will instruct you to travel to the town of Jonestead. The Story So Far During the Oblivion Crisis, an organization of mages and alchemists known as Project Purity sought to rule Tamriel by first enslaving its women through the use of a corrupted Hist tree's sap that, when ingested, provoked an insatiable frenzy that made female victims vulnerable to submission. At the request of two maids who were cursed with the sap's effects, the Champion of Cyrodiil put a stop to Purity's plans and saved the women held captive in the palace of the Argonian warlord Desann. The descendants of the two maids - the Pinder family - would face persecution by a resurgent Purity as retaliation for their defeat. Over time, this rivalry escalated to the point where in order to survive, the family had to form a clandestine group of mercenaries whose only purpose was to put an end to Purity once and for all. 200 years later, only two family members remain in a small underground town in Skyrim. The reasons for how and why the rivalry started have long been forgotten by both sides of the conflict. Yet the mercenary group founded by the family remains strong and has undergone drastic transformations. Now composed entirely of female warriors and assassins that rival the Dark Brotherhood in terms of secrecy and skill, the conflict has reached a standstill with both sides waiting for the other to resurface for one last showdown. With the province under siege by dragons and the civil war, Purity is bound to use this distraction as an advantage and unleash their final plan to eradicate the Pinder family and reveal their most devastating weapon yet, all in the name of saving the world from the enigmatic woman known as Matari. Features 17 main quests with several offshoot side quests A large underground complex with several connecting dungeons A new land called Sky's Divide, a tropical dwarven fortress island that becomes accessible from the final quest onwards A new dungeon tileset based on the Dwemer ruins of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind 114 interior cells, 16 worldspaces 1 new home and another - a ship - that can be obtainable depending on the Dragonborn's actions Approximately 13,000 lines of dialogue with branching paths 79 voice actors voicing 116 characters A maid management system that expands alongside the main questline and allows players to hire up to 98 maids, have them serve as followers, and depart on missions to temporarily increase player stats while in a city or retrieve a specific type of supplies Optional MCM menu for maid management A companion with an optional friendship and romance system An optional brothel with a dynamic economic system New items, including those from other TES games Optional enemy patrols in the Skyrim wilderness depending on the player's place in the main questline Episodes M2 was originally released in episodic format from 2012 - 2016 for the original The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Each episode advanced the main questline while also adding some post-quest reward bonuses. Below were the release dates for each episode. ________________________________ WARNING ________________________________ M2 is a script-intensive mod with 2,072 scripts. It's highly recommended that M2 is started on a new, clean save (new character/game) with as few script-intensive mods activated as possible. It's suggested that this save be kept aside for M2 updates. If playing on an existing save, it's important to make a backup of the save prior to installing and activating M2. If M2 is ever deactivated and uninstalled, script data will be left over in the save which may affect the stability of the save and other mods that add scripts (such as quest mods). This problem is due to Skyrim's scripting and save system which causes scripts from uninstalled mods to "stick" to a save long after it has been uninstalled. The following issues encountered in M2 are signs that a save game may be experiencing the negative effects of this left over data: Quest advancement issues Scene/NPC-to-NPC conversation stalls (NPCs will appear with the "This person is busy." message when activated and their conversations will never progress) Crashes to Desktop (CTDs) or frozen loading screens Use a save game cleaner, such as SkyrimTools, as a measure of last resort to repair bloated saves. Please read the FAQs for additional suggestions on what to do when problems are encountered. ________________________________ Requirements & Recommendations ________________________________ Semi-Required These are only required for certain installations and optional features. Fores New Idles in Skyrim (FNIS) * Installing - custom animations will be added for certain characters. * Not Installing - characters will stand in place when these animations are requested. * IMPORTANT - remember to run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe after M2 has been installed so that the new animations will function. Read the FNIS readme for detailed instructions. Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) * SKSE is a prerequisite for SkyUI. * NOTE - SKSE features a built-in mechanic that removes references to OnUpdate() in Papyrus logs called by scripts of uninstalled mods. This is useful in preventing certain CTDs. * NOTE - SKSE v1.7 improves memory handling and may prevent CTDs for certain systems. SkyUI * Installing - SkyUI implements the MCM menu system for M2, which includes portable maid management, settings, and uninstallation. * Not Installing - disables the M2 MCM menu; players required to go to the Pinder House in Jonestead and use the Notepad to access the settings through in-game menus. * NOTE - Hide SkyUI can be installed, in addition to SkyUI, to retain the vanilla UI while still installing the MCM system. * NOTE - A known issue with MCM causes plug-ins placed after the 128th slot in the load order (form ID 7F) to have script issues. Place SMSkyrim.esp at a higher position. * NOTE - if the MCM menu for M2 is not added when loading the mod for the first time, enter the following into the console: SetStage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1 Recommended These are suggested optional utilities and mods that only serve to enhance features. Dimonized UNP Body * While any body type, including vanilla, is compatible with M2, most of the added clothing and armors were only designed for UNP by their original creators. Seams may show for non-UNP body types. Flower Girls SE x * Patch specifically designed for M2 adds animations to the Euphoria Palace brothel. Pre-Installation Make a backup save before starting the game with M2 activated. This is a precaution that should always be done before beginning any quest mod. Install any semi-required and recommended mods that are intended to be used before starting the game with M2 activated. If previously installed, ensure that they are fully updated. ________________________________ Incompatibilities ________________________________ Compatibility Patches Various mod patches for M2 are available for download on the following sites. Google Nexus Mods Incompatible The following mods have been confirmed to be incompatible with M2. Any follower management mod that affects M2 NPCs may cause unexpected quest issues. Avoid using to follower management mod for maids in M2. KEY YELLOW --- moderate incompatibility; usually aesthetic. New locations overlap each other, but quest progress can continue. Console commands such as ToggleCollision (tcl) may need to be used. RED --- major incompatibility; M2 is rendered unplayable. ________________________________ FAQs ________________________________ Crashes to Desktop (CTDs) Dialogue Installation Missing Textures Quests Miscellaneous ________________________________ Credits, Thanks, Disclaimers ________________________________ Credits and permissions are listed in the main package readme. Submitter Enter_77 Submitted 12/04/2016 Category Regular Mods Requires Regular Edition Compatible No
  19. View File Purple Poser SE A pose mod featuring 486 unique poses for many type of screenarchery scenarios . - Credits - Purpleodamaki for giving me permission to share this with you guys! @shinoboru for the screenshots! Please don't bother Purpleodamaki via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 08/18/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE, Poser Hotkeys SE Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  20. View File Sexlab Animation Loader SSE SLAnimLoader registers custom animations with SexLab. It reads information about the animations from Data\\SLAnims\\json\\ This makes it possible to add new animations without needing to edit any mods or do any scripting. This also makes it easy to change animation tags, actor positions, sounds, mouth positions, etc. Dependencies For Users -------------------- If you just want to load an animation pack that someone else has already built, this is all you need: SexLab 1.63+ JContainers SE FNIS SE Dependencies For Animators -------------------- If you want to build your own animation packs, you will also need: Python 3.x Installation -------------------- Just install this normally like you would install any other mod. This mod doesn't come with any animations though, so you will likely want to also install some animation packs as well. Installing animation packs: Install animation packs just like you would any other mod. (They need to be unpacked and put into your Skyrim data directory.) (SLAL packs made for Oldrim must be converted first in order to work in SSE) Usage -------------------- After installing the mod, open the MCM menu, select the animations you want to register, then click "Register" Uninstallation -------------------- Rebuild the SexLab animation registry after uninstalling this mod to remove any animations it added. Upgrade Procedure -------------------- No clean save or special upgrade steps needed. You will generally want to rebuild the SexLab animation registry after upgrading animation packs, to make sure you pick up the new pack data. Creating animation packs -------------------- Rydin has written up an excellent guide describing how to create animation packs. The mod itself contains a readme and an example animation pack source file. Normally you'll want to edit your animation pack source file, then run SLAnimGenerate.py to generate the FNIS lists and the JSON data read by this mod. You will need to run GenerateFNISforModders.exe if the FNIS lists change. An example animation pack can be found here. Additional documentation can be found in the README or in the example source file. - Credits - -------------------- Orxx for the original Skyrim implementation and the permission to port it to SSE Please don't bother Orxx via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 02/25/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires SexLab 1.63+, JContainers SE , FNIS SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  21. View File Wulf Pose SE A pose mod featuring 81 unique poses for many type of screen-archery scenarios ! - Credits - Kaos Wulf for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother Kaos Wulf via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 04/02/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE XPMSSE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  22. View File GomaPeroPero Poser SE A pose mod featuring 972 unique poses for many type of screenarchery scenarios . - Credits - GomaPeroPero for the screenshots and giving me permission to share this with you guys! Please don't bother GomaPeroPero via his own page about this SSE port! Submitter Andreis Submitted 12/14/2017 Category Adult Mods Requires FNIS SE XPMSSE Regular Edition Compatible No View File  
  23. View File CBBE SE - Tera Succubus Armor CBBE SE - Tera Succubus Armor An armor mod featuring 4 different colored succubus outfits from Tera for Skyrim SE! - WHAT'S INCLUDED - Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Corset [Red&Gold] --------- Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Gauntlets [Red&Gold] --------- Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Panty [Red&Gold] -------- Tera Succubus Armor Collar [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Collar [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Collar [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Collar[Red&Gold] -------- Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Stockings [Red&Gold] -------- Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Garter [Red&Gold] -------- Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Boots [Red&Gold] -------- Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Black&Gold] Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Black&Purple] Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Brown] Tera Succubus Armor Tail [Red&Gold] - REQUIREMENTS - CBBE SE Body HDT physics compatible skeleton (Groovtama's XPMSSE) The latest Bodyslide (Optional) CBP Physics or HDT SMP (For Boobs and Butt Jiggle) Lazy Tools or Racemenu Alpha for the Heels effect - INSTALLATION - 1. Download and install this mod (automatically, using NMM or MO2, or Vortex, or if manually then extract the file into SkyrimSE's Data folder). 2. Obtain in-game via crafting at any blacksmith forge (Daedric Smiting Perk required) or by using AdditemMenu SE 3. The default body is CBBE Curvy. If you wish to customize your shape then read on. 4. Download and install the Bodyslide and Outfit Studio utility. 5. Open the BodySlide utility. Search for "CBBE SE - Tera Succubus..." 6. Tweak the sliders to your liking, or use a preset that you have already created. - Credits - Veraly for the original version! Submitter Andreis Submitted 04/22/2018 Category Regular Mods Requires CBBE SE Regular Edition Compatible No  
  24. There are several Devious Devices dependent mods that require the devious devices expansion. However, the only file I could find for the expansion says it is not SSE compatible. Where can I find the expansion for SSE?
  25. Apologies if this is the wrong place for this, I haven't been posting long. I'm asking about the viability of porting Fallout 4 armors, both vanilla and mods, to SSE. I have limited experience with Nifscooe and the CK, but it seems theoretically plausible. I've tried it myself by exporting armors as .obj in Nifscope then opening it in Bodyslide. Rescaling, then saving it as a nif mesh again. I've yet to have success with it myself.