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Adult mod shame?


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So I just got some adult mods for Skyrim and to be honest I feel kind of shameful. It feels like I have done something wrong.


What does everybody else think? Am I crazy? should I just get over it?


I find it perfectly fine for other people do use them but it kind of feels weird myself using them

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It's not real, so why should you be ashamed? Whatever mods you're using, don't feel bad about it.

As long as you know the difference between fiction vs reality, you have nothing to be ashamed off.


I despise violence in many cases, but stabbing someone to death, or pull of a headshot in a game is great fun.

Thats what gaming is about - Having fun. And do stuff you can't do in real life.

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It's the society who told you that sexuality equals guilt and shame, but at the same time bombards you with pictures of women in lingerie and tv commercials for vibrators and condoms.


So if anything you can use videogames in an attempt to make your own sexual liberation by living out some fantasies that would be either immoral, illegal or impossible in the real world.



I'd still suggest a regular girlfriend for the most part, but that's difficult nowadays with everyone being materialistic bitches having their eyes glued on a fucking smartphone 24/7.

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For a very long time it was public opinion that gamers (and especially ego-shooter-gamers) were highly susceptible for running amok and killing those they don't like. This idea / theory was not negated by prove for a very long time. Until recently scientists figured out that a video game can only bring forward what already is existing within ones psyche. Meaning: games won't make you aggressive or prone to be anything even close to a mental illness.

As for your feeling of doing something wrong when consuming sexual content (and maybe masturbating): sex is a basic part of the human nature, just as drinking and breathing. Not being able to live this urge with other human beings is just as damaging to ones mind as is the renunciation of social contacts, or social interaction. It is a essential, and not something unnatural or shameful at all.

It is your very freedom to follow that urge in every way necessary in order to have a balanced life (limited by moral and judical aspects, of course). If it takes you to use a simulation of a romantic exprience in order to stay mentally strong, you shouldn't feel bad about it.

Most likely you suffer from the same neglect of earlier achievements society made - meaning: the sexual revolution that is being hold up to ridicule as the "hippy movement".

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We've been conditioned from a very young age, by society and religion, to believe that sex is something we should feel ashamed of. That fantasies and urges are 'unclean'. That we go to hell for them, or can be shunned by the masses if we express them in any way, even in a game.


They tell us we should feel uncomfortable in our own skin and with our own thoughts.


I grew up in a small conservative town in West Virginia. A place where parents giving their kids "The Talk", involved a musty old preacher screaming at them about the sins of the flesh and a one way ticket to eternal damnation. Where the most common form of bullying and degradation for my gender involved being called a slut and publicly accused of masterbating.  


You have a choice to make. You can flagellate yourself for the rest of your life over your fantasies and urges, or you can stop allowing social conformity to rule your genitals. 


The decision to say fuck it is the easy part. Truly breaking free of the guilt that's been forced on you until it becomes instinct is harder.  

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I just prefer to fully indulge myself in my fantasies and keep them there whether it's in skyrim or another game. When I play something like GTA5 and go on massive killing sprees, I know I'd never do it in real life and don't feel any kind of guilt. When I play skyrim and my character has sex with an NPC, there's nothing wrong with that at all because sex is a part of life. As far as rape mods go, it can be for realism or a part of fantasy. Plenty of people have rape fantasies but don't even remotely want to rape or be raped at all. So there's no reason to feel guilty as long as you know the difference between fiction and reality.


just because there are prudes out there that claim they don't like something (the more vocal ones are the ones who secretly love it and have self hate) doesn't mean you should be ashame. You'll notice that the more intelligent people are free thinkers and have open minds. They might not be into everyting or anything, but they can at least understand it. For example, i personally like masculine male characters as well as feminine female characters wearing skimpy clothing in my game. I also futanari content. BDSM is a complete turn off for me, but I totally get it and have zero feelings one way or the other about the people who like it. I totally get the appeal to it. So just like what you like. As long as you aren't hurting real people it'd perfectly fine and natural even if it seems weird.


There's this thing most people aren't aware called "sexual cues" that trigger arousal. There's general ones men (breasts, hips, thighs, butts, and penises for both gay and straight men) and general ones for women (confidence, chest, voice type, skill level etc etc) and for everyone, we all have our own individual sexual cues. So things like being turned on by things like feet, urine, poop, super huge age difference, certain animals, incest, situations where someone has more power over you or vis-versa, cute things, ugly things, scary things, etc etc etc is all natural. Culture and society have things they consider normal, but they can never override what's natural. Even the things that are objectively wrong in real life don't matter because it's only a game and we know it's not real and shouldn't be carried into the real world if it could hurt someone.

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If you feel shame for adding adult mods, best thing to do is tone those mods back. Start small and work your way up. And if it's still uncomfortable, then stop - you should not feel bad about playing any game, and you shouldn't play any game that makes you feel bad.

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I would say it's just a game. It's kinda like being ashamed of your own imagination. Plus, this is a open world / role playing game, where you can play as a thief, college student, killer or hero. Bethesda included the dark brotherhood, does that make you feel ashamed too? The mods on here don't alter the game completely; just add to the things that could (probably would) happen in the "World of Skyrim". The social norms in "Skyrim's society" would not be the same as ours.


Going to leave it at that.

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I'd suggest you just stick to whatever doesn't make you feel bad.  I know that I personally stay away from the ultra-hardcore/rapey-stuff just cause that's not what I'm into and I usually get more personally invested in my characters than most people (why I never fulfill the DB contracts after starting the questline), but certainly enjoy myself getting down and dirty with some NPC's who want it as well.  I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy the sloppy consensual stuff, though ;)


Do whatever makes you feel comfortable.  There's a lot out there, and everyone is different.  Ask mod authors about possibly allowing for MCM options to disable certain features you don't like if they don't already exist, or just browse for another mod that's designed with that kind of intention.  Ultimately this is supposed to be fun, and everyone's depiction is different.  If you feel bad, then don't continue to do it!  Anyone pressuring you otherwise is just as bad as those who say you'll go to Hell for even thinking about this kind of stuff.  While I'm inclined to agree that over time usually the tolerance increases (I know I certainly started out quite timid), you should never feel uncomfortable or bad while playing.

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Also all you guys making excuses are pretty funny, not that any of those arguments would work in real life.


There seems to be a general misunderstanding in that train of thoughts you shared with us. An excuse is a concession of guilt. As in doing something wrong. Most people here were talking about the social hiatus the first world is making about all sexual content.


The world itself shows its perversion on a daily basis by emphasising the common atrocities made in war (we all know the "collateral murder" videos), without giving a shit. Who is terrified when somebody is blown into pieces by a guided missile. It's just POOF and dust. But if a colored girl shows here nipple in Television, the world chokes itself on its own idiocy.


All in all, it is like Rorschach said in the movie "watchmen": (the comedian) saw society's true face. Chose to be a parody of it, a joke." That's what we should handle it (the ever so shocked reaction). Taking it seriously only results in brain damage.

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I wonder how retarded does someone have to be to think a journalist risking his life to get media coverage of a war, all that in hopes of informing people about the suffering elsewhere can even compare to doing sex roleplay in a video game.

No need to reply though, cause I ain't gonna discuss something this retarded, and especially not with someone who saw the watchman movie and didn't read the comicbook.

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Shame is what you choose to accept.


What do you expect of yourself? Do you feel like what you're doing is somehow retarding your life or harming you?


Sexual content in modding is hardly shameful. Feeling good is what people like to do, and whatever path it takes you to find happiness is okay as long as no one else is harmed in the process.

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