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  1. Actually not bad, some of the voices sound a bit too artificial still, but this is better than I thought it would be.
  2. So much for requiring people to link the original mod pages with images so others can see what the fuck other people are requesting.
  3. You shouldn't be uploading files that big here anyway, Ashal doesn't have a bottomless money pit to pay for bandwidth, be considerate.
  4. Do you just expect all LE mods to work in SE without any modification?
  5. For a 'modder' you sure are shitting on a lot of other people's work. Probably not the best attitude to have considering you're here asking for people's help.
  6. I'm sorry if I missed it already, but was there a link to her anywhere?
  7. One the worst types of posts you can possibly make in a forum. "Hey guise I need help!1, oh nevermind I fixed it XD"
  8. Audacity is actually how I clipped and made all of the female sounds that are currently in the base Sexlab mod. Very easy to learn.
  9. iphone.7z You'll need to make an esp for it, or add it to an existing one.
  10. There is an iphone hand equippable. I'll have a look for it.
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