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  1. Pro Tip: It's a good idea to at least add the "LightFoot" and "MuffledMovement" perks to any and all followers. Light Foot ensures that the followers don't activate at least 95% of the traps in Skyrim and Muffled Movement helps followers to not alert enemies when you're crouching and trying to sneak. Unless your intention is something like the "Idiot Elf Follower" mod out there and she suppose to be difficult to have as a follower. (BYW, it doesn't hurt anything but its not necessary to have the Short Name filled if its the exact same as the regular name. If the regular name was "Queen Farah" or something, than it makes sense to have the Short Name with just "Farah".) Just some things to keep in mind - all around I think you've done a great job. I've just taken a quick glance at her through the Creation Kit and I look forward to trying her out in the game. Keep up the good work!
  2. Not really my look but I can appreciate what you were going for here. Kind of reminds me of a salamander look, amphibian rather than reptilian. Kinda cool, good job. Since their humanoid, I'd say keep the belly button but its up to you. Alternatively you could do both: no belly button for UNP, belly button for CBBE.
  3. "Fire magician"? I think you mean "pyromancer" ;)
  4. I really like this mod, but every time I install Devious Devices I come to regret it and always end up uninstalling it again. However, it doesn't really seem like this mod should really NEED Devious Devices in order provide the basic features that it does. Would it be possible for someone with the know how to create a "Mindbreak Lite" that decouples it from the Devious Devices Master File? Even if it does limits the features to a degree.
  5. I would third this. I don't mind there being an option but masturbation animations are just so boring and don't really go all that well with "whoring" either (in my humble opinion) as you're not really "whoring" if you're just doing it to yourself. If you looked on the download page you will perhaps notice under where is says FILE INFORMATION one of the item in that list states: "Special Edition Compatible: No" I've been trying this mod out and enjoying it immensely but I have noticed a small problem. When playing through the vanilla Civil War quest and participating in the attack of Fort Amol, my character was defeated early in the battle and laid on the ground along with my follower. However, my fellow soldiers continued to fight on and so none of the enemy soldiers came to claim my character. However my character remained trapped for the entire duration of the battle, unable to move despite how long the battle took, until the enemy soldiers were defeated and the last of them finally fled far enough to the mod to consider the fort cleared of foes. This happened again during the assault on Windhelm, my character was knocked down in an alleyway but since the enemy soldiers appear to have a never-ending respawn, I was never able to get up and had to reload. This happened twice. To prevent such thing from occurring in the future in similar quests, I would suggest maybe some kind of generous timer that after a certain period of time in which no enemy actually comes to claim your character, that you be allowed to move again? Could even be configurable in the MCM perhaps. Or having an automatic blackout after a certain of period of time which after allows your character to move again as normal (which I thought had been in there in a earlier build, perhaps it got deactivate during an upgrade?). Another small thing, I don't know if you would rightly call it a bug, but once when fighting a giant, my character got knocked into the sky but blackout right before landing … allowing my character to survive the experience (which was mildly amusing) although when my character came too the giant had vanished (which was mildly disappointing).
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out, but what I was referring to was specifically the mod found in this video (you may have to sign into youtube to see it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oedmG_8UgH4
  7. I've been looking for this too, especially his Spider Daedra Wife mod.
  8. I gave Nemesis a shot. Overall I was pretty impressed and think this has a lot of protentional to be great. Unfortunately at the moment is seems completely incapable of handling creature/animal animations, so it still has a VERY long way to go yet.
  9. Egyptian mythology buff here, Sekhmet and Bast (also less commonly known as Bastet) are NOT the same goddess. Many Egyptologists believe they may have started out as the same lion headed goddess (although its hard to be sure) but if they did they absolutely evolved into completely separate independent goddesses. Sekhmet was a solar deity and the lion headed daughter of Ra and was a war goddess whose breath was said to have formed the desert. Bast was a domestic goddess of pregnancy and childbirth and had the head of a house cat, she also protected against contagious diseases and evil spirits. Had to be said. Err, anyway, carry on.
  10. MegaLov was my favorite body back in the day, but I had to leave it behind when it was never updated with a belly bone or for the more advanced HDT. But at one point I had all of his mods. I think I have this one still, here you go. Sexy_Kunoichi_CHSBHC_BBP_v1.0.rar
  11. Hey, I wrote a story over on FanFiction.net.  I loosely based my bony critters in the story after your Parasite Armor mod.  I gave you and Estrus for Skyrim's creators for the wonderful insperation.


    If you have any question or comments please send me a pm through FanFiction.

  12. It is possible to add an option that deactivates the "You wake up from a noise but nothing is there to see" feature? It's really annoying to CONSTANTLY have to reload because your character is now permanently blind. I'm not sure what this feature is suppose to do, but I don't see what randomly having my character wake up permanently blind has to with "Dangerous Nights" and I'd like to be able to just turn it off.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate it. But actually that's a different mod that I already have (I a guess I should have mentioned that). Minou's version is good, but the MvsC version has got actual fur textures.
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