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  1. All the talks of Jarls, Thanes, and hold taxes are interesting but something to be consider is the game has 8 holds, and I don't really think having them be carbon copy of each other is particularly exciting. If interests and time permit, I think this could be an opportunity to implement different ways the mod can play out or perhaps an even grander design where there are interplay between holds or decisions to be made by the PC regarding interactions with each holds. Each hold could also have their different setting, tone, and their take on this whole public whore business.
  2. Looks like it is progressing. It might seems silly but I do wonder what's the benefit/reason for PC to refuse when approach or to wear clothes/remove collar if punishment is to be expected if she follow through with being a public whore? Like is there an alternative scenario or some kind of penalty in going along. Furthermore how is the tone of becoming a public whore handle, is it something PC is happily accepting or something that is forced on her almost. I like that there is so much effort put in the punishment, but I feel like we are kind of missing something here.
  3. I sort of toss out the 3 to 4 party member as a random case since typically I have PC + 2 followers or PC+ 3 followers in game, and was just wondering how that will translate in this system. It's nothing scientific nor must have. This might sound silly, but what's wrong with combat ending when all member of one side are incapacitated? I was under the impression that actors can be incapacitated by either depletion of health or stamina, so either fight or sex. It seems like as good as any system why the extra thought and conditions on determining ability to act or not? I could k
  4. Looks like it is progressing. I am not sure if the chance of success calculation is too complicated or not complicated enough. I don't think all actions should have the same chance of success. I guess you can kind of tweak that with perks maybe for the attackers and defenders. I think there should be some sort of tendency for actors similar to your AI ideas, but maybe more dynamic such as tendency to do sex attacks base on target's state of dress/bound/furniture. Also how are furnitures handle exactly? Is it just one of the attacks/abilities attacker has at all times? I kind o
  5. You can try to open the console command by pressing ~ and then click on the NPC. On the lower right sometimes it tells you which esp edited this NPC last.
  6. Sounds super interesting. The more I bounce in between sexed up Skyrim/Fallout and run of the mill hrpg the more I feel like a turn base system is way more fitting for our degenerative activities! The changing side and betrayal sounds interesting, but it seems like something that will need to be set up (maybe as a chance) beforehand, and will need to have relevant aftermath consequences after combat ends. Both of these things seems to need some kind of hook from another mod. I think it would be interesting to allow female ally to assist another female ally who is in sti
  7. The surrender system should be optional, since it probably doesn't work with non humans or won't work in the same way therefore is an extra layer on top. And even among humans it will need to address different faction/relationship and spit out reasonable outcome and dialogue. The "death" and rebirth concept is interesting, and I have no idea how/if it can work in terms of narrative and mechanics.
  8. For the most part I like SLSF, but I don't know if the initial triggering of this mod should be depended on SLSF or any kind of fame status in general. I picture it more of a quest or event like initialization. I can envision SLSF playing a hand in pushing the PC further down the road of whoredom however. The introduction of this mod sounds somewhat familiar to Slaverun, which isn't an issue on it own, in fact maybe it can lean into it a little more minus the extreme. PC tries to enter a city which inherently offers various kinds of goods and services. With the assumption
  9. Would be great if it supports followers. As in followers can be used as a public whore. It seems like NPC > Follower mod is lacking in the modding scene.
  10. Early part of Dragonborn DLC already has PC waking up in random places to fit in with the story setting, could maybe do something with that. Waking up to an orgy/gangbang. Not sure if you can get a lot out of it if you rush the storyline. In the quest Unearthed I think PC has to continue to pay larger sums of money to recruit willing miners into a job that continues to go south. Could probably add some sexual favors to that. Supposedly there are times when the mining camp is set up with NPCs working, but the quest isn't ready to proceed to the next phase yet; maybe a good place to
  11. I would actually prefer turn base or menu driven combat.
  12. First what alternatives we have besides AWKCR? I genuinely want to know, I don't really follow normal mods from nexus that closely, so not too up to date with the latest and greatest. Second AWKCR in my experiences is not bad, but do have some oddities. It took some liberty with assigning equipment slots, occasionally you will run into equipables taking up more slots than their original counterpart. The addition of the workbenches are slight annoyance in the beginning time, but minor in the long run. The paint and mesh variation is kind of a double edge sword, the good part is
  13. I think a clean start would be to shift away from the power fantasy base of Skyrim; as in never letting the character get that strong to begin with. It is...a monumental task of course considering how deep the roots are. The gameplay balance will need to be alter, questline dialog and tone will need to change. An alternative would be to double down on the playing as a citizen/side character approach where a deeper dive into mechanics that support these play style will need to be crafted.
  14. If you are considering additional stuff to the mod I would like to suggest expanding on female followers. As it is currently there are some generic comments, comments for certain areas and nakedness for self and/or PC, and I think one line for sex. If possible I think it would be interesting to have follower profiles that could give them a little more character or maybe even a lightweight tracking mechanism that would have them "remember" recent events or situations. Having 2 or more followers able to engage in pseudo conversations could be interesting also if possible. Or maybe ps
  15. Is it just me or it is that the Tattoo remover NPC will keep on approaching the PC? Even after engaging in conversation and selecting the Bye option.
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