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  1. Thanks for sharing - great work as usual
  2. Short for CyberPunk - what else do they call it?
  3. Tex, thanks for sharing. If you don't mind me asking, and please don't take this the wrong way, but is it just my impression or is the average female in character in CP even harder to turn pretty than in FO4? I never played CP, nor did I watch videos - but I know you are as someone who understands what people like to see... but this CP girl.. is simply not very sexy. As I said, I didn't mean to insult you. I just find it hard to believe that people yearned for this game for so long, and the women look like this at their best. Da'fook. Skyrim is better than that. Th
  4. Swiftstep

    Emma -Episode 2-

    For my taste, there are too many pictures. But I'm only here for the kink - not for the text. Normally one might be offended by a blunt statement like that, but what did you expect, flashing around those knockers? They do look juicy - thanks for sharing.
  5. Maybe it's a good idea to check what thousands of generations of well educated people in the past thought of the topic, instead trying to solve it again and again. People tend to be more focussed when they actually have to spend time and have effort in order to make a point. Nowadays, it's common for everybody to have an opinion on everything, because one read somewhere something from someone who somehow believes to be in the position of being important. Or, as a wise man once said: That movie defined for me what a man is supposed to be.
  6. Hm, that's sad. Still, the angle of the shots is too wide - you might want to do half-total shots... the face always needs to be the centre of attention of the picture. In this setting you chose, one might easily overlook the kink, since everything but the actors are emphasized in the pic.
  7. Light is too artificial, angle of the pictures is too wide
  8. Is there something like this for the SL animation selection window (coming with SL tools & defeat)? The window is too high, so only the last animation in the list is visible. Thanks in advance for your info.
  9. Swiftstep

    Kofman Interview

    People, this is Skyrim. Ask in-character: "How do you feel? I think you might be sick." Q: Will we get more from Rosa? I feel she left quite the impression on the scene. And it would be a shame if you was just a pretty face.
  10. Is there something like this for Newrim - or can one port it to Newrim? (the comments - not the headtracking)
  11. Yeah, this looks more like a warpaint. Edges are too sharp for a tan. Besides that, thanks for sharing
  12. My comment was more intended to be a brainstorming on possible more realistically created beast races like the Argonians. I was not looking for something - just giving some feedback, tossing a P.O.V. into the ring - might be a different perspecitve for the creator, might be nothing. I know that you, Blaze, contributed greatly to this community. You created the Lykanos mod developement, so many years ago. I remember well. It should make you proud that it really became a very popular trend in Skyrim. (unless I mistake you with someone else, in which case I fooled myself for public am
  13. I wonder if the Argonians should have a lizzard-like tongue - cause if they do, the front teeth / lips would have to be different as well. Just an idea, though. Shoulders look great! I would stick to using lighter and darker brown tones, for the face as well. Nostrils appear strange. The holes should be darker, or almost black. And smaller. Like a human nose nostril - if it's too big in diameter, one would be susceptible to breathe in grass seeds with grains and the like.... and that would mean they'd have to clean them with their tongue.
  14. What did you change for the third gif - the ENB? It seems to look better. Not sure if it's just because it is differnt (mind likes to be tickled on several areas), or if it actually looks better for the pale lady. Might be, that a bit more colour gives the paly lady a different vibe.. Anyhow, thanks for sharing
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