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  1. Posting just in case anyone has the same situation as me, since i messaged you bothering you with this lol. I the schlong file was merged so the form ID changed for the female schlong, but not the male one i guess. I personally couldn't get the merged schlong to work even though I changed those entries, but I just installed the mod again so now i have a schlong that has the cumshot and a schlong that doesn't which works out nicely for me.
  2. EDIT: Okay, I just confirmed, B3lisario UNP isn't supported in the LE version of the mod. I tested the mod on a male NPC and it works now. But on B3lisario UNP schlongs, it's not working at all. Is it possible to edit the mod myself to include it or would it have to be patched by the mod author? For clarity, I'm using this: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Can anyone help me out? I'm using the LE version and it's not working
  3. There are lot more mods here than just sex mods. This is one of the only places where you can find a ton of links to great armor/clothing mods as well as cool concept mods (dark souls mods for example). My friends know I use it, but they don't know what account is mine. They know I use sex mods like Amorous Adventure, which they also use. I don't know what their account are either and have zero curiosity what it is, lol. We keep our fetishes to ourselves pretty much.
  4. Well, at least someone here doesn't understand how the world works The second game wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for Nintendo. And they're not about to release a game that they own on a competeing system. No ones going to buy their consoles just for a few games. It's common knowledge that they funded the game's production. PC isn't a competing* system. Nintendo is just now getting into the mobile market and like always, are the last ones to catch on. Before saying i don't know anything about how things work, maybe do a little research first. http://www.businessinsider.com/most-
  5. I'm just glad the game is finally on PC so I dont have to get a console. Part 2 will never be on PC because Nintendo Japan are a super old dinosaurs that don't know how the modern world functions. But we can play that one with emulators at least. Eventually.
  6. Does anyone know if there's a mod that lets you grow plants yourself? I've been wanting to play on a play through where my character is completely alone and has to grow her own food to survive without any settlers. It seems like something that should have been in the game already. Google doesn't seem to help when searching for a mod like this so maybe there isn't one. Maybe someone could take it up? I imagined crops could be grown by a player by using up a water in their inventory.
  7. I was playing my illionist character the other day with this mod and it gave me an idea. What if there were a "Fury" spell that gave a 100% chance for the NPC to assault another NPC instead of just attack them. I had NPC vs NPC toggled on and managed to get the frenzied NPC to attack the other while sneaking around Golden Glow. I never expected it to happen, but when it did, I burst out laughing and thought, as an illusionist, i *should* be able to make NPCs aggressively horny instead of just berserk, afraid, and calm. So just a thought I had that could maybe be added in the future.
  8. To change the body you can use EFF's Tattoo Option and UUNP/CBBE body slider options. For dicks, the options already in SoS. You aim at the NPC and do it in the McM For face and hair, you can't really do it ingame. you can get a wig mod though. To change their face, just look up tutorials for applying race menu faces to NPCs. there's a ton of them and they all say the same thing more or less.
  9. You can make mod profiles with NMM. It's not an exclusive feature to MO
  10. Yep, just saw it http://wtfuun.tumblr.com/post/155402399790/apachii-divine-elegance-uunp-bodyslide-hdt
  11. Edit: So everything I did was a complete waste of time, lol: http://wtfuun.tumblr.com/post/155402399790/apachii-divine-elegance-uunp-bodyslide-hdt Of course he's already finished it by himself.
  12. How many schmeckles would it take for you to consider integrating these poses into Sexlab Defeat?
  13. Theoretically all you need to do is swap Sexlab's gender over to Male, this is done through Sexlab's portion of the MCM. I'm not sure that practically that's all that's necessary, I sometimes have it happen myself, but Defeat *should* stop using your character as a female... should. Thanks. I'll give it a try.
  14. I'm trying to play a futanari character. Is there anyway to have Defeat play m/f animations and disable f/f animations? It dnot really apparent what I need to do in the mcm.
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