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  1. Some wet t-shirt/Bra-less mods with breakable options would be nice 😛
  2. Just updated to 1.22 and redelbe 3 and now my game randomly crashes when nudity comes into play, mostly after costume breaks. Doesn't matter which character. Any ideas?
  3. Is there a tool to make it so I can just drag and drop mods into a handy folder like in DoA 5?
  4. Some wet t-shirt/bra-less mods would go a long way.
  5. If you're using 7zip, try updating it. Older versions sometimes have issues with newer format RAR files.
  6. Not much. Like 3-4 missions, that's it. I'll repeat what I've said. There's nothing about this game that makes it worth $15.
  7. The whole game is a big cockblock. The sex game is tedious, the quests are obnoxious, and there's no real content to validate the price, even this early in development. At best, it's a $5 game for those reasons alone, even if the ads weren't there.
  8. For the most part, they're 3-D games done in Unity and Unreal, usually a one to two man team.
  9. The majority of the Patreon pledges I've made were around $5, and those got me early release access for all of them. I maintain my point. $15 is ridiculous.
  10. Actual mods from what I can tell. https://www.deviantart.com/doacatfights is one example. That's on console, so the utilities to flip genders aren't available.
  11. Every time I've subbed to something like this on Patreon, I've been sorely disappointed. Plus the cost to get a current game build is WAY too high. Seriously? $15? I could almost buy something similar off DLsite that's complete for that price.
  12. I've seen videos of them floating around. Anyone know where to get them? My usual sources turn up dry.
  13. Can you add a client preferences thing to the Lost Eden settings? Gender, age range, that stuff?
  14. If the tray importer isn't used for the characters, then how do I get them in my game? They don't show up in any screen, broken or not. Figured it out. Feel dumb. Just had to enable showing custom content in the gallery -.-
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