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  1. That one worked, thanks! Out of curiosity, what was it you did differently on that last one?
  2. How exactly did you extract it with 7zip? I've tried extracting it several different ways and always receive an "unavailable data" error.
  3. Only if it's 100% lard (American cheese) Can you really save $1500 or more on car insurance by switching to Geico?
  4. Only if you give it crack everyday. Does a poisonous arachnid make a good wife?
  5. Game: FNV Is there a mod that adds/a modder interested in making a Judge Dredd costume? Mostly I'm interested in finding a helmet that looks like his, since someone's already made Lawgiver.
  6. Granted, but due to the laws of equivalent exchange, you had to give up your name, half of your lifespan, and your sex organs. Have fun being a (null). I wish I had more time for important things, like Saints Row IV.
  7. Or you could do what us cool kids do and pay your own price for the Humble Origin Bundle deal. DS3 you can get at any price you pay, but if you pay over $5, you can get Battlefield 3 and The Sims 3 Starter Pack.
  8. That's true, but for some reason, I couldn't help myself from coming up with completely different personalities for both of them. I made Mio a raging psychopath who acted like an older sister/ teacher type, while Mayu I had made into an older, English-version of Dora the Explorer who would ask random ghosts and objects if they would help her find a way out of the village. And this kiddies is why we don't stay up with a bottle of good Vodka and try to play scary games. It tends to bring out the asshole in you. Or the comedian. Never could tell which.
  9. Mio: Hey Mayu, let's learn about gravity today! Mayu: Ok sis, how will we do that? Mio: Like this! *push* Mayu: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Good times, good times.
  10. Was the first 4 games from the humble bundle? The Humble Origin Bundle, yes. But Crysis 2, Dead Space, and Mirror's Edge can all be redeemed on steam. If it was just origin codes, I wouldn't have bought the bundle. And I haven't actually started playing Dead Space 3 yet, cause I figured I would replay the first two on PC first. From what I've heard, DS3 bumped its head and forgot that it wasn't Mass Effect 3 without the roleplay or the charming aspects. But hey, I figure that I might as well give it a try before I knock it.
  11. PC - Crysis 2 Max. Edition - Dead Space - Dead Space 3 - Mirror's Edge - Saints Row IV I still need to get Crysis 3, but I think I'll need to upgrade my CPU and power supply.
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