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Lover's Comfort v2013-05-04 (SexiS)

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WARNING! Adult content bla, bla, bla...

WARNING! My first ever published mod   :D


SexiS version of the mod is NO longer developed.

I recomend to switch to SexLab version.



What the mod does ?

It is a lore friendly mod that transforms "You awaken feeling your Lover's Comfort" notification into live action.

To trigger the mod just go to sleep at a house there your spouse is located.

Even you if are not married you will soon discover that residents of Skyrim love to comfort each other and might teach you a thing or two.


This version is for SexiS framework.

LoversComfort for SexLab framework is here.


Implemented Features:


1. Lover's Comfort - triggers sex with your spouse then you go to sleep at the same house.

  • The logic is the similar to vanilla Lover's Comfort, so if you used to have the notification now you should also see the animation.
  • Note: If the spouse is current follower, the animations should be triggered from dialog, excluding very first time.




2. Follower's Comfort - at a time of need, just talk to a follower and rent a bed a closest tavern.

  • Since followers do follow you and get exposed to most of adult content, they might become very aroused (see feature 5).


3. NPC's Comfort - Married/Lovers NPC would occasionally comfort each other.

  • Also Jarls and Housecarls, Cousins, Siblings, Courting NPCs
  • To test: Try to sneak into Hod and Gerdur's House at Riverwood after midnight (two of them must be present and at least one should be sleeping).




4. Learn Lover's comfort - initially you are given only a single animation, observing others comfort might teach you a few new tricks.

  • Also learn by reading "Lusty Argonian Maid" or more adventurous players can get them self raped to learn.


5. Sexual Arousal - all Skyrim residents exposed to adult content would get sexually aroused.

  • To try: Start walking naked in public place or just make sex scene (via any SexiS plugin).
  • WARNING!!! Sleeping in a area with sexually aroused NPCs is unsafe.


6. Spouse Lover - If you do not comfort your spouse for some time he/she might find a lover, then see feature #3.

  • If the spouse fails to find a lover and get satisfied, he/she will get sexual aroused, then see feature #5.
  • To test: Comfort spouse at least once (to know what are you missing), leave some one at a house (follower), go adventuring for two weeks. Suddenly return home at night. Don't do any thing rush, you might learn somethings, see feature number #4.
  • Note: Having sex with any NPC (but the spouse) negatively effects your spouse arousal level.
  • Note: You can brawl with the lover to restore relations.







2. SkyUI 3.4

3. FNIS 3.5

4. SexiS ESM and Data pack from 01/04/2013

Note : Cupid and Defeated plugins are NOT required, though recommended

Note : If brawls turn to real fights you might need Brawl Bugs Patch - Plugins



1. If upgrading from v20130321 (including) or lower, it is necessary to preform clean save. At newer versions it is optional.

2. Copy all contents of attached .ZIP file to /Data/ directory

3. Critical! Run "LoversComfort - Delete old scripts.bat" to remove old/loose scripts, or soon you will find the mod broken.

Download last version: SexiS_LoversComfort v20130504.zip, don't forget to update to last SexiS verstion.


Uninstall / Cleanup:

IMPORTANT! Before uninstalling: At "SkyUI MCM/Lover's Comfort/Settings" disable SexiS controls override, you should see feedback notification "Restored SexiS Controls", or you are going to loose 5 and 6 controls.


Run: "LoversComfort - Delete old scripts.bat"




- /Data/LoversComfort.esp

- /Data/LoversComfort.bsa

- /Data/LoversComfort.txt

- /Data/LoversComfort - Delete old scripts.bat




Works perfectly with SexiS Cupid and Defeated

Should work with any other SexiS plugin.

You can learn new animations from watching scenes triggered by other SexiS plugins or getting raped by other plugins.

If PC is animated Lover's Comfort tries to force only PC known animations, even if they were triggered by other plugins.

If new animations are added by animation modders they would dynamically learned by Lovers's Comfort, no update necessary.

Credit for all compatibility above goes to Cmod's great SexiS framework, you have to code to really appreciate its quality.


Lovers's Comfort does not support mutiple marriges, there is no workaround.

The mutiple marriges mods do not break Lover's Comfort, just all functionality related to a spouse might get disabled.


Compatibility for Modders:

The big wave SexiS plugins is yet to come.

From modding point of view it is important to be aware that sex can be triggered by any other mod and events you receive are also monitored by other plugins that might effect current cut scene.

Next are few effects of LoversComfort:

  1. It unregisteres keys 5 and 6 from from SexiSSystemScr script, user can override/restore it from MCM Menu.
  2. If PC is not being rapped it forces only known animations during each callback, user can disable/enable this feature.
  3. If PC is being rapped LoversComfort can move stage back (-1) with 20% probability.
  4. Housekeeping : If PC leaves cell before scene end it is impossible to reset NPCs animations, Lovers Comfort automatically tries to reset NPCs animations next time PC meets the NPCs.
  5. Housekeeping : If SexiSMagEffScr fades without restoring NPCs to original state, Lovers Comfort tries to fix that automatically next time the effected NPCs are meet.



  1. Reread installation Instructions, do next ALL next steps:
  2. Run "LoversComfort - Delete old scripts.bat"
  3. Check SexiS installation:
  4.        Disable LoversComfort.esp
  5.        Install/Enable SexiS Cupid
  6.        Fire Cupid arrow on two NPCs, see if every thing is working properly
  7.        Fire Cupid arrow on your favorite NPC and use Cupid Heart, see if every thing is working properly.
  8.        If having problems at steps 6 or 7 then post problem at main SexiS thread.
  9.        Do clean save without LoversComfort.esp being enabled.
  10. If SexiS installation is working properly then enable LoversComfort.esp and load clean save you created at 9
  11. Save and load again to load dialog (known Skyrim problem)
  12. If still having troubles post your problem and clearly state that SexiS is working properly and you had preformed a clean save


Documentation (WIP):


LoversComfort monitors players sleep, if player sleeps at same cell as spouse, the animations are triggered.

Only exception is if spouse is current follower, in this case animations are triggered automatically at first time, and latter only through dialogue.



Animations with followers can be triggered via dialogue "I need some comfort".

Follower will accept the request if arousal level is greater then 1.



LoversComfort scans whole cell for NPCs on entry to cell and once a game hour.

If NPC one is sleeping and it has related NPC animations would be triggered.

NPC Relations:

  1. Married
  2. Courting
  3. If Relationship rank >= 4
  4. Jarls and House Carls
  5. Cousins
  6. Siblings


Lovers Comfort scans area around PC/NPC for bed, only if one found the animations are triggered.

If dialogue was triggered on vanilla carpet, rug, and few animation markers which are located near bed, then animations would be played centered on found carpet, rug, etc.



Lovers comfort monitors SexiS callbacks.

On callback LC might force the animation to switch to PC known animation.

If PC being raped rapist might go back one stage with probability equal to rapist arousal level (min 10% - max 30%)

If PC being raped rapist might switch position at the beginning of stages 2, 3, 4. The switch probability can be set at MCM menu.



  1. Arousal level has min value of -2 and max value of 127, it changes with time and responses to different events.
  2. Arousal level = (now - "last time had sex") * "time multiplier" + "exposure modifier" * "exposure multiplier"
  3. "time multiplier" and "exposure multiplier" can be set form MCM
  4. (now - "last time had sex") will start ticking up (+1) once a day, only after had sex first time. 
  5. Exposure modifier - min value -2, max value 30
  • ​+1 if PC sees naked NPC or If NPC sees naked PC. +2 if they have opposite sex. The effect can add up multiple times.
  • +3 If PC or NPC sees sex scene, triggered by SexiS. The effect can add up multiple times.
  • -10 after having sex, triggered by SexiS. Or +2 if PC partner is unsatified
  • -20 after being raped, triggered by SexiS
  • +1 on spouse if PC having sex with some other NPC


Lover's Desire - monitors PC arousal levels, and gives effects

  1. (-2)-(-1) - gives +5% regeneration rate to Magica and Stanima
  2. 0-4 - does nothing
  3. 5-9 - all skills improve %5 slower
  4. 10-14 - all skills improve 10% slower
  5. 15< - all skills improve 15% slower

Lover's Victim - after each time PC was raped the effects levels up, it levels down each 10 real minutes AND 10 game hours.

  1. Level 1 - health regenerates 20% slower
  2. Level 2 - health regenerates 40% slower
  3. Level 3 - health regenerates 60% slower
  4. Level 4 - health regenerates 80% slower
  5. Level 5 - health regenerates 100% slower

In addition "Lover's Victim" effect probability of being raped it aroused NPC is around. Probability = 50% + (LeveL * 10%)


Bugs / Conflicts:

1. Actors with stuck animations - Sexis Bug : "- If sex finishes on actors which aren't loaded, they will continue to play the sex animation even after the system has finished with them.". Added script should automatically clean up the animation next time you see the actor. If you see actor in inappropriate pose try to fire "Lover's Cleanup" spell.


2. Actors standing at one place with stuck AI - The cause is SexiS Magic Effect, which rules animations, does not clear properly, impossible to fix (as far as I know) since the source of the problem is much deeper in CK. Added script should automatically clean up the animation next time you see the actor. If failed fire "Lover's Cleanup" spell. 


3. Blank "Status" page at MCM - reported by many users. As far as I know it is caused by leftover scripts from old versions, follow troubleshooting to solve the problem. Though some users reported that it does not help. There might be something bad hiding here, I can not recreate the problem and it is not going to solve by it self, so PM me you debug logs.


4. Conflicts with "Lusty Argonian Maid and Sultry Argonian Bard - The Untold Story - EXPLICIT CONTENT by BlackPuma" - you will not be able to learn from books if Lovers Comfort is above the mod in load order. Temporary workaround, move Lovers Comfort below, learn animations, restore load order.


Version history:


v20130504 - SexiS_LoversComfort v20130504.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
- fixed minor bugs in rape switching and in MCM menu
- fixed calculation bug, thanks to gjeldof
- Naked arousal is now cloak effect, more constant and predicable


v20130417 - LoversComfort v20130417.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
- Fixed player quest becomes disabled after game save->load
- Added MCM slider to select rape position switch probability
- Restricted rape position switch only to stages 2,3,4


v20130414 - LoversComfort v20130414.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
- Fixed blank "Status" page bug
v20130413 - LoversComfort v20130413.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
- Moved sumKnownAnim() to LoversComfortConfigScr, might prevent deadlocks and fix "Blank" Status
- Changed total max arousal level to 30
- Rapist go back one stage probability is based on arousal level (min 10%, max 30%)
- Rapist might switch position with 33% probability then changing stage
- Dialogue with followers will start animations immediately if near bed, rug, pelt, some idle markers
- Added "N" key to display player status notification
v20130408 - LoversComfort v20130408.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
- added thread locks to many long lasting functions
- In case "Status" page is locked it would show notification
- Merged "Lover's Desire" magic effect at level 0
v20130406 - LoversComfort v20130406.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
- Added more checks on possibly naked NPC, should fix quick arousal, also changed polling rate to 20 sec
- Set maximum "exposure modifier" to 30
- added scan cell thread safety flag, might fix blank "Status" and possibly some other bugs (delays, freezes and other animals)
v20130405 - LoversComfort v20130405.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
NOTE: Has bug PC arousal levels to fast if nearby NPC has no armor
- Added followers will decline comfort if arousal level is < 2
- "Lover's Desire" levels 0, 5, 10, 15; added notifications
- Added toggle male only animations for rapist
- Fixed sex scenes now arousing PC, need LOS
- Added naked NPCs arouse PC, need LOS
- Added arousal multipliers
- Fixed arousal behaves sporadic if game days played > 127 days
- Time since last sex has hour resolution, previously was daily
- Necked body has arousal effects twice much if opposite sex
- "Lover's Victim" adds up for each rape, and goes down each 10 minutes
- MCM slider for min arousal level for rape, rape now has 50% probability, (probability grows with each "Lover's Victim" Level)
- NPC cooldown after sex is 6 game hours, no magic effect needed
- Sex reduces arousal by -10, rape by -20
- changed: brawl with spouse lover is not blocking dialogue
v20130402 - LoversComfort v20130402.zip, requires SexiS from 01/04/2013
- Removed SexiSMagEffScr patch, no longer needed since SexiS 01/04/2013
v20130330 - LoversComfort v20130330.zip, requires SexiS from 22/02/2013 or 28/03/2013
- More granular options at MCM UI (MF,MM,FF,SpouseGay,ForceAnimations)
- Many changes and fixes to how spouse selects lover
- Fixed animations are not triggered if sleep is interrupted, should handle SD or other mods/quests that interrupt sleep
- Fixed many None calls, much less warnings
- Major improvement in actor cleanup in case of faded SexiS Magic Effect, also better clean up spell
- Added arousal management for all actors (PC, Spouse and all other npcs)
- Added tagging of last animation date for all actors
- Added satisfaction magic effect, it effects arousal
- Added actors are aroused if PC walking naked
- Added actors are aroused if are near sex scene
- Added PC might be raped if sleeps at cell with aroused actors, PC then gets "Lover's Victim" effect
- Added warning notification if potential rapist is around
- Added PC gets "Lover's Desire" if arousal > 7
- Added Brawling with spouse lover and "Lover's Rage" perk
v20130321 - LoversComfort v20130321.zip, requires SexiS from 22/02/2013
- Many bug fixes
- If spouse is current follower, comfort should be done through dialog, except first time
- Unsatisfied spouse might rape PC
- Can comfort follower at exterior cells
- Better integration with SexiS Defeated
- Can learn new animations during rape
- Rapist might extend rape time
- Added SkyUI MCM support
- Added Enable/Disable Gay
- Added Enable/Disable Incest
- Added Enable/Disable Bed only animations
- Added Enable/Disable SexiS Controls override
- Added Learning probability configuration
- Added Learn Oral Animations by reading Lusty Argonian Maid vol 1
- Added Learn Hand Job Animations by reading Lusty Argonian Maid vol 2
- Added auto bed detection (needed for non vanilla beds), experimental might cause glitches
- Changed NPC cooldown to 5 game hours AND 5 real time minutes.
- Animation CleanUp spell also returns notifications, explaining why actor cannot be used for animations
v20130310 - requires SexiS from 22/02/2013
- Major code changes, many bugs fixed
- Unofficially fixed minor bug at SexiSMagEffScr, it is included with mod and overwrites SexiS original file
- Added Cleanup Spell, that can be used on Actors if they got stuck in animation
- Added Follower comfort dialog. Talk to the follower, rent a bed at closest tavern, have fun.
- Learn new positions by watching others
- Unsatisfied spouse might find a lover, you have been warned!!!
- More NPCs might have occasional sex, added Incest
v20130225 - requires SexiS from 22/02/2013
- Recompiled to support last SexiS version from 22/02/2013
- Changed NPC cooldown to 4 game hours AND 5 real time minutes.
v20130219 - requires SexiS from 05/02/2013
- On entry to new location and once in a game hour the mod scans the cell for possible lovers, if all conditions are meet animations are played
- Added cooldown of 4 game hours between animations
- Added automatic cleanup of "stucked" animations on actors that are not loaded at the end of animation scene
- Added maintenance script that should handle mod upgrade transitions
v0.1b - requires SexiS from 05/02/2013
- added missing code fragments, sorry noob modder error
- Minor fixes to bed detection
v0.1 -  12/02/2013 initial release, requires SexiS from 05/02/2013



Cmod - for creating SexiS framework

All modding community for creating scripts, animations, textures, meshes, utilities without which none would be possible.



Do what ever you want with the mod.

Link to post

Still wrong positioning in bed & clipping in the wall in banned mare for instance.


As I had posted previously, positioning problems should be posted at SexiS thread.

I do not plan to do anything about it in near future,

unless animators will post practical solutions (solutions != problems) 


is it possible to have sex with your adopted child when incest is enabled?


No, the mod blocks children


Love this mod.  Finally, some roleplaying for spouses.




This is your first mod?  Wow...you've got some real talent! 


Tnx, It is first published,

I have a lot of private modifications and

have some mod prototypes that not been published.


Would be possible to add in the new Pregnancy Framework into this mod?  That would be awesome. :)


Here's the link: 



Possible, but not going to happen,

because technically it more correct to create independent mod that interfaces Both SexiS and Pregnancy Frameworks.

This independent mod would listen for Sex from SexiS and mange Pregnancy , while sex can be triggered by some other mod ex Sexis Cuipd

Link to post

Honestly, what interests me the most is sneaking or even just visiting an NPCs house to find them doing it... It'll be hilarious, especially if I had the intentions of killing them. Would you ever consider expanding it onto Bandits and enemies? 

Link to post


i have blackscreen after sex....and game freeze.  help me please.



Are you running Marital Bliss as well?  Right now the Marital Bliss mod causes any sex act performed not by it to cause a black screen.



thanks, without marital bliss it work well.

Link to post

FIXED (see end of post -- keeping it in case some people would like to know...)


For some reason, Followers' "I need comfort" doesn't work anymore (worked with version 310). 


I have followed the install instructions exactly as required.   I do have the MCM, but for some reason, there's nothing under status->current follower even though I have one following me (Lydia) & have learned a position while her cupiding me ;)  (Meaning cupid works)


Tried both force bed on and off.



Fixed -- Turns out I have a "special" FNIS installation with Mod Organizer which makes things a bit more complicated.  In the end, all I had to do was rerun FNIS to fix the problem. -- now working as intended :)


I apologize thinking it was your mod when it was on my end.


Great mod btw.. loving it!  /cheers

Link to post

Nice! i do like this mod.

Now if only the spouse would leave the house to find a lover so i would not have to leave them with some meat to enjoy while i am gone saving the world.


I also want this feature but it is really difficult to implement.


Honestly, what interests me the most is sneaking or even just visiting an NPCs house to find them doing it... It'll be hilarious, especially if I had the intentions of killing them. Would you ever consider expanding it onto Bandits and enemies? 


I also want this feature, but current implementation is limited to non hostile actors,

because I am afraid that it would cause more glitches then fun.

As SexiS and LoversComfort matures I will add it.


Great mod and love the mcm support. I was wondering if instead of just having a gay toggle, if you could have a M-M toggle and a F-F toggle. Thanks for the great work.



For the gay option, is it FxF and MxM? If it is you should probably split those into 2 options. I'm fine with FxF but not a fan of MxM. Just a suggestion.  :)



Going to add at next version


Thanks! but i don't see "rape sleeping NPC crime" it is canceled? that is great idea


Not canceled, It just was renamed to Perks Sex/Rape.

After being raped 10 times you  will receive new raping perk.

Link to post

I can peep just fine on other couples, but still can't get a follower to have sex even when asked. Tried it in a house I own and went to a tavern; I clicked "I need comfort", and it went back to the dialogue options. Closed it out, she just stood there. Tried sleeping on the bed, nothing. Told her to sleep in the bed, nothing. No idea about a spouse since my character isn't married.


May as well just use Cupid at this point.

Link to post

I wonder if this would conflict with Sanguine's Debauchery since when you sleep with your lover you enter his realm.



Wondering the same, I had LC fire off right once after I installed SD but now I keep getting a -2 error when I try and sleep with the spouse in the room.

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