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About this blog

Fallout in Skyrim;

My goal has always been to recreate Fallout Situations in Skyrim.











Mod List : Work in Progress

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the Interview

"Well, Blue! Thank you for your honest response. My readers will love it."       "It's time for the last question! What do you miss most about pre-war culture?"           "Come again?"           "What is a Bee-Jay?"         interview2 - Trim.mp4        

the Vault Women's Club

"Sisters, sometimes when I'm in my room, I hear strange noises coming from beyond the walls."         *Gasp*         "I heard this vault is pretty old and it's leaking everywhere." "or maybe there's a Radroach house." "That's terrible!"         "Not only that, but I can feel someone's gaze..."         "Oh my, that's terrible, Hon!" "Actually, I sometimes feel

Apprentice Exorcist

In this episode : an Apprentice exorcist, embarks on his first exorcism ritual upon turning 19. He travels to the Salem cemetery to conduct his ceremony. the Question is, Can he survive?                                    

Emotional Trashcan

Emotional Trashcan in Other Stuff

announcement entry

Hello. I just realized that i have total 10GB of attachment limit and although it is very generous limit, i spent over 8~90% of it.   to deduct my quota I'll have to remove Individual loop videos and reduce image files' resolution. I already removed some of loop videos, but reducing resolution may take some times since i posted almost 100 entries. but i'll do it slowly. and maybe I'll delete some of 'old' postings. so don't be surprised when some postings disappear.  

a Quiz

"Oh... hello, Fellow Dwellers... I'm Ms. ○○○○, here for the vault exchange program... If you have any questions about the wasteland, feel free to ask..."           "Uh... Dwellers?"         "Hey! Pay attention!"         "Hey Ma'am, Do you have a boyfriend?" "Have you ever had sexual relations with any species considered non-human?"         "Oh... Are there an
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