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  1. Download DOAHDM: Beach Paradise 6.0 Beach Paradise is a modification for Dead or Alive 5: Last Round on the PC Platform that aims to bring the Dead or Alive Xtreme experience to Dead or Alive 5, and taking it further. 6.30 Changes: • Added new character Sayuri (available under Rachel) • Added 3 new swimsuits and nude body for Sayuri 6.20 Changes: • New swimsuit for Helena, Kokoro, Leifang, Lisa, Marie, Momiji, and Rachel • Removed bad tanline from a Hitomi swimsuit • Reverted Reshade to 6.06 version (I liked that one better, you can tweak Reshade yourself by pressing home and configuring shaders yourself) New to 6.0: • 6 new pose sets (contains many animations in each set) F11+5+6+7+8+9+0 • 5 new scenes, F10+V+B+N+M • Remastered all existing sets and scenes • Entirely remade bodies • Unique costumes for every girl designed specifically for their bodies (not converted/transformed) • Simplified installation and usage • Lowered requirements for installation and use • Drastically optimized archive to be way less bloated • Reshade for easier use and better effects • Graphical enhancements including RTGI, Ambient Occlusion and other depth effects • No longer need to unlock costumes via game progression to have access any nude models or new swimsuits Main Features: • A large selection of new and/or remodeled swimsuits and lingerie for every female character, all with topless functionality • Every female fully nude and remodeled/retextured • Customizable skin tone (via the sweat slider) • A large selection of new Paradise motions for every character, all in smooth 60 frames per second • Vastly improved breast physics • High quality lighting, models, shading, and textures • Graphical enhancements including RTGI, Ambient Occlusion and other depth effects • Combat destruction for every added costume The Beach Paradise Team: • Holden • ...You! Yes you! Please join if you have modding talents! Special Thanks: • Falling Cat (author of the amazing Autolink tool, and a big help to us in general) • Immi (author of lnk reshuffle) • Huchi (author of Mai alternate face) • Osiri (author of the incredible Osiri base body) • Doutoko (author of many Tools and Blender Plugins) • Harry Palmer (author of the original UV and nude base, and many tools) • Drifter & anonymous BBS Pink users (author of many base nude meshes and breasts) • Kasumilovesmods (author of some great Swimsuit imports and retextures) • Josh/Shadownade (created the new Beach Paradise logos) • Xlore (early help with blender related work and conversions) • Irishwhip/Funtcase (Directly helped me with a LOT of stuff) • Prozack (Lots of conversion work and feedback) • Zackissuper (Designed several swimsuits) • Lovehono (Conversion work and feedback) • Ellomello (Conversion work and feedback) Requirements: • Dead or Alive 5 Core Fighters (free) • Dead or Alive (Full Game) DLC • Tropical Paradise and Movie Set DLC • Steam in game overlay must be disabled! Installation Instructions: First time users 1. Copy and overwrite your "Dead or Alive 5 Last Round" folder with the one included in the Beach Paradise archive. Upgrading your Beach Paradise installation 1. Delete your existing Autolink folder and Mods folder from your "Dead or Alive 5 Last Round" folder 2. Copy and overwrite your "Dead or Alive 5 Last Round" folder with the one included in the Beach Paradise archive. Usage Guide: In costume select (only applicable for new costumes) In costume select (only applicable for new costumes) • Hairstyle A: Default • Hairstyle B: Topless (alternates default and topless for every hairstyle thereafter) • Sweat/Water: Tan/Tanline intensity In Movies select (Private Paradise) • Press and Hold F9, F10, or F11 and press a numerical or alphabetical key to select a motion (you will hear a beep) • Select your costume and enter to view motion • Image previews for each motion hotkey in the "Scene Guide" folder. Example: 21_F9+S.jpg is the preview of the scene for holding F9 and pressing S. Known Issues: • Some mediocre weights on some swimsuits, will do a quality pass later • NO compatibility for Mai, Pai, Sarah, and Naotora in Paradise movies due to reshade incompatibility and deprecated DLC • Some weird shadows around some hairs due to alpha texture rendering • Missing tanlines from some swimsuits (gonna work on those later) • Miscolored icon for Kokoro Gemini swimsuit (may deprecate this swimsuit because I don't like it that much) • Costume recolors cannot be selected in Movies for some reason • Probably some clipping here and there! If you see any that're hard to ignore then hit me up on Twitter • Nude tanlines temporarily not available due to change in system • Some problems with dirt and wear texture. Just disable this in the options. • Ocean ASMR while you're in non ocean stages in movies. You can fix this by turning off the music. • Strange lighting in the character selection for some people who cannot use aspect ratio heuristics DOAHDM Blog https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/82843102 https://twitter.com/holden_mcclure https://twitter.com/bp_doa Troubleshooting ReShade Did you install Beach Paradise and wonder why it doesn't look as good as the previews? Refer to this chart and you might see your problem. Press "Home" and make sure the DOAHDM_RESHADE preset is selected!
  2. kokoro DEFEAT Momiji DEFEAT (Google translate: I want to replace KOKOKO DEFEAT with MOMIJI DEFEAT.) (Deepl Tanslate: I would like to replace KOKOKO DEFEAT with MOMIJI DEFEAT.) 我想把KOKOKO DEFEAT替换成MOMIJI DEFEAT。 (Google translate: I use "LNK_ReShuffle 5.19" to extract MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack, MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140_UPDO1.tdpack. Replace KOKORO_MOT_LOSE_130.tdpack with MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack, and replace KOKORO_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack with MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140_UPDO1.tdpack, video address: https://www.bilibili.com/video=1/BV14k4p1q7yB?) (Deepl Tanslate: I used LNK_ReShuffle 5.19 to extract MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack and MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140_UPDO1.tdpack. KOKORO_MOT_LOSE_130.tdpack was replaced by MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack. 140.tdpack, KOKORO_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack replaced by MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140_UPDO1.tdpack, video address: https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV14k4y1q7yB?p=1) 我用《LNK_ReShuffle 5.19》提取MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack、MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140_UPDO1.tdpack。KOKORO_MOT_LOSE_130.tdpack替换成MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack, KOKORO_MOT_LOSE_140.tdpack替换成MOMIJI_MOT_LOSE_140_UPDO1.tdpack,视频地址:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV14k4y1q7yB?p=1 (GOOGLE Translate: KOKORO DEFEAT has not changed, the replacement failed, please tell me how to replace KOKORO DEFEAT with MOMIJI DEFEAT?) (Deepl Translate:KOKORO DEFEAT did not change, replacement failed, please tell me how to replace KOKORO DEFEAT with MOMIJI DEFEAT?Good luck!) KOKORO DEFEAT没有变,替换失败,请你告诉我如何把KOKORO DEFEAT替换成MOMIJI DEFEAT?Good luck! (Google Translate: I don’t speak English. Is Google Translate accurate translation or Deepl Tanslate accurate translation?) 我不会说英语,请问是Google Translate翻译准确还是Deepl Tanslate翻译准确?
  3. Any chances of another pregnancy mod (or mods) for DOA5? I already have this one:
  4. This is H-LOD, a curvy body nude mod for all DOA5 girls, made with custom meshes and textures. MOD INFO DOWNLOADS ADDITONAL PACKS / UPDATES Screenshots: Some HLOD-based mods made by other modders: My other mods: Character import thread A small collection of HLOD mods for Honoka LUD Nude mod (small breasts) Honoka & Marie Rose: NRM & LOD NUDE MODS Honoka Topless & Flower Pasties mods Hail 816 8008135! (thanks to LGMODS for this gif) and trynot2fap
  5. i am new. i installed DOA5LR and everything works fine.Then, added beach paradise 6.30. it opened . But, i can not find sayuri under rachel in any slot, what to do? how can i find her? and how to activate nude mod in beach? is it not included in BP6.30 version or do i need autolink mod for them? i want HD texture. thanks.
  6. Hi there, and welcome to this thread, this mods are done mostly using in-game parts. Some of them have parts that are not 100% perfect, there are limitations of how mods work in this game and how much we can do with the tools and materials available, so, I did them to see how they look. All of them are in Google Drive and ready to use, I recommend you to use Autolink. You are free to take this mods and remake them as you want, nude, topless, etc. Also, you can link this thread elsewhere. I'd like to thank all the people for their patience an support, and thanks, and give their respective credit to dtk mnr and riry sukisuki for their tools and materials, without them, all this mods would never been possible. All these mods are free, I'm not going to open a patreon, paypal, etc..., neither receive donations of any kind. And PLEASE, do not use this mods and materials used in them for commercial purposes like receving money for them, this includes PATREON, paypal, and similar sites. [MOD PACK] HELENA EXERCISE PANTS [MOD PACK] NUDE HARNESS STRAPS THEME COSTUME SET [MOD PACK] MICROBIKINI THEME COSTUME SET [MOD PACK] SLUTTY DRESS THEME SET MODS FOR AYANE Ayane DOAXVV Rondo Breeze Download Ayane DOAXVV Rondo Breeze MODS FOR CHRISTIE Christie DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Christie DOAXVV 1st Design Contest MODS FOR HELENA Helena DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Helena DOAXVV 1st Design Contest MODS FOR HITOMI Hitomi DOAXVV Rondo Breeze Download Hitomi DOAXVV Rondo Breeze MODS FOR HONOKA Honoka DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Honoka DOAXVV 1st Design Contest MODS FOR KASUMI/PHASE4 Kasumi DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Kasumi DOAXVV 1st Design Contest MODS FOR KOKORO Kokoro DOA6 COS 013 Download Kokoro DOA6 COS 013 MODS FOR LEIFANG [HAIR] Leifang DOA6 Ponytail Download [HAIR] Leifang DOA6 Ponytail MODS FOR LISA Lisa DOAXVV Blossom Feather Download Lisa DOAXVV Blossom Feather MODS FOR MAI Mari DOAXVV Premier Night Download Mari DOAXVV Premier Night MODS FOR MARIE ROSE Marie DOAX3 Famitsu Swimsuit Contest Download Marie DOAX3 Famitsu Swimsuit Contest MODS FOR MILA Mila DOAX3S Stardust Download Mila DOAX3S Stardust MODS FOR MOMIJI Momiji DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Momiji DOAXVV 1st Design Contest MODS FOR NAOTORA Naotora DOAXVV Caviar Download Naotora DOAXVV Caviar MODS FOR NYOTENGU Nyotengu DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Nyotengu DOAXVV 1st Design Contest MODS FOR PAI Pai DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Pai DOAXVV 1st Design Contest MODS FOR RACHEL Rachel Metroid Dark Samus Download Rachel Metroid Dark Samus MODS FOR SARAH Sarah Metroid Power Suit Download Sarah Metroid Power Suit Sarah Metroid Zero Suit Download Sarah Metroid Zero Suit Sarah Metroid Zero Suit Alt. Download Sarah Metroid Zero Suit Alt. MODS FOR TINA Tina DOAXVV 1st Design Contest Download Tina DOAXVV 1st Design Contest ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ MEGA and BAIDU folders, updated with every release: https://mega.nz/#F!78c3ha7R!SCNY-a-NdCqp78nuClrlPA https://pan.baidu.com/s/1UXkExXYltjNc5JSEfxNQQw pass: ytte OR VISIT MY DEVIANTART PROFILE FOR DOWNLOAD https://www.deviantart.com/funnybunny666 Want to know more or improve your DOA5LR modding skills? Install a google translator plugin into your browser and check this site:
  7. ABOUT Enjoy my MODs and VIDEOs. And please remake mods for your favorite characters. UPDATE MOMIJI_DLCU_023_&_CHRISTIE_DLC_010 Dead_or_Alive_5_Last_Round_116_MOMIJI_VS_CHRISTIE IMAGE DOWNLOAD MODs: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/b6md8ih4gxcxa/Documents VIDEOs: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/mvggfo0mt9q5d/Videos STREAM: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGx_40a4w822zGvVDYBkcdg INFO / THANKS THESE MAKERS BODY MESH: remaked "HDM_Nude_Mod_3.36 made by Holdenmcclure" BODY TEXTURE: remaked "DLC123456 made by ngewekerz in 3DM (based Harry Palmer's work)" COSTUME: remaked "KoeiTecmo original" (costume part of rope in "KOKORO_DLC_102" is made by Harry Palmer) TOOL: TMC Polygon Tool, TMC Polygon Insert Tool, TMC Object Tool, DLC Tool, Texture Tool, DLC Tool hogehoge TMCsuke, Archive Tool, Ink reshuffle, uMod, Noesis, Gimp, Blender, LoiLoGameRecorder TRANSPARENT MOD MAKING SUMMARY SAMPLE: MARIE_COS_002 BODY: HDM_NUDE_Mod_3.36 / Marie(remaked) BLENDER: installed "for Blender tmcmesh Importer-Exporter" Costume and Body Remaking Tmcsuke Setting Texture Remaking OBJECT CHANGE (Case of High_heels) SAMPLE: KOKORO_DLCU_029,CHRISTIE_COS_003,KOKORO_DLC_004 BODY: HDM_NUDE_Mod_3.36 / KOKORO(remaked) BLENDER: Installed "for Blender tmcmesh Importer-Exporter"
  8. Do you like Oola from Star Wars? Or that blue Twi'lek from Jabba's Palace or from Star Wars Rebels? Well then here's a nude big boobed Twi'lek mod: https://segadordelinks.deviantart.com/art/DoA5-Mod-Helena-Twi-lek-Sex-Slave-722627023 that you can equip to Helena, Tina, Lisa, or Rachel and fight with or watch pole dance in DOA5LR I've also given her a few sexy outfits for you, including... 1.) Seashell String Bikini https://icejaw19.deviantart.com/art/Twi-lek-SeaShell-Bikini-Mod-734159630 video preview: https://vimeo.com/258757315 2.) Fishnets - see through/nude https://icejaw19.deviantart.com/art/Twi-lek-Fishnets-Mod-734160814 video preview: https://vimeo.com/258758166 3.) Oasis Outfit - nude with gold chains https://icejaw19.deviantart.com/art/Twi-lek-Oasis-Outfit-Mod-Release-734159204 video preview: https://vimeo.com/258758412 https://vimeo.com/258757940 4.) Fruit Bikini - strawberries and banana https://icejaw19.deviantart.com/art/Twi-lek-Fruit-Bikini-Mod-734157402 video preview: https://vimeo.com/258761730 Enjoy
  9. Unofficial OSIRI variants by Otakadelic This is Otakadelic's personal project and the final goal is make available other girls like Naotora or Nyotengu. there are two rules, one by OSIRI, one by myself: i. You can not use these models for any kind of commercial activities. Which means: - Can't ask any donations. PayPal, Amazon gift, nothing. - Absolutely no link to Patreon.com. Never. - Can't use or borrow or steal for any projects associate with Kickstarter/indiegogo or any crowdfundings. ii. All conversions/modifications done by Otakadelic, not by OSIRI. Do not send private messages to him, send to me if you have any questions. - Nude Base Models : "OSIRI Lite" OSIRI's nude models are artistically beautiful however in DOA5LR the limitation of file size is strictly tight. I converted all existing OSIRI nude models to three different sizes. Each archive contains: 1. Original OSIRI nude base model: untouched. 2. OSIRI Lite: Roughly 10 % smaller than original with reduced specular map. 3. OSIRI Extralite: Around 60% of original size, with reduced normal map and specular map. 4. OSIRI Abnormallylite: Almost one third of original file size. Aggressively reduced all textures. Kokoro Lite: v7.3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/d52x37jh2eeg3zw/KOKORO_OSIRI_v7.3.lite.7Z Kokoro OSIRI Abnlite: There are visible seams all over the body. Use extralite if possible. Kokoro Osiri extralite: There is seam but hard to notice. You can use this. Kokoro OSIRI Lite: Almost flawless. Leifang Lite: v7.5.4 http://www.mediafire.com/file/iq90t05pkiqipq6/LEIFANG_OSIRI_v7.5.4.lite.7Z Leifang OSIRI Abnlite: I believe this is still beautiful and flawless even abuse like reducing. You can use this. Leifang OSIRI extralite & lite : Quality is extralite < lite < original but the limitation for Leifang is tighter than other girls. You may ended up with one or two smaller sized Leifang but still has beauty of Leifang and OSIRI. Mila Lite: v7.3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/eaawjzdr64d2dmd/MILA_OSIRI_v7.3.lite.7Z Mila: It is hard to recognize which one is extralite and which one is original. It is more clearer while game play but you can pick any size of Mila, all has beauty of power, like split sec before throw a hard punch. Hitomi Lite: v7.3 http://www.mediafire.com/file/uzajcd2i0l0r4x5/HITOMI_OSIRI_v7.3.lite.7Z * few screenshots/explanations will be added here. * Marie Lite: v6.2 http://www.mediafire.com/file/rwap585gs98oo2b/MARIE_OSHIRIv6.2.lite.7Z She was tough one. more screenshots/explanations will be added here. Kasumi Lite: v6.1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/6uu6pl3oz6trewu/KASUMI_OSHIRIv6.1.lite.7Z * few screenshots/explanations will be added here. * Ayane Lite: v6.1 http://www.mediafire.com/file/hw2ydxd24x484db/AYANE_OSHIRIv6.1.lite.7Z * few screenshots/explanations will be added here. * - Unofficial Osiri Kasumi variants WIP. The first Release would be Kasumi v6.1 with smaller nipples. - Unofficial Osiri Kokoro variants WIP. The first Release would be Kokoro v7.3 with brighter colored nipples. - Unofficial Osiri Naotora - Unofficial Osiri Nyotengu - Unofficial Osiri Mai - Unofficial Osiri Honoka All are planned yet far from release. If you can't wait then download my "Enslaved Beauties" MOD. You can get very early version of these(except Honoka). The main issue is neck seam. Conditions are slightly noticeable to apparently weird. edit1: added future plans.
  10. [TUTORIAL & GUIDE] OBJECT TOOL : How to use and understand it. Doutoku Tool. This thread is under construction. Over years using this tool I will provide all what I know and discovered about this tool. How to use it, how to understand it, what is the capacity of this tool, how to optimize your mods using materials, environnement, shiny effects and else. There are a lot to say and explain about this tool. UNDERSTAND INTERFACE : On this guide I will use the version 0.26.2. Be careful if you use lower versions there are some property that don't exist with some issues and crash, I found this version stable that's why I'm using this one. WGT_all_body : Show mesh name and amount of meshes inside a TMC. VGrp : Show the group assigned per meshes. VtxCt & IdxCt : Show the amount of vertices & index count per meshes slots. Tex1-2-3-4-5 : Show the textures orders. TexType : Show how the textures are read. Trnsp : Transparency level. Dsid : Double Sided level. Mcol / mtcp / Mtrl : Material property. Z1 / Z2 / Cast / Recv / Culling : Advanced parameters. Z1 & Z2 need to be combined with Trnsp, Cast - Recv & Culling are for shadows & lightning. UNWRAPPING ALL OF THIS : WGT_all_body : RIGHT CLICK OVER A MESH SLOT ADD SUB OBJECT : .You can add as many meshes slots as you need, until now I didn't found a maximum but I also didn't tried to add more than 15 meshes slots in 1 TMC. DELETE SUB OBJECT : . You can also delete usless slots that don't include meshes, this is HIGHLY recommended to delete them to fix the blinking shadows issues. DELETE ALL VERTICES AND INDICES : . Remove the mesh inside this slots but DO NOT delete the slot itself. GET MATERIAL : . Import and inject a new material for the targeted mesh (this part will be developped separately). VGrp : . This tab show the number of UV (textures) that the mesh slot can hold. As show on the screenshot it have to be combined with the lower part. . You CAN'T change the number of UV count if a mesh is already added, you have to create a new WGT_all_body group and change the number before inject a mesh inside. . Usefull if you have a mesh that have only diffuse or don't wan't to use Normal Map and others textures for x reasons. But keep in mind a mesh group that have only 1 UV could be less detailed due to lack of Normal Map & Specular. . Also usefull for certain material injection. => On the screenshot you can notice some of my meshes actually use 1 UV (VGrp 2), this is a mesh that have shiny material with only diffuse. VtxCt & IdxCt : . Vertex Count & Index Count are just showing the amount of vertices & their index per meshes inside each slots. . I already added a mesh that have 100k vertices and was working, so I guess there are no limit but you could get some lag in game, specially if the mesh is big. Tex1-2-3-4-5 : . This is where you will swap your textures for each meshes. . A TMC can hold 5 textures per mesh slot, but until now the 5th slot is useless or I didn't found an utility despite some test. . This tab have to be combined with TexType tab to know how to swap and place your textures. . By default the order is usually 0012 (Diffuse - Diffuse / Wet - Normal Map - Specular). TexType : . 0 = Diffuse / Wet, 1 = Normal Map, 2 = Specular & 3 = Environnement. . Unless you are using a Skin Slot you can duplicate the diffuse texture when you use TexType 0012. . To enable the Environnement property you have to choose a TexType that include 3 (example 0123) then check the option. Example to understand better : 0012 : Diffuse - Diffuse - Normal Map - Specular 0123 : Diffuse - Normal Map - Specular - Environement 03 : Diffuse - Environnement . When you decided of your TexType you can swap your textures in the proper order in Tex1-2-3-4-5 tab. Trnsp : . Enable transparency for meshes that have textures with alpha channel. => Level 0 no transparency => Level 1 soft transparency => Level 2 hard transparency . If your mesh don't need alpha channel textures you can leave the setting on 0, but if you set it to 1 or 2 anyway you'll get a lighter mesh. . If your mesh have alpha channel you will have to find the proper setting (to combine with Z1 tab) : => Level 1 need to be combined with 08 setting on Z1 tab. => Level 2 need to be combined with 02 setting on Z1 tab. Others mix will give differents results but are mostly uncompatible and could give bugs. Dsid : . Give to the mesh the double sided property, useful when you have a mesh that is not "closed", good example with skirt then you won't have a kind of see through issue. . If your mesh don't need to be double sided and you activate it anyway you'll get a lighter mesh. => Combined to Level 2 Trsnp where a mesh don't need alpha channel it will give an even more lighter mesh. Mcol / mtcp / Mtrl : . Mcol is the main property where you'll inject or change your material setting. . Try to change the number and see the result by yourself, your mesh will become more or less light / dark, combined to mtcp & Mtrl it will give different result. . If you are using a Skin Slot and want to remove this property you will have to change the mtcp parameter, usually decreasing by 1 is enough to remove it (but will still have other property anyway, this is just to avoid the Wet property mostly). . This part will need a separated tutorial where you'll understand how inject and change your material property (shiny effect, animated textures and others) for each meshes via advanced tab. Z1 / Z2 / Cast / Recv / Culling : . Z1 have to be combined with Trsnp setting to enable and optimize your transparency level (reference said before). . Z2 is how the transparency meshes are read to avoid overlapped problems, 0 - 1 - 2 is the proper order, this is mostly used for hair.TMC. . Cast, Recv & Culling are 3 property where I didn't spend a lot of time but look to be related to lights & shadows, changes are almost not visible in game where I recommend to don't change these settings, whatever the original. => Set the Cast option to 2 if you have a mesh slot empty to avoid flickering shadows issue. __________________________ UNDERSTAND & EDITING MTCOL PROPERTY : This part is an advanced parameters to control and edit the material property (but I'm not talking about injecting material yet). Click on the desired mesh you want to edit then click on the top on MtrCol option. In this example I will show the first mesh slot parameters "WGT_all_body_0 (this is a body mesh without Body Skin Parameter). As show on the screenshot a new window will be opened, revealing all advanced parameters where you'll control the material in detail. INDEX : Show the material index, all meshes who have the same index will be grouped together (in this example, the mesh index 12 is lonely), editing a parameter with many meshes inside the same index will change this parameters for all these meshes. USE : Show the amount of meshes for the same material. RGB - B/W column : R = Red Color G = Green Color B = Blue Color B/W = Black & White Colors . You an add from 0 to 255 numbers for RGB setting but I don't recommend it since low number is enought to change colors too. -> This is where you can control the colors per parameters, as example you can give to a specular a red reflection without recoloring the texture itself. AMBIANT : Control the ambiant, this is what the object reflects when illuminated by ambient light rather than direct light. => Here is an example by increasing the ambiant & diffuse RGB parameters : (Left MtCol edit / Right no MtCol edit) DIFFUSE : Control the diffuse parameter, changing the colors without editing the texture itself. SPECULAR : Control the specular parameter, changing the colors without editing the texture itself (but keep in mind you'll always be more accurate by editing the texture than the MtrCol parameter, this parameter globalize all where editing a texture can let you create colors reflection on the desired spots). ENVIRONNEMENT : Control the environnement parameter, changing the colors without editing the texture itself, even increasing or decreasing the power with B/W tab. GLOW : Control the shiny effect but CAN NOT work without the material injection before (will be developped separately). SPECULAR2 / DIFFUSE2 / SPECULAR3 : Advanced parameters to dig deeper with them. RIM LIGHT : This is a light that highlights only the contours of the subject (will be developped separately). SPECULAR(Wet) : Property only applied to Skin Mesh, control the wet effect. UNKNOWS Parameters : From few test I didn't saw a change with these parameters so I don't know their utility for the moment. IMPORTANT NOTE : . Except Diffuse & Speculars parameters I HIGHLY not recommend to put high number on others settings or your mods could crash in game. . Don't abuse and don't go over 50 maximum per column. If your mod keep crashing after edited a parameter just low the numbers. . More you edit all parameters and more you take the risk to have an unstable mod, be careful and don't be greedy. ________________ GLOW & RIM LIGHT EFFECTS : GLOW : Now let's talk about how to make a mesh shiny with Glow parameter and material injection. First you will have to inject the shiny material from another TMC that include it, on this example I will take Raidou COS01 model and his WGT_All_Body_8 material. Once you located the mesh that have a shiny property in a TMC, open your mod that need to have the shiny material in Object Tool and choose the WGT_all_body slot that need this effect. On this example I will inject it in the WGT_all_body_9 slot. Right click on the mesh slot and choose "Get Material", a new window will appear. Drag Raidou COS01 into "Referenced TMC File", choose the shiny material in "Referenced Object", click on MtrlCol - Add in "Material Type" and then click OK. If your mod never had shiny material it will automatically add a new number in the MCol parameter (here it's number 13). If your mod already had this material it will ask you if you want to add it anyway since it already exist, just click yes. Your mesh is now shiny. You can increase or decrease the power of the shiny effect & their colors via Advanced MtrlCol tab as show before with RGB column. IMPORTANT NOTE : The shiny effect is sometime not visible via Neosis and LR Studio, you have to check in game to be sure it's well injected. --- RIM LIGHT : Now let's talk about how to make a mesh having highlight around the border of your mesh. Difference with Shiny material is Rim Light don't need to have a material injected and can be changed anytime on a mod. You just have to play with the advanced parameter and RGB column to choose the intensity and colors that you want to give on your mod. Here is an example with Durga Mecha HLOD mod, she have custom blue Rim Light : And here the property inside MtrlCol advanced parameters : IMPORTANT NOTE : Rim Light IS NOT Cel Shading. You can't add black Rim Light. _________________ More to explain later. Please keep in mind all of this are explained ONLY by experiments over years using the tool.
  11. Hi~ this is my first post to this site, I wanted to contribute a small mod I did. It is a mod for different eyelashes for DOA5LR, Specifically the DOA6 lashes which I got the textures of. I even included some swaps for characters not in DOA6, Like Naotora, Pai and Sarah. All you have to do is have autolink and put the face into the corresponding characters folder. Sorry I don't have a big preview image! It would take me too much time to make one. Please enjoy! DOA6 LASH SWAPS FOR DOA5LR.zip
  12. Hello everybody!! After months of leeching and some little contribution only with comments (breaking the balls most of time) I decide to start my contribution to this amazing forum. First of all, remember English is not my mother language, I'm Spanish, so if I make some misspellings I say sorry in advance hehehe... My story: Now this is my method: Now I share the file I use on my Tutorial. It include the PHYD file so is ready to use with Autolink. On a few days I will share more, be patient. HELENA_DLCU_001_amras5584.zip Thanks for reading and enjoy. DOWNLOADS: - FEMALES: - MALES:
  13. The creator of DOA5′s Beach Paradise mod had a problem, so I helped solve it! Introducing: the DOA5LR 60FPS Lock! All you gotta do is be using DOA5 1.09, download Cheat Engine, and use my cheat table, and everything in the game except for video files will be 60FPS! This includes win animations, loss animations, anything custom including DOAHDM’s astonishing collection of Beach Paradise motions, and menu backgrounds! Unfortunately I can't upload a .CT file here, but I linked it on my Tumblr post about this. Usage: Press = to lock things to 60FPS at 1x speed. Press - to lower speed, if you want to take in these animations a little bit slower. And press backspace to reset back to normal 30FPS and 1x speed. (Note: this will make gameplay run at half speed and 30FPS, I don’t recommend resetting for anything but movie viewing.) Let me know if you guys like this, maybe there’ll be more from me in the future!
  14. CONTENT REMOVED I lost all files from this mods Sorry for inconveniences, please, don't reupload this modpacks if you have them, all this meshes weren't created by me, all thanks and credits to BaseBody TOPLESS CHEERLEADER 06/28/2016 TOPLESS BUNNY PACK 07/01/2016 TOPLESS BIKINI PACK 07/05/2016 TOPLESS BIKINI FLOWER 07/07/2016 MIXED MODS These random mods are not 100% perfect, some of them have bugs, I just did it for the lulz, but still if you want to. Expect more random mods, yeah, I have more. Moved to a new thread HERE
  15. Momiji's Yaiba swimwear de-zombie hands on breast and de-yaiba writing on the ass download also includes raw files http://www.mediafire.com/download/ur4a8bo034q46qd/l.7z EDIT - Thought it looked better black http://www.mediafire.com/download/mgelulmeobm32he/yaiba+black.7z EDIT - here is also wingless Nyotengu with glasses option c1 to senran http://www.mediafire.com/download/boa44gdkfvqp5pm/wingless+tengu+glasses.7z super to falcom http://www.mediafire.com/download/onzs8ex2ck3zekz/WNTN.7z halloween http://www.mediafire.com/download/67r9aci1dlz1b16/ND25.7z c3/c9 shoe replace http://www.mediafire.com/download/14shauhvf5y5n94/pvc+tengu+boots.7z tropical sailor ninja gaiden kasumi http://www.mediafire.com/download/4n84v7x975kufm6/KNG3RE.7z Ragnarok odyssey ace costume http://www.mediafire.com/download/z2j2x5kk1q1g8gk/KROA.7z
  16. made Rachel's skin lighter with this Halloween costume. also added pores and nip bumps in her normal map tested with uMod r51 and r53, requires Halloween Debut Costume Set rachel_lighter_skeleton.7z with nipples ver. rachel_lighter_skeleton_withnps.7z
  17. Hi, an other mod with Lisa this time, not perfect full nude but not far . Need more time eheh Lisa.7z
  18. Hi. Im trying to make my LHLOD or HLOD Reference TMC files to use with Timmy's Character Transformer with not luck... I follow all the tutorials (english is not my native language) without any luck. Any know if is posible to make Marie Rose LHLOD reference files? And... any have a pack with all girls HLOD reference files please?
  19. Hello everyone ! I started modding recently thx to you guys and the hard work you put in those wonderful guide and tools. For now, I'm able to do simple modding with LRphotostudio and Autolink, but I'm still having trubles with Blender (to give you an idea of the extend of my poor abilitys). My problem is that I don't understand how to extract the TMC/TMLC/--P/--C from the game or DLC stuffs. I tried "Archive tool" and "lnk_r" but these program don't seem to understand the encryption of files... From what I've red, these tools should be my go to for this task, so I must be doing it wrong (for I am a total noob in modding). I couldn't find a guide that explain this specific part, as it seem so basics and easy to do, but I'm stuck here...
  20. Hello. I'm new to this website. So, I'm requesting this model here. is anyone can mod this?
  21. Just for fun. I Hope Team ninja won't be angry with me😂 video link: https://www.bilibili.com/video/av76342783/ I converted Bubble Top.vmd(MikuMIkudance motion data format) into .mpm((DOA5 motion data format)), then injected the modified mpm into the bin file of the game. tools: lrs-5.19、Blender、Movie Data Tool、for Blender Bone Motion Exporter、for Blender DOA5PC Motion Importer, etc.
  22. Version 1.0


    Kasumi's DLC Swimsuit swapped and recolored for Tina, Ayane, Lisa, Kokoro, Christie, Helena, and Lei-fang. The models are all the correct skin tones. More to come later...
  23. MOD INDEX: PAGE 01: -N_Fairy Mod Pack -Tina Fixed Mods PAGE 02 -Honoka Angel (Clothed and Not) -Christie Devil -Honoka Fighter (Clothed and Not) -Kasumi & Ayane Summer Pareo -Very Hot Summer Pack -Xtreme Hot Summer Mini Pack -Naughty Devil Mod Pack PAGE 03 -To Serve and Protect Mod Pack -Naotora N Ninja Warrior -Real Bikini (Slidable) Mod Pack PAGE 04 -Falling Towel (PHYD) Mod Pack PAGE 06 -Marie Kof -Sexy Lod Cat Mod Pack -Perry's Warrior Angels -Marie Falling Towel + Bronze PAGE 07 -Marie N_Cop -Falling Towel Mod Pack 2.0 -Fairy Evolution Set PAGE 08 -Leifang Black Dress Dragon -Summer Suit Mod Set N_FAIRY DLC MOD BY PERRY_P N_FAIRY DLC MOD by PERRY_P contains a Fairy costume for all the female cast except Sarah and Alpha-152. Added a new hairstyle to Leifang, Pai and Ayane with hair swap. For the last hairstyle of Ayane, Phase4 and Marie you need Senran Kagura dlc. More Hairstyle in the Hair Pack (2 for Ayane and 1 for Kasumi and Marie). I used for all the slot 39, except Nyotengu, Phase4, Honoka and Marie (slot 31), and Pai (slot 14). Honoka_N_Fairy is designed to be played with red hair braid, included in the hair pack, if you want to install it you need Ink_Reshuffle and follow this tutorial: http://www.freestepdodge.com/threads/pc-modding-tutorials.5818/ You can change the number in the name of the tmc (and tmcl) hair, is not important. Then you have to open the .bcm file with DLC Tool add the number of hairstyle (that you added before with ink_reshuffle) to Honoka and save the .bcm file. Credits to: Harry Palmer, HoldenMcClure, SaafRats and Sddklexxx. (Full Credit inside package) Thanks to Loverslab and ZetaBoards forums for the Tutorials. Thanks to Xentax, Mr. Doutoku and Harry Palmer for the Tools. N_FAIRY_DLC_MOD_2.5_by_PERRY_P.7z N_FAIRY_TMC_FILES_2.5_by_PERRY_P.7z HAIRSTYLE_PACK_BY_PERRY_P.7z
  24. no meshes for certain body types yet >> Honoka, Nyotengu, Sarah, Christie and Leifang Thanks to HarryPalmer of XeNTaX/GVZ for the meshes and texture files http://www.gamevixenzone.net/hot-stuff-21/doa5lr-real-nude-mods-2124/ This is the Default Textures Version with neck/body textures adjusted, fingers and ati/amd fix It is compatible with Holden's more swimsuits mod Warning: This replaces Holden's version since it uses the same slot numbering and dlc package name. d5lrnekkiddefault.7z Holden's thread for an even more improved version http://www.loverslab.com/topic/45864-doa5lr-holdens-mods/
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