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  1. Hi There, I wanted to know if a naked mod for Dante exist in Devil May Cry 5 exist ? Or If someone could try to make it ? I found this mod for Nero by Sakura4 on nexusmod: https://www.nexusmods.com/devilmaycry5/mods/773 And i tried to swap the body for Dante. but the result is not convincing... Here my swap test if that can help :Dante(nude test)-485-1-0-1571773433.rar If a good modder could help to make a good body swap for Dante (and Vergil) it will be amazing :) Thanks.
  2. Hey Guys Ogami4 is actualy working on a nude Diedo mod ! I don't know if his work can help you ^^ https://www.deviantart.com/ogami4
  3. Hi xoDOAox LOVE YOUR WORK BTW! I will like to see you work together with LGMODS in a project where they use your  MALE skimpy clothes collections and LGMODS CURVY NUDE MALES. looking forward. Thank you for your work.

  4. Pack H available ! Include: -26 suits with Humain Raidou ! -1 bonus costume "Ein Bunny sexy" Credit to mralexmods from ZetaBoards for Original Humain Raidou (Heads and Body) and Ein Bunny mods !
  5. Cool I'm curious to know how you swapped faces ! When I tried face was deformed and looked horrible... Thank you ! Maybe I will done this for Bass
  6. Pack F and G available ! Pack F Include: -24 suits Thanks to LGMODS for Bass cos 1 idea Pack G Include: -26 suits -In this pack all swimsuits are losable ! Installation of .---C and .PHYD files is indispensable for these mods Some suits of this pack can cause random CTD during loading if you found a situation were you have always a CTD or a solution,thanks to report it. -2 bonus costumes "Ein Fighter Losable" and "Eliot Fighter Losable" -For "Eliot Fighter Losable" you can choose between 4 pants colors in detail option if you install .--H and .--HL with lnk_
  7. You are welcome ^^ But I don't plan to do an erect version of my mods furthermore some of my mods are not realizable in erect version without clipping ! as example: But if someone want to make it (and don't forget to credit me ^^) , there is no problem I understood what you want ^^ But swap face and hair for different characters is very hard ,too hard for me sorry
  8. You are welcome Haha thank you for this pack I use only lnk_reshuffle , but it will be useful for some people
  9. Pack E available ! (finally !) Include: -28 suits with 2 alternates costumes for Akira and Eliot -2 bonus costumes "Ein fairy tail losable coat" and "Jacky Attack on titans" Credit to C3S4RFC (http://www.loverslab.com/topic/61788-doa5lr-destructible-transformable-clothes-update-081416-christie-undertaker-destructible/page-9?do=findComment&comment=1608947) for Ein fairy tail mod (hair and tattoo mesh) I hope you will like it !
  10. Thank you ! I don't know if add piercing will be easy but I thinks It's possible currently I focus on my pack E ,but maybe in the future
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