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  1. No, I'm not joining DOA6 modding, I was just congratulating Ogami for his work because I let that to others this time.
  2. What a pleasure to see male mod before female, congratz Ogami, not surprised by your work. Good luck for the next, enjoy modding.
  3. Hi LGMODS LOVE YOUR WORK BTW! I will like to see you work together with xoDOAox  in a project where they use your curvy nude males and his skimpy clothes collections. looking forward. Thank you for your work.

  4. Raver and Gothic Marie are really creative, nice one.
  5. I couldn't comparate by launching my own game so I went to watch some video to check the comparison with DOA5LR : Even watching the both screens, I'm unable to say they really made the girls less tall (or male more tall). If you look at the head of Kasumi and JannLee's torso you can see they look at the same adjustement on both screens, or at least very close. Maybe the posture, the scenery or the HUD make an illusion.
  6. No breast jiggling? Why it would be a problem for modders, when I've made H-LOAD males don't you think penis jiggling was existing? No and I managed to do it anyway. So if breast don't have physic, be sure that a modder will do it anyway. No sexualized costumes? I'm laughing when I see it coming on pc, Tecmo maybe try to do a good thing with their game turning it into a real fight game (or just try to have a better public opinion after DOA5LR infinite DLC and micro bikini) but "sadly" modders will obviously sexualize the girls for them. Along with nude mod and breast exte
  7. Very original mods, well done.
  8. I don't think there are a complete tutorial to show the process to imports external meshes to DOA5LR, it will be tedious and long to do this kind of tutorial. Regarding textures I've made a tutorial for that, maybe you can find some useful infos here : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/88632-doa5lr-textures-tutorial-guide-how-to-use-and-understand-them/ I don't use Gimp to my side but Paint.net for convert texture to .dds (DXT1 for flat texture and DXT5 for alpha channel). About english version, don't delete the langage file, just remove the ".disable" name on this f
  9. If you want to swap costume between girls then use the Transformer Tool from Timmyc : https://www.loverslab.com/topic/50997-doa5lr-timmys-private-stash-tips-tools-update121517-converter-v052-transformer-v036-misaki-support/ Much better than making random swap until find something compatible.
  10. Replay are located to : C:/User/YourPCname/MyDocuments/KoeiTecmo/DOA5LR/1 You can delete from here.
  11. With Autolink press F1 and you'll enter in slowmotion mode, press again F1 and you'll exit it. I don't remember the others key but I know you can increase / decrease the speed too, it should be written in the readme file of Autolink.
  12. This is a nice goal, a pack of 100 motions is not nothing and I can imagine how many time you needed to do all of this, not even mentionning that you might have learned new stuff during your progress. This is too bad that we never had at least one male private paradise because I would love to see them dancing here too and not always have to reshape them and adapt one by one to a girl to get this result... If you want to create a Patreon, then do, effort deserve reward after all. To my side I prefer to pay someone in once instead of suscribing but it's only my opinion. Trans
  13. Press "Print Screen" touch on your keyboard, Autolink have a Screenshots folders where all your pics will go here when you press this key.
  14. Ah, this song.. Nice choice haha I see Luna is using your body type, right? This is cool to see your dance and progress, even positionning the model on another place on the map is a little detail that make a differnce.
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