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  1. There's a few pee animations in the bigger packs, I think lupobianco's animations have one at least. Seems not to work very well with a futa character though as demonstrated in my pic, not sure if it's the same for males but the pee stream isn't attached to the dick. It's such a shame there aren't more pee focused animations/mods for TS4 since the sims is one of the few games that actually has a urinating mechanic from the very beginning.
  2. I've been using SMP on my main character but I'm pretty sure it's not affecting any of the npcs, they're all wearing default armor with no changes other than making them cbbe/bodyslide, and i have had it my whole game and this stuttering has only started recently, will still give the command a try though. I had an issue like this before when I used Realistic SMP but I'm pretty sure I'm just running the default config at the moment. edit: thinking of it i had a problem with the dwemer colosseum due to the number of npcs in the audience, there really must be something that goes haywi
  3. I've started experiencing a huge FPS drop in towns, like from 40-50 to 10-20, the weird thing is all the mods that I would assume are causing this (populated towns/cities, skybirds/bos) because they add many NPCs aren't the culprit, I've been using them forever and disabling them does nothing to cure it. Note that this happens both in walled towns and settlements like riverwood All I can think is I have some script mod that's spamming itself on every NPC, but also weirdly this doesn't seem to happen when I, for instance, come across a group of 10-20 imperials/stormcloaks duking it ou
  4. Version 1.0.1


    I saw this armor on the Nexus and thought it looked great, but I wanted an option to make it more revealing for futa characters, so in the spirit of my other futa mods I've added a bulge to the black variant of the archer hot-pants, and removed the thong from the archer skirt (and hitched up the front a little) so you can set it to SOS-revealing and have your dick swinging dangerously close to your sword at all times. Note that this only effects the Black variants of the clothing, and that depending on the size of your hog you may or may not experience clipping, I might make a later versi
  5. Version 1.1


    A few of you might remember that I made an edit of the Banshee armor from fallout 4 to suit my Futa character, well, I've done the same for the armor I'm using in Skyrim which is the Caged Vixen armor from PeroPero Armor Pack. Figured i'd upload it here like the last one. Requirements: PeroPero Armor Pack SE and its requirements (CBBE) Installation: Drag n drop into mod organizer and load it after the PeroPero Armor Pack
  6. Version 1.0.0


    What is this: A quick and dirty edit of Deserter X's Banshee Recon Armor to give the shorts a slight bulge. Why?: For futa/trans characters or whatever you want to call a female body with a dick. I've seen a few mods that add dicks to female characters, but only one mod that edits armor (and it's all base game vanilla stuff which i'm sure everyone is tired of by now). I like this armor, but it lacks bodyslide and I lack the knowledge to make it bodyslidable, so I did this. How (to install)?: First, download this: Banshee Recon Armor CBBE from nexus. and i
  7. Version 1.2


    FYI: The link for the latest version is listed as open?id=0B6XsUZF2ix4veFRMRFFLOXBFazA on the LL downloader and is hosted on google drives, if it doesn't work for some reason, the link is also in a post below. Here's 6 19! sexy 1080p fallout 4 SFM loops to replace that boring old Main Menu. I think I've included pretty much every 1080p FO4 SFM I could find (well, at least the ones that were competently animated) but as always if anyone has links to more just post them in the support thread and I will gladly update this to include them. Installation: It's an NMM installer, so throw i
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