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About This File

Custom footsteps sounds, for better immersion :)


Ported from two Skyrim mods:
"High Heel Footstep Sounds" by Indrisblake
"Heels Sound" by ybsj520/ApoKrytia


Sound resources by prm339
(Since 1.1, sounds files are slighty changed by me, due to synchronization)


What this mod does:
There's two new footstep sets:
"_modjc_HighHeelsSound" - normal
"_modjc_HighHeelsSoundClicky" - more "clicky"; it can be annoying :P


"Clicky" option is already applied to sequin and red dresses, and normal option is added to the rest of the vanilla heels. Mod also adds two rings - "HHRing" and "HHRingClicky" - so you can have HHSound on outfits you want. Mod works for NPCs too.


How to obtain HHRings:
1. Open console (`)
2. Type "help HHRing 0"
3. Now you should have IDs of two rings: "HHRing" and "HHRingClicky"
Type "player.additem ID of the ring you want 1" (1 is for amount)


Actually I have no idea how to add this to your mod :P (We must wait for Bethesda to allow uploading .esm files I guess.) But it's here, free to use for everyone! And it's working on vanilla high heels already, and you can still use rings.

What's New in Version 1.1


  • -better synchronization with animations

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