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About This File



DLC's :

Wasteland Workshop
Contraptions Workshop
Vault-Tec Workshop
Advanced Animation Framework By Dagobaking ( And all its requirements)




Use a Mod Manger (Recommended) , Or Drag the Contents of the zip File into your Fallout Data Directory





The FO4 Animation Team

ShadeAnimator - Animation Kit

DexesTTP - HKXPack

MaikCG - F4Biped

Leito - Animation Rigs 

Dagobaking - AAF

Vader666 - Loosely Based Off his TortureDevices Mod and helping me get started. 

LoversLab / Ashal 



Sound Credits

SavageCabbage/Leito/Sexlab - Assorted Sex Sounds

Roggvir - Realistic Cane Sounds


All guys In AAF/LoversLab Discord who helped me with Testing.

And the Community Of LoversLab





Beta Version - V.003

Adds a workshop menu "Z-TEC" in the workshops main menu.

Adds - Two Furniture Items - With 4 Texture Options.

Wasteland Edition - Rusty Metal

Raider Edition- Rusty Red 

VaultTec Edition- Rusty Yellow

Institute Edition - Clean Metal



Adds a Crop And Cane Weapon  with 2 Textures Each


Use the console to add them

To Find their Form ID's in Console 


Help Crop 0

Help Cane 0


Player.additem XXXXXX 1


AAF Experimental Release


For Best Results it would best to scale the actors in evenly 1:1 


Right Now , the Animations are Set to Heterosexual M/f ( May Edit or Add so as it can be used by all genders in the future )

This is Because the sound files have been baked directly into the animations. (But it can be edited using HKXPack)


Use the Workshop Menu to Place A Hydraulic Pillory . And Use AAF to Find and Start the animations between two actors 



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