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About This File

This mod adds three spells:


Necrophilia will reanimate a dead actor for long enough for the PC to have sex with it. The actor reverts to being dead once the deed is done.


Ghost Sex will summon the dearly departed's shade for long enough for the PC to have sex with the ghost.


Zombie Paramour animates a weak but longer lasting zombie which can be commanded to have sex, be it with the player, or by itself. If the player has the Twin Souls perk, two zombies can be maintained allowing for zombie-zombie sex or three way with the player.

In both cases the sex scene starts automatically. The corpse is placed in the "receptive" role and the animations are aggressive.




The zombie talking had to be implemented using a talking activator. That means that like the Daedric Princes and the Auger of Dunlain you can't hurry the text up.

In general, be aware that this is alpha software. There will be bugs.

What's New in Version 0.05a


  • 0.05a Updated for SexLab 1.58b
  • 0.04a Added Zombie Paramour Spell
  • Zombies and spirits should no longer be hostile.
  • Various bug fixes.

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