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About This File

This is largely inspired by the Gor story posted here. This mod aims to create a sporting event in which several of your captors hunt for you almost entirely by the sound you make.


This update introduces a slaver camp. You can fast travel to it for testing, though I'll make you find it before it shows up on the map later. (Far east, south of Windhelm.) To start the game, talk to the guy on the far end. No need to start anything in MCM currently and the capture part is disabled for now. If the game doesn't seem to start, pay attention (and let me know) to what happens in the other cage.


Next steps:

  • Work on the post game scenario
  • Make the camp more "lived in"
  • Possibly will add S3(f) since this is a slaver camp
  • Chasity bell's text is copied over from the belt. Need to rewrite it to make it more appropriate for the device.
  • Current plan is once the bell comes off to leave the rings. Not yet implemented.
  • The hunters remove the hoods when the game starts. Need to figure out why. (The blindness effect isn't attached to the hoods so it doesn't effect the game.) -Noticed if you stay still long enough they'll put the hoods back on... odd...
  • Dual wielding hunters don't remove both weapons.
  • Would like to implement optional DAYMOYL so users will be able to customize death.
  • Hmm Anything else?
  • Work on the first fade out issue.
  • Add a condition to the chastity bell that will prevent the rendered item from showing to prevent something bad from happening if it gets put on guys/TSed folk. (So you can play the game as that if you want but the chasity bell won't render to allow SoS campatibility...)

Suspected incompatibilities:

  • Using this with a mod that puts a SOS on a female will cause the universe to implode. If you try it, give me a heads up so I can duck in my bunker in case the worst happens... (The chasity piercings from zarias_restraints uses the same slot as the SOS. I did some things behind the scenes to make them compatible as a female but it'll fight if SOS tries to put one on a female...)



  • Ashal - Sexlab
  • Zaz and Xaz - Zap
  • Zad and Min - Devious Devices
  • Redneck2x - SexLabAroused
  • Magnemoe - Zarias_restraints
  • Skyrimll and jbezorg - SD+ and SD (I learned a lot by poking my head in there...)

What's New in Version 0.7.1


  • V0.7.1-Fixed cave entrance.
  • V0.7-Slaver Camp is in.
  • V0.6.1-Tweaked the dialogue so the game should start more reliably.
  • V0.6-SexLab calls are cleaned up
  • -ref is in.
  • -Added a timer so you can actually win.
  • -Basic game is effectively done but will need some tweaking and bug hunting.
  • -did some misc bug fixes

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