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About This File

This is just a proof-of-concept tattoo mod - more of an example than anything at this point.


Basically, it lets you build tattoo kits at a chem station and wear them, or have your followers or slaves wear them. Currently there's only four tats in the pack, but they're fun to do, so there should soon be more. 


Adding new tats is currently a case of opening up the esp with zEdit. copying four records and changing the names and texture paths. You need to duplicate the texture set, the constructible, the armor and AA records and make sure they all point at the right record or pathname. There are plenty of examples there now, so it shouldn't be too hard.  I'm also working on a Python script that will take a folder full of textures and a JSON file and compile that into a custom esp; once that gets going we should be able to sort out some sort of tatpack collection, slavetats style.


Thanks to featherder, whose Body Paint Designs formed the inspiration and template for this mod.


What's New in Version 0.0.1




Added some more tats:


  • Synth Warning
  • Institute Fuck-Unit
  • Access Granted/Denied


Added a white outliner to the BOS tat so it shows up better on dark skin


Changed the slot to 57, which is apparently for " 57 - Plate Carrier / Cargo Pack Vests(front and back torso) / Capes / Cloaks(alternate backup slot) " and so hopefully won't conflict with anything worn by anyone liable to wear one of these tats.

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