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About This File

Before we start:

  • Alpha Software - this mod may destroy your machine, ruin your life or bring about global nuclear Armageddon. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  • Modders' Resource. No Normally playable content. This is a sex framework, meaning that it doesn't add content itself but rather makes it easier for other modders to add content.
  • Limited Functionality. This is a quick and dirty adaptation of Crazy6987's sex gun into a format more easily used by modders. Compared to Sexout or SexLab, this is severely lacking in features. On the other hand, it has all sorts of advantages over nothing at all. Just, let's keep expectations realistic to start with.
  • Upgrading from 0.0.1: Delete the old BSA2 archives! One of them has been renamed as four_play - Main.bsa2 as per the convention. The other one, the textures archive, has disappeared altogether since I'm not adding any textures. Delete the Data/Scripts/four_play folder as well.

What It Is


A sex animation framework based on Crazy6987's sex animations.




Use the mod manager of your choice. Or just copy the archive contents into Fallout 4\Data. There's no installers or wizards to worry about.


Software Demo


Open the console and type "coc 4test" to get to the test cell. The terminals there have some information and some test options that can double as demo scenes.


How to use it


The source is included in the archive, and that's probably your best documentation. Briefly however:


The module name space is "four_play" and the main quest is four_play:Main


There are two entry points for the module: four_play:Main.four_play and four_play:Main.four_play_main.


Umm... I could have probably used a little more imagination in some of those names... Nevermind.


four_play:Main.four_play(actor a0, actor a1=None, float duration=30.0)


This takes two actors, picks a random two person animation and starts it going for 30 seconds. You can override the time with the duration flag. If a1 is None, a solo animation is chosen for a0. This function tries to make sure there's a male actor in the male role (all current animations are solo or m/f) and will swap a0 and a1 to make that happen.


There are also a couple of parameters that probably shouldn't be there. "happy" is supposed to set a happy expression on the actors faces. I forgot about it until I came to write this. "start_mark" is a marker that can be used to position a0 before sex starts. This is implements but broken, so don't use it.


function four_play_main(Actor a0, Idle i0, Actor a1=None, Idle i1=None, keyword arch0=none, keyword arch1=none, objectreference start_mark=none, float duration=30.0)


This is a lower level function. Actors a0 and a1 are used in the male and female position respectively, So if you want your female PC to ream Kellogg with a strapon, this is the one to call. Both idles are specified separately, and in principle can take any animation supplied. The Arch parameters are facial animation archetypes intended to change the expression, duration is how long the animation lasts and start_mark is broken and should not be used.


When either of these functions are called, the a1 actor is moved next to a0 and the idles are started. Actors are stripped and re-dressed - usually, anyway.




The mod sends a custom event called animation_over with the two actor as arguments. This should let you pick up control after an animation ends. There doesn't seem to be a way to raise a custom event on another form., so there's no way to register for events from an actor - you'll need to make sure the event you get is for the actors you expect.


Known Issues


No control of a running scene: You can't change the animation, restart, reposition or any of the cool sexlab features most of us are used to.


Single Stage Only: Only one simple loop is animated. There's no syncing of animation, no multi-stage animations just one loop.


Ground Pounder Weirdness: The "ground pounder" animation has the female floating about three foot off the ground for some reason. Seems to be an issue with the animation. Maybe.


Survival Options, v1.62. This mod has an inventory item that saves the game in Survival Mode. It seems to conflict with the mod for some reason.


And probably thousands more - I'll update the list as I remember them (or am reminded!)


Custom Races


Custom races need to be registered from a script. I've made this as easy as I can:

race property my_race auto; ...four_play:Main.register_race(my_race)

Troubleshooting Guide


I can't get to the test cell!


The test cell is just a cell like any other interior location in the game. You got there by typing

coc 4test

from the console. If you can't get there, it almost certainly means the mod isn't loaded. Check your mod manager and make sure the esp is selected.


Stripping isn't working!


As of 0.0.4 stripping uses F4SE 0.3.0 So make sure that's installed and up to date.


No, really! Stripping isn't working!


Turns out there's a known bug in F4SE 0.3.0 where the GetWornItem function doesn't work right unless Papyrus loads debug information. So do the following:

  • Edit %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\Fallout4\Fallout4Custom.ini.
  • Add the following if absent:


Those of you who found that stripping started working when you enabled logging - this is why. Which means you can disable the logging if you wish so long as you keep the two lines above.


The GetWornItem bug is expected to be fixed in 0.3.1 which is currently under development.


F4SE is installed and up to date, I'm loading debug information and there's still no stripping


F4SE 0.3.0 also modifies some of the vanilla scripts. In particular Four-Play's stripping code needs the F4SE version of Actor.pex. The easiest way to ensure you're using this is to copy the data folder from the F4Se archive. It's easy to overlook this since the install instructions that come with F4SE 0.3.0 are out of date and don't mention this step at all.


Stripping isn't working, I tell you!


A lot of people have reported that enabling papyrus logging fixed their stripping issues. That probably means I need a wait or two somewhere in the code. Meanwhile, enabling logging seems to be a practical workaround. See "If All Else Fails" for how to do this.


Animations Aren't Working


Check you have the animations installed. Installing Crazy's Gun Mod will do the job, and you can check that the animations themselves work with Crazy's gun. If that works, go to the test cell (see above) and use the terminals to see if you can start animations that way. If the test cell works, then the problem is likely with a mod calling Four-Play. If it doesn't I'll need to look at it.


If All Else Fails


There's a lot that could go wrong and a lot of cases that I almost certainly haven't considered. If it's still not working the best way to proceed is to give me a log file to look at. To do that:

  • Follow the instructions here
  • start up a game session
  • coc to the test cell.
  • try and start an animation
  • leave the game
  • edit the log file in notepad
  • post the contents to pastebin.com
  • submit the pastebin page - this will give you a new web page with your pasted log file as its contents
  • post the url of the new pastebin page here along with a description of the problem



F4SE: Now needed for stripping.


Crazy's Animation Gun: At the time of writing, Crazy hasn't signed in since before I started on this exercise. As such I've not been able to get his permission, so I don't feel comfortable bundling his animations. So you need the mod installed. You shouldn't need the esp loaded if you don't want it.


NSFW Strap-on dildo for FO4: Optional. If loaded and if a female actor is in the aggressive role, Four-Play will try and soft-load the strapon. I haven't really had a chance to test that yet, so it may not work.

What's New in Version


  • Better actor filtering
  • API to register custom races
  • Possibly improved can-opener

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