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About This File

Raider Reform School is a collection of furniture, tats and Baggy Tank Top re-textures and other odds and ends themed around the idea of a reform school aimed at raiders. The aims of the school are twofold.


  • Firstly to re-educate those misguided young women who may have fallen into a raider lifestyle, and to teach them to become productive members of society.
  • Secondly, to keep these same young women pregnant, that their offspring might be raised to be respectable members of society,thereby helping to remedy the persistently low human populations that have plagued the East Coast ever since the Great War.


The mod is generally aimed at a male player who wants to keep a harem of enslaved raiders, but it should work for female or futa players as well. Also, there's nothing to stop you wearing the tops or tats yourself as a female player. (Alas, there are no male versions).




There's no quest as such, just a collection of role-playing aides.


What you get:


  • Seven colored tank tops corresponding to one of the School's seven designations: Prisoner, Breeder, Laborer, Dancer, Whore, Security and Slave
  • Seven matched tats, font and back corresponding to the tops. The tats are full color and glow in the dark to make it easier to find the occasional nighttime runaway.
  • Seven bikini tops as alternatives to the tank tops.
  • Seven slotless, invisible tattoo-only items which can be equipped to get the tattoo without clothing, or matched with other items.
  • The tats are scripted to apply when the tops are equipped. You can set the tats through LooksMenu if you don't like the tops
  • The "Breeder" tattoo detects whether the wearer is pregnant or not, and changes the text to "Breeder" or "fertile" accordingly. So you can tell at a glance which of your charges needs servicing. It should also detect conception and birth,and automatically change to reflect the wearer's new status, although the giving birth aspect hasn't really been tested yet. There are "breeder" and "fertile" versions of the breeder tops too, and these will also change.
  • If your captive is one of the named female bosses, giving her an RRS top will result in her other ass cheek being branded with the her name. Useful for telling who's who when they're all in the pillory. Piper, Cait and Curie, too. Just in case anyone feels the need to put them in their place from time to time. I'm planning on adding one for Nora as well).
  • There's a patch for niston's Fuck Me Shoes so they stay on during sex. The tops also stay on.
  • A script runs every day around midnight and looks for FPE children in need of loving homes. The kids are automatically sent to loving homes situated off-map. 100 caps is deposited in the settlement workbench for each adoption.
  • A couple of Stump| (TM) outfts which zap the wearer's arms and legs, one more extreme than the other.
  • A combination jet-pack, collar and asshook, the Skyhook, intended to justify StumpZ girls when they walk around
  • An Empty Head Brain Amputation headset
  • An Indoctrination headset with glowing visor and integral ballgag.
  • Several unique restraints, including cuffs to pinion miscreats to glass walls, snappable, stackable cages for bulk storage.
  • A triple cuff stand where three sets of cuffs snap to a central pole. Each set can be use separately
  • The Hangspread Device


Oh yes! There's a nifty School Flag too!




Always remember the School Motto: "Retribution, Redemption, Reproduction"


How To Use:



Build the tops in Bodyslide. There's just tank top and one bikini. Then you can build the top and its variations at a chemlab under "Raider Reform School". The tats will auto-apply when the top is worn, or you can use them separately with looksmenu and the console "slm" command.




I've tried to avoid hard depends, but I'm assuming that you're running Just Business here. If not, you may need to do some finagling to make some of the features work as advertised.


AAF if you want to have sex with your charges. I'm assuming most people will.


AAF FPE if you want them to get pregnant. Not strictly required but some scripts may nor work without it.


Baggy Tank Top by jmenaru. The tops won't work right without this.



If you use CBBE, then F-Me Shoes by niston. You don't strictly need it, since the mod just adds a patch, but if you want the shoes, you need that mod.


If you use Fusion Girl, thenthe  FG port of CB Bikini.


And while it's by no means required, I recommend Raider Queens by @Senator Blutarsky since it makes those raider bossgirls a lot easier on the eye.



There are a lot of files.


  • raider_reform_school_<version>.7z file is the main file. Unless you just want the tats, you'll always want this one
  • rrs_tattoos__<version>.7z is the file with the tats and the looksmenu configs. If you don't install this, you'll get tops without matching tats and tattoo builds in the chemlab that don't do anything.
  • rrs_cbbe.7z this just adds an exception for the Fuck-Me Shoes mod so they aren't unequipped during sex. Only really useful if you use CBBE
  • rrs_fb.7z is similar, but uses ChainBikini.esp as the shoe mod. it also adds some workbench configurable combination tops so you can choose what you want out of tops, socks and shoes.


The reason for the shoe based addons is that the tops don't have a body mesh. That means you can combine them with other items, and (since shoes tend to hold the body mesh in Fo4) it means that equipping a top won't unequip a girl's high heels. On the other hand, it means that if, in Bodyslide, you build the top to a different shape to your usual body you get clipping. So the idea is that you build a set of shoes to the same body shape as the tops, and if you wear them together, nothing clips.


Or you can just build everything to the same bodyslide shape and you don't need the shoe addons.


Unpack as usual. Build the top and the shoes with your body.


Load raider_reform_school.esp for the main mod


Load raider_reform_school_names.esl to pull in the tats for the raider boss names. If you don't want them, leave this file unchecked.


There is an RRS preset included in the archive. You don't need to use it but it was there so I included it. (It's a tweaked Josie Body mesh, but use anything you want).


There are also a few esl files.


  • raider_reform_school_tattoos.esl just exists for force the load of the tattoo BSA file.
  • raider_reform_school_names.esl loads the named ass-tats for various bosses. So you can see who's who from the rear view of a pillory.
  • raider_reform_school_amputee.esl adds some tats for the less extreme version of StumpZ. This was from an early version and I'm not sure they still fit, to be honest.
  • raider_reform_school_machine_tattoos.esl is a placehodler for the tats intended for the tatoo machine


If all that seems needlessly over-complicated, I'm sure you're right. It is, however, as simple as I can make it.


About The Shoes


What you can do is build the tops to a body with exaggerated sexuality, and then build the rest of the outfits in the game to a more realistic body. That way, the RRS gear has some pre-war high-schience nanoquantum future-tech woven into it. That way, anyone who puts on one of the tops gets morphed into a humiliating caricature of their own sexuality. But if you do that, you need a set of shoes because you need something to supply the body that goes inside the tank tops.


So that's why I was so keen on having a set of always on shoes to go with the tops.


Future Plans


The mod is playable as it is. I would like to get all the tops using dynamic retexturing system so you could change the design on a girl's shirt (and her tats in the process) with a scripted device or holotape.


I want to add a little lore into the game. Just some stuff about the school's original founder.


I plan on adding some recompense for impregnation and births.


Something to remove the children from settlements so the game doesn't collapse under the weight of settlers when the babies start growing up. Maybe a Miss Nanny robot that collects them up and leads them off to be sold to supermutants an cannibals fostered with respectable and carefully vetted couples so that they may be raised as responsible and productive members of society.




Thanks to niston for permission to use his F-Me shoes.


To jmenaru for permission to modify the Baggy Tank Top mesh.


To @Invictusblade for helping me get my head around how LooksMenu tattoos work


Monno and highhthere for the bikini top, taken (in accordance with the creators' permissions) from https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/13720


To Death for the Leash Laws image, many thanks.


Anyone I missed, let me know and I'll add you in.


What's New in Version 0.10.hotfix1




The mod no longer thinks all Gunners are called Simone.




I had to shift some stuff around to get this version under LL's filesize limit, so there may be some missing textures or other oddities. Sing out if you see any purple meshes!


  • Main archives split into 2. There's a raider_reform_school file and there's a rrs_tattoos file. If you don't load the tattoo one, you don't see any tats. If you don't load the main mod, you don't see anything else.
  • Tweaks to the confinement tubes. There's a snap point so you can set up ranks of facing tubes. They already snap back to back, so this helps if you want multiple, parallel rows of tubes. There's also a name plate that will auto attach, It labels generic raiders and gunners, and about half the named NPCs we have ass-patches for. Unlike the ass-tats the nameplates don't take up 10 meg a pop.
  • Much improved (but still unfinished) tattoo machine. It animates properly, and can be programmed, but the holotape that provides the program is still hard coded. Also, there's no lighting to speak of, and the code to apply actual tattoos still needs adding. It's a work in progress.
  • Triple Cuffs now once again snap correctly.
  • CBBE StumpZ project now has limb zaps!


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