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A Live Another Life plugin with Sexlab and Sexlab-mods integration
Last updated: January 19, 2018
For the latest changes, see THIS POST.


This mod adds some new Alternate Start scenarios using Arthmoor's Live Another Life mod. Many scenarios also require other Sexlab mods, but these are soft requirements; that is, you can play this mod without them, though you won't get access to those scenarios without the associated mod installed.
Most of these are sexlab-based starts, i.e. many have specific sexual content, and others indirectly reference sexual content.


What are the scenarios?
Select "I am a character in a dark tale..." to begin.

I didn't feel like retyping the entire scenario list, so I just put it in a PDF file. Sorry for the inconvenience.

scenario list.pdf


What are the requirements of this mod?
Not listed: each mod's sub-requirements. For example, Sexlab requires SKSE, ASLAL requires Skyrim Legendary, etc.

  • Alternate Start - Live Another Life 3.1.4 or newer. This is a hard requirement, the mod will not function without it.
  • Sexlab 1.61b or newer. This is a hard requirement, the mod will not function without it.
  • Fuz Ro D-oh. This is a soft requirement. Without it, the mod will work, but the unvoiced dialogue will scroll by way too fast.
  • EZ2C Dialogue Menu and/or Better Dialogue Controls. This is a soft requirement that fixes the vanilla Skyrim bug where dialogue options would not appear if there were too many in the list.

The remaining mods are optional. You will require these mods for their scenario to appear in the dialogue list.


Note that "captured by slavers" start sends you to Simple Slavery. You will need one of the (soft requirement) mods supported by Simple Slavery for that start as well.





How do I install, update, and uninstall this mod?
To install or update, just copy and paste into your data directory, overwriting as necessary.
To uninstall, it's easiest to just delete the .esp file. It's not a bad idea to delete all files starting with "ccas" in your scripts directory too.
Uninstalling mid-game will cause some serious problems if you haven't been to Helgen yet for ASLAL's "Rumors of War" quest. If you've been to Helgen, uninstalling mid-game *should* be fine.


Known bugs, mod conflicts, and troubleshooting tips:
General troubleshooting tips:

  • If you're using any of the following mods, try disabling them: JUGS, Eternal Darkness Redone, ImprovementInn, OBIS, Genesis, Maria Eden, Skyrim Unbound, Populated Skyrim.
  • If you're using the Chaurus Breeder scenario, make sure to activate and fully configure EC+ before you sleep in the LAL bed. Ideally, you'll be saving the game, exiting, and reloading it before even talking to the Mara statue.
  • Make sure you've fully set up all of your MCM settings from all other mods before sleeping in the LAL bed. This is particularly important for Sexlab, Apropos, and Estrus Chaurus, but is good advice for all your mods.
  • Make sure that Live Another Life is very low in your load order, ideally just before LAL mods (like CCAS), bashed patches, TES5Merged patch, etcetera. LOOT generally does a good job at sorting these mods.
  • If you've been using an older save in the starting cell, that could cause problems - try beginning a brand new game instead.
  • If you're using Mod Organizer or another mod manager, that might be the cause of some issues. I recommend manually installing just to be on the safe side.
  • Make sure you're using EZ2C or Better Dialogue Controls (or both) or some other mod that fixes the vanilla engine bug with dialogue (NB: USKP or USLEEP does not fix this bug). If you plain don't want to use a mod like that, try using the arrow keys instead of the mouse in the dialogue menu.
  • If you're having a common problem where you sleep in the LAL bed, the screen fades to black, and fades back in and nothing appears to have happened, try jdough's fix.
  • Note that the Giant Offering, Soulgem Oven, Chaurus Egg Breeder, Expectant Mother, and Egg Factory scenarios can take several seconds for everything to finish initializing after sleeping in the LAL bed.
  • If you try all of that and still nothing is working, attach a copy of your papyrus log (instructions can be found here) and I'll see if I can find anything relevant in it. A copy of your load order may also help. To keep the support thread clean, please don't just paste the text directly in your post - put it in a spoiler tag or attach it as a text file instead.

This is the sequence of events I generally follow when starting a new game:

  1. Start Skyrim, start a new game.
  2. Wait for everything to cool down before doing anything. This can take a while, depending on how many mods you have installed. Generally about a minute or so. A good rule of thumb is to wait for all of the debug.notifications (the messages that pop up in the upper-left corner of the screen) to go away.
  3. Set up the Sexlab MCM.
  4. Wait for Sexlab to be fully configured and all of its debug.notifications to go away.
  5. Save the game, exit Skyrim.
  6. Go back in and load. You may notice some new notifications and MCM menus popping in, depending on your mod setup. This is normal.
  7. Set up everything in all of your MCM menus.
  8. Repeat steps 5 - 7 until everything is set up properly. This may require multiple game saves and exits (but see the note below).
  9. Speak to the Mara statue, select a scenario.
  10. Sleep in the LAL bed.
  11. Play the game.

NB: It isn't actually necessary to save and exit every time. In fact, it's only necessary to do it once, and only if you're using those few mods that do stuff on game load rather than game start (such as Estrus Chaurus for example). But it's not a bad habit to get into.


NB: Also, take a look at this. This is good advice, unless you're using a Wrye Bashed Patch that has the "Merge Patch Mods into Bashed Patch" flagged, because doing it this way can fool Skyrim into actually thinking that some mods have been disabled when they haven't really. When in doubt, uncheck the "merge patches" flag when making a bashed patch.


More in-depth notes and information:

  • If you are using any mods that heavily modify any of the starting areas, you may experience problems.
  • Mods that may conflict include JUGS, Eternal Darkness Redone, and ImprovementInn. These conflicts are generally harmless, but will prevent the scenario from working properly.
  • Mods that add numerous NPCs to the world such as Populated Skyrim, OBIS, Genesis, etc. may conflict with some scenarios. These conflicts are generally harmless, but may present problems getting around in crowded areas, or having some NPCs be inexplicably hostile.
  • Older versions of CCAS had potential conflicts with SkyTEST, Combat Evolved, Deadly Combat, etc. and the various Creature Slave scenarios, causing creatures to be aggressive. This problem should be fixed now, but if you notice problems with hostile creature masters, try disabling those mods and then retest.
  • Maria Eden, Skyrim Unbound, and other alternate start mods will conflict with LAL, and by extension, CCAS. CCAS includes a Maria Eden scenario, but the two may not play nicely together. Be warned. Mods that plug in to LAL should be completely fine.
  • The bandit by the levers in the Bandit Honeypot start will still ask you for a toll. There's nothing I can do about that without breaking compatibility with some other mods.
  • Skooma whore start: It doesn't make much sense if you're using anything under version 1.0. It works fine, but some of the dialogue is a bit off.
  • Note on the Chaurus Breeder scenario: You must activate and fully configure EC+ before you sleep in the LAL bed. This may require saving the game and reloading while still in the starting jail cell, because the EC+ menu requires a game load to activate.
  • The beginning cell in the Aspiring Mage start has a number of cracks in the floor and walls. I cannot fix it - the pieces of the level are placed exactly right, yet still the cracks persist. This is only a visual problem and does not impact gameplay at all.
  • This mod needs to go after ASLAL in your load order, and should really go as low as possible, and certainly below any of the mods it references.My personal load order puts it right before the Bashed Patch and TES5Merged patch (i.e. as low as possible).
  • If you are having a problem where only a few scenarios are showing up in dialogue: This is a vanilla engine bug. There is nothing I can do about it directly. However, installing the EZ2C dialogue Menu mod will fix the problem. If you don't want to do that, you might be able to get to the other options by using your arrow keys instead of the mouse.
  • Make sure you're using the latest version of this mod.
  • If you're still having problems, following the instructions here, please post your Papyrus log. That'll probably help me figure out what the problem is. Posting your load order can also help me determine any possible problems and solutions.
  • Make sure you have updated all of the requisite mods to their latest versions. Especially LAL!
  • Make sure you have updated all of these mods' own prerequisites too.
  • Many starts require specific mods to be installed or you won't get them. For example, you won't see the "expectant mother" start unless you have Beeing Female installed. Other mods integrate content in an optional fashion - for example, the creature slave scenarios will make use of SD+ if you have it.
  • It is recommended that you place this mod as low as possible on your load order. That should help minimize conflicts and may also help fix the "no starts are happening" bug.
  • To minimize conflicts, bugs, and the like, it is best to save your game when starting, before talking to the Mara statue, thenexit, then reload the game. That will help ensure that all mods are loaded properly.
  • It is not a good idea to keep a save in the starting cell and re-use it when I update this mod. There will be problems if you do that, with dialogue and with starting scenarios.
  • If you're getting a common problem where sleeping in the LAL bed causes the screen to fade to black and fade back in without anything happening, try JDough's fix (LINK).



skyrimll, bane_master, and Kazyn for invaluable assistance.
Dentarr, darkconsole, bane_master, jfraser, skyrimll, docclox, and arthmoor for their mods.
skyrimll, jfraser, jordisslave, thermius, and bane_master for beta testing.

All of my other CCAS beta testers, without whom I probably wouldn't have gotten v14 out for at least another six months.
Any other mod authors I'm adding piecemeal.
Everyone who tolerates my pointless and excessively wordy dialogue.
Everyone who tolerates my buggy-ass mods. :classic_wink:

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/64440  Real Bows by DecimusMaximus
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/85497  Apepi's Art Assets by ApepiofDuat
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/77097  Witcher 3 Mega Resource Pack by LorSakyamuni
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57113  Amulets of Skyrim by UNI00SL
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68755  Modder's Resource Pack - Witcher Extension by Oaristys
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/16525  Modder's Resource Pack by Oaristys
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/65268  Ogre statue by GenunDrup
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/70312  Skull Throne by Cyphe
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/13061  UNP Jewelry by Petrovich
http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/25431  Quarterstaff by JZBai


A note to mod authors:
If CCAS provides a starting scenario for your mod, you might be interested to know that as of v12 I've added a storageutil variable called ccas_scenario that tracks which scenario was used to start the game. The integer of the variable is the same as the value given on the download page for CCAS, in the scenarios list. For example, the script for the Aspiring Mage scenario begins like this:
-- debug.trace("CCAS Quest: 390 Aspiring Mage",0)
-- ccas_globalstart.setvalue(390)
-- storageutil.setintvalue(none, "ccas_scenario", 390)
-- SetObjectiveDisplayed(390)
This will help if you, for whatever reason, wish to find out if your mod was used to start the game, or whatever other purpose you might put to it.


Frequently Anticipated Questions


Q: I'm having a problem with this mod or I have found a bug.
A: That is certainly possible. Leave a comment in the support thread and I'll get back to you. I can't guarantee I can fix a problem, but I'll do my best. :classic_smile: But before you do, please check out the Known bugs, mod conflicts, and troubleshooting tips section on this page.


Q: I have a question about this or any other mod. Should I PM you?
A: No, please. Use the support thread. That's what it's there for.


Q: Can I suggest ?
A: Sure! I can't guarantee it'll make it into the mod, but if I like the idea I'll certainly try!


Q: Can I translate your mod?
A: Certainly! I didn't write it with any sort of translation in mind, though, and I do tend to use American English idioms and phrasing, so... good luck! Go ahead and post your translation in the support thread and I will link to it in the OP. Also note that I do tend to update my mods in a fairly irregular fashion, so you might need to re-translate from time to time. Sorry.


Q: Can I or you upload this to another site?
A: Nope. I don't personally have anything against other sites, but this mod requires Sexlab so it's staying right here on Loverslab. If you write a translation, I'd appreciate it if you'd post it in the support thread instead of putting it on a different site, but if you do I'd at least like a link to the other site please.




Things I have learned:

  • ASLAL really does need to be re-esp-ified for some reason. Why not make it an ESM in the first place? Nobody seems to know.
  • Extract the ARTHLAL compiled scripts, not just the sources. Dumbass.
  • Integration: Beeing Female, SD+, Stories, Stories Devious, SSLV, SGO
  • Forcegreets
  • Modevents of various types. Fun for me, more work for other authors. :classic_smile:
  • Renaming scripts is sometimes problematic. For some damn reason... :classic_angry:
  • Okay, so maybe I don't know how to do modevents after all. :classic_sad:

What's New in Version v14d


  • v1: First public release
  • v2: Fixed some bugs, added some starts
  • v3: Added Angrim's Apprentice start and fixed a bug
  • v4: Bugfixes
  • v5: Bugfixes, added Nord Queen start
  • v6: Added three new starts, fixed a missing goodbye flag
  • v7: Fixed some bugs in v6 (hopefully) and a couple of minor changes
  • v8: Added Prostitute starts. Fixed some other stuff.
  • v8b: Included a missing .seq file. Oops. Also did a workaround on the facegen data and re-exported, so hopefully the gray face bug has been squashed.
  • v9: Fixed some bugs, added a couple of starts.
  • v10: Fixed some bugs, extended the Dremora start.
  • v11: Minor graphical stuff. Fixed several bugs. Added some new scenarios. Changed creature scenarios - now requires SD+. Changed Giant Offering functionality - now essentially requires slavetats. Some other stuff.
  • v12b: Some bugfixes, Egg Factory start, fixed TITD, and expansion on Soulgem Incubator (currently partially broken)
  • v13: Added a new start, finished the Soulgem Incubator start, some bug fixes and graphical modifications
  • v14: Fixed various bugs, lots of changes, some new scenarios.
  • v14c: Fixed various bugs
  • v14d: Fixed a dialogue bug with the Expectant Mother scenario (giving dialogue to all NPCs)