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About This File

The Quest:


Angrim's Apprentice is a quest mod for SexLab. As the name suggests, it is designed for early-game use (though there's nothing to prevent an Archmage from using it). This is not a dungeon quest, but rather an ongoing interaction with a new NPC (Angrim) that is meant to be played in parallel with regular questing. Angrim can be found holed up in an abandoned basement, beneath the ruined farmhouse between Whiterun's Western Watchtower and Fort Greymoor; there's a trapdoor just outside the ruined house.


The quest mostly progresses by periodic interactions with Angrim. There are also tie-ins to several quests from the base game. These side quests are optional - they can affect your later choices, but they are not required to advance the main quest. There are at least three different 'endings' to the quest; two are easy to find, but the third is a bit tricky (hint: you need a certain spell, and divine aid).


The quest is written with a female player character in mind, and is primarily intended for mages. Not to exclude the guys, but that would be a different quest. However, there are no gender checks enforced.


There are several sex magic spells included, most of which may be learned and cast by the player character.


The Spells:


Almost all of the new spells involve sexual triggers; you cast them on yourself before sex, and the sex act empowers them. Most of them act as temporary bonuses for various attributes or skills (Health, Magicka, Speech, Illusion). The power of the spells often varies depending on quest conditions (e.g. whether or not you have Sanguine's favor). The spells include:




Bloodlust: a single-use berserker power that enhances destruction and combat. Requires rough sex.


Dibella's Boon: a single-use healing power. Requires consensual sex to prime it.


Drink Dreams: adds 3 single-use lesser powers (Fascinate, Enrage, Misdirect)


Drink Magical Essence: increases magicka by 20-60pt depending on quest conditions


Drink Vital Essence: increases health by 20-60pt depending on quest conditions


Drink Soul: does 160-480pt damage, depending on quest conditions, and traps the target soul


Ensnare: turn the target into your sexual thrall.


Ghastly Scream: terrify nearby targets for 30 sec. (only available to ghosts).


Honeyed Tongue: increases speech by 20. Requires oral trigger.


Shadow Dance: increases power and duration of illusions by 50%.


Summon Emissary: summon an emissary of Sanguine.


The summoning spell is not very different from more common Dremora summonings, but beware of casting it outside of combat situations.


The rest require sexual triggers to take effect. Generally, their effects last for 2 hours (real time), once they are triggered. The 'Shadow Dance' spell can be used to extend this. The 'Ensare' spell is primarily useful on Angrim, but for Succubi it also may cause the thrall to give you gifts or pester you for sex. For most NPCs (but not Angrim) the effects can wear off at random.


The 'Drink Dreams' spell is the most unusual; it adds three single-use lesser powers, so once you use one of them, all three disappear (until you prime the spell again). These are fairly powerful illusions, not quite as powerful as the Master-level spells, but by their nature they only affect NPCs (not animals, undead, machines,...). The 'Misdirection' power (a form of invisibility) is not limited this way. The 'Ghastly Scream' power operates much the same way.


The 'Bloodlust' and 'Dibella's Boon' are also single-use lesser powers, automatically primed by appropriate sex acts for characters who have gained them. The 'Bloodlust' power starts as a 20% destruction bonus, and gradually gains additional combat effects until it is comparable to the Orc berserker capability. Dibella's Boon is similar to the Histskin capability, though it starts off weaker. The 'Bloodlust' power only becomes available for Succubi, and only after completing the 'Dalliance' quest and either using 'Drink Soul' three times, or having a lot of rough sex.


The 'Drink Soul' spell isn't precisely a rape-defense (since it requires vaginal sex to trigger), but can be useful as last-ditch retaliation in such situations. It can also be used as an assassination technique (though you can still get blamed for the death). It is also the only known method of actually killing Angrim - but be warned, it doesn't always succeed.


Those last three spells gain from experience, becoming more powerful after 3, 7, and 12 uses. Succubi and Sanguine's other favorites get a head start on mastering 'Drink Soul' (3 free experience points).



The Care and Feeding of your Succubus:


If you play a succubus, either by birth (Succubus Race mod) or by training (courtesy of Angrim), there are some things you might need to be aware of. Contains some spoilers, so don't read this section if you want to discover things for yourself.




All Succubi in this mod share one common trait: if they don't have sex often enough, their base magicka goes into a decline (10% per hour, once the decline starts). This is controlled by their 'satiation' score (console command: 'help angrimsatiation'), and you will see periodic warnings as it gets down into the danger zone. If it drops below 10.0, the decline has started, and a red cross-fade effect will show to remind you.


This score goes up when the Succubus has sex with another actor (solitary vice does not count). Any sex will be sufficient to reset the score to at least 10.0. How much it increases beyond that, depends on the type of sex: oral will increase by at most 2.0 (i.e. two hours grace), anal by 4.0, and vaginal by 16.0. Rough or aggressive sex will increase any of those by 50% (so 3, 6, and 24 hours). The score cannot go above 72.0 (3 days).


Magical chastity belt plugs will decrease satiation by two on each vibration event. A Succubus with a chastity belt is going to have a fairly difficult time sustaining her power; she'll probably need to take a follower along to feed upon. Frequently.


True Succubi (using the Succubus Race mod) have these effects from the very start. In addition, they automatically cast the Drink Magical Essence spell any time they have vaginal sex. However, this power comes with an additional weakness: restoration spells will not work at all, unless the Succubus has recently fed.

Happy hunting, ladies!


New Side Quests:


The 'Dalliance' radiant quest has two potential destinations now. Both may result in the Hungry Ghost ending. If you want to switch destinations, go back to a save game prior to reading 'Daedric Dalliance'.


Rannveig's Fast:


Rannveig's Fast is relatively easy, even for low-level characters. To see the extended content, fall for the warlock's trap (and listen through his monologue, instead of just picking the lock and killing him). Once captured, you have a little while to wriggle free (or just run for it) before the warlock tires of his games and adds you to his collection of ghosts. Unfortunately (for the warlock), the player character turns out to be less easily controlled than his other victims, and the fight resumes.





Yngvild is very difficult to get through without triggering the Hungry Ghost ending. A sneaky character who can kill most of the ghosts without being hit might be able to do it. Otherwise, the player character is almost sure to get captured and delivered to Arondil. As a ghost under Arondil's command, you will be able to move about, but not interact with the world (no speaking, no picking things up, etc.) unless he permits it. Except for brief periods when Arondil is distracted by sex.


During those brief periods, you might be able to kill Arondil, but the easiest solution is to grab the soul gem from the pedestal and then join your fellow ghosts in tearing him to pieces.


If available, this scenario uses the Dwemer Machine animation (Estrus Chaurus+) and the Zaz OTK Spanking (Non-SexLab Animation Pack) at appropriate points. So those mods are recommended if you take this quest.





Will it break my game?


No. Well, probably not - this is Skyrim, after all.


Even though there are permanent magic effects in this mod, they can safely be removed via the console. Any repeating update events are set to expire naturally if the scripts are removed.


Help, I'm stuck!


The quest advances by interactions with Angrim; the side quests are not required, except for one ending. Some quest stages do have prerequisites, and some advance semi-randomly.

  1. I know the first two spells, but Angrim just says "maybe later"...

    He is waiting for sexual frustration to get the better of you. Come back later, or use the console cheat 'set angrimsatiation to 7.0' to satisfy the quest conditions.

  2. I cannot get the 3rd ending...

    This requires that the character have the Agent of Dibella perk, and cast the Ensnare spell (clues to which are in the locked chest in Angrim's basement) before talking to Angrim.

  3. I can't find the new quests...

    There are books. Read them.

  4. I can't find Arcadia's Love Elixir...

    Try the cupboard in the main room of her shop. If it isn't there, it may be that the quest alias did not initialize properly



This mod naturally requires SexLab, and Zaz Animation pack. It also needs the chastity belt from Devious Devices (Assets and Integration) mods. Links:


Devious Devices - Assets
Devious Devices - Integration
Zaz Animation Pack


The transparent Nocturnal robe from Chronotrigger77's Remodeled Armor is recommended (but not required). A vanilla game robe will be used if this is not available.


For one branch of the quest, Xaz Prison Overhaul is recommended (but not required).


For the unvoiced dialogue, Fuz Ro Do'h is strongly recommended.


Other SexLab mods are required, for initiating sex with other NPCs besides Angrim. Recommend Romance, Radiant Prostitution, and SexLab Solutions - but others should work just fine.


The Succubus Race mod works with this, though it is not actually a dependency.


Recommend Non-SexLab Animation Pack and Estrus Chaurus+ for extra animations. Not a hard dependency, just useful to have.


This mod was tested with SexLab v1.59c, Zaz Animation v6.02, Devious Devices v2.8.3, and SexLab Aroused Redux.


For Modders:


There are StorageUtil variables that can be used to detect whether or not the player character has Angrim's Succubus Curse, or whether an actor (an NPC) is currently in the Enthralled faction:




StorageUtil.GetIntValue( akActor, "Angrim_iSuccubusCurse") > 0StorageUtil.GetIntValue( akActor, "Angrim_iEnthralled" ) > 0




The new bondage witch passive abilities added in v2.02 can be added to a character at an appropriate point in their story, by sending a mod event:




SendModEvent( "AngrimBoundOrdealDone" )




Version History:





2.11 SE: Skyrim SE version uploaded, based on the non-localized v2.11 ESP.  Conversion done by Adviser69, so thank him/her nicely.

2.11: Main download converted to localized version, German translation overhauled by CGi.

  • Fixed a bug where one of Angrim's lines might repeat when it shouldn't.
  • Fixed some cases where quest failed to advance after making Angrim a thrall.
  • German translation substantially improved.
  • There is an optional non-localized version of the ESP, for those who want to modify it in the Creation Kit. The localized version does not play nice with the Creation Kit.

2.10: ML multi-language localization, German translation by CGi.
2.10: Small expansion, various fixes, general house-cleaning:

  • Added a transition to Simple Slavery and / or Devious Cidhna's Pirate scenario when Angrim is done with the character. If neither mod is loaded, he just sends her on her way.
  • Added some newer (optional) animations to scenes.
  • Added a way to permanently remove the Hungry Ghost curse. Talk to Falion while in ghost form, for hints.
  • Added a speech debuff in ghost form.
  • Added a chance for a Vigilant exorcist to show up in cities. Chances go up if you've gotten ghost-related comments from NPCs, and go down if you avoid such notice.
  • Added a new custom enchanted daedric dagger in place of the vanilla one in Dalliance. This blade, Keen Desire, has a chance to trigger a Bloodlust berserker fit, in a Succubus with that power. For others, it just has a fairly strong health drain enchant.
  • Added a keyword to Angrim's belt to prevent other mods from removing it too easily.
  • Recompiled almost everything with latest SexLab.

2.02: Minor fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the Yngvild quest could get stuck if character was sneaking.
  • Fixed the Ensnare ending to lift the Raging Lust curse.
  • Added some basic bondage witch passive abilities (Atronach Flesh, Harnessed Rage) for use in another of my mods (Devious Cidhna).

2.01: Minor fixes:

  • Fixed a missing script fragment in handling enthralled NPCs.
  • Fixed a typo in the maintenance event on the main quest.
  • Added succubus satiation gain for spanking or fisting.
  • Killing enthralled NPCs now counts for powering up the Ebony Blade (Mephala quest).

2.00: Major update, new spells, new quests.

  • All radiant quests are now restricted to a list of pre-selected dungeons (none quest-locked).
  • Added new quest content to the Dalliance quest destinations (Rannveig's Fast, Yngvild).
  • Added hints to several Whiterun NPCs directing the player to Angrim (for immersion).
  • Added new ways to get Angrim to take the player as an apprentice: wearing Devious devices, mastering other Carnal Arcana (Dibella's Boon), completing Sanguine's quest, etc.
  • Added a new errand quest, to keep the character busy if plugged.
  • Removed the Hunger Ghost ending from Angrim's options, moved it to Yngvild and Rannveig.
  • Added new spells (Bloodlust, Dibella's Boon), with minor supporting quests.
  • Most of the advanced spells grow more powerful with experience.
  • The Ensnare spell (when used by a Succubus) now places the thrall in a special faction, with new dialogue options. These are not followers, though you can make a follower your thrall.
  • Updated the Seductress Robe to match v5.x of CT77 Remodeled Armor.
  • Changed the secondary enchantment on the robe from destruction to 10% magic resistance.
  • Updated for Devious Devices v2.8.3 (and should still work with upcoming v2.9.0).
  • Fixed an intermittent bug with detecting Succubus Race characters correctly.
  • Added more compatibility hooks for other mods.

1.40: Updated for SexLab v1.57 and Devious Devices v2.8.0.

  • Switched cuffs to Devious Devices versions, to avoid conflicting idle animations.
  • Switched plug set to separate plugs, for latest Devious Devices.
  • Updated ring gag for latest Devious Devices.
  • Changed satiation effect when plugged, now it decreases on vibration events.
  • Added visual cue (red cross-fade) when magicka decline occurs.
  • Added a 3-way animation to the Emissary ending.
  • Fixed the AI behavior so the Emissary does not wander off between animations.

1.30: Updated for Devious Devices Integration v2.6.6.
1.23: Fixed a bug where Ghost dialogue comments were being used incorrectly.


1.22: Improvements to special abilities and spells.

  • Added 'Fade' ability to Hungry Ghost form, allowing toggle between forms.
  • Added 'Ghastly Scream' single-use Fear power to Hungry Ghost form.
  • Vigilants of Stendarr are automatically hostile in ghost form.
  • Added NPC comments when in ghost form.
  • Changed 'Drink Soul' from hand-cast spell to lesser power.
  • Minor dialogue changes.

1.21: Updated for Devious Devices 2.6.5.

  • Fixed bug with broken restoration enchants for Succubi.
  • Expanded use of armbinder.
  • Expanded chances to use Ensnare spell on Angrim.

1.20: Updated for Devious Devices 2.6.2.

  • Added armbinder and ring gag from Devious Devices.
  • Added automatic Drink Magicka to true Succubi
  • Disabled restoration magic for true Succubi, except when recently fed.

1.11: Updated for Devious Devices 2.6.0 (1.11a is second upload, to correct a packaging goof).


1.10: Converted to Devious Devices Integration for scripting.

  • Drink Dreams spell changed to reward for Dalliance quest, for Succubi only.
  • Nocturnal robe no longer required, will be used if it is available.
  • Minor dialogue changes.

1.03: Fixed one missing script property


1.02: Fixed several minor bugs, added quest objective markers.


1.01: Updated to Devious Devices v2.5

  • Added several radiant quests and 4 new spells.
  • Added another ending.
  • Added more playability to ghost form.
  • Added support for Succubus Race mod.



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