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PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest for Sexlab 3.2.8a

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About This File

This is a mod that player becomes succubus.


To manage the vampire status of players vanilla as "Player Vampire Quest", this is a mod to add to manage the succubus status of the player "Player Succubus Quest".


Sexlab Framework 1.60.2, Sexlab Aroused, NiOverride, UIExtensions(from 3.2.7)


Put PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest.esm and PSQ PlayerSuccubusQuest.bsa and SEQ Folder in /Skyrim/Data/
Other esps are the plug-in for other mods, so use if you needed.


Update from 2.17 to 3.0
Can not do it. 3.0 and 2.17 has no compatibility.
Be sure to uninstall 2.17, install the 3.0 after you save, or can be used in a new game.


2.17 previous


You can milking for a while after birth and during pregnancy.
Succubus merchants are selling the tools necessary to milking.


Summon succubus merchant
Summon a succubus for merchants.
She sells succubus spell tome and semen potions.


Option to not learn vanilla like spell by rank
If enabled, you do not learn by ascending rank the magic of succubus like vanilla.


Alternative energy mode
The maximum value of the energy will not rise by succubus exp.
You can manually determine the maximum value.


Some fixes
Fixed waterwalk menu bug and warp away while transforming(maybe).
I feel that I did or anything else is, but I do not remember well.


Supports SSL1.5+
Rewrote some to work correctly with 1.5 +.
Maybe does not work in 1.3. I do not know well.


SoulGem Pregnancy
You will Impregnate a soul gem a chance when you have sex.
Soul gems grow by elapsing time, and you can oviposition at any time.
Soul gem size is as follows.
100 - 199 pitty, 200 - 399 small, 400 - 799 common, 800 - 1599 greater, 1600 - 2999 grand, 3000 black
The maximum number of fertile soul stone is 100.
You cannot oviposition soul gems that do not grow up to pitty.
You can interrupt the oviposition by pressing the Activate key.


Change transformed hair color settings
Changed the method of determining the color of the hair when transformed.
Sorry to trouble you, but please re-set that.


Added some options


Added a hotkey to turn off the energy bar and option change the color of the energy bar.
It may have been doing something besides but not in the memory.


Fixed some bugs
It's seems to have fixed what I remember, but I do not remember well anything about what I did.


Energy Bar
Display a bar indicating the Satiation Percentage.
Color changes by the threshold.
Can be set display position and threshold by the MCM.


Kissing Drain
"Kiss me" Dialog appears if you talk to people who are affected by the succubus calm / seduction


magic, or who relationship rank "Lover" with you.


During you are kissing, drain the energy of your Succubus Rank / 2 per second from he or she.
Does not drain any more if the hearth of him or her are depleted.
Kiss is terminated by pressing the Activate key.


iNeed Option
Semen Potion becomes the food of iNeed.
This is not required if you are not using the iNeed.


Drain Spell
Added the magic like the Vampiric drain of Vampire Lord and magic like the ordinary Vampiric drain.
The power will change by the Succubus Rank.



Budroi makes transform package.
Read the rules below, please send a private message.

1. to keep this page clean send the request in a PM.
2. In the PM you must include the files you want put together. I will not hunt down specific armors to make a pack for you.
2a. I would prefer if you seperated a mod and just send the file you want made into armor.
2b. but if you do not know how then send the whole mod.
2c. If the file you want to send is too big (over 100mb) loverslab wont allow the upload. In that case ONLY, i will hunt down the mod in question.
2d. At least send me a link to it though.
3. include the textures as well.
3a. If you do not send textures I will not create new texture paths and the armor will search for the textures in the default mods textures location.
4. This process is not quick. so please be patient.
5. I cannot convert an armor from one body type to another.
6. if your armor is broken up into parts and you want them merged that is fine.
6a. include in the request exactly what you want from each piece. ie: bikini bottom from armor X, bikini top from armor Y, shoulders from armor Z.
7. Be aware some armors that have what looks like separate parts in game might not actually have separate parts in the .nif.
7a. Vanilla armor conversions are most known for this. ie: blades armor has shoulder pads, chest piece, leggings but they are all 1 piece not 3.
8. I can mix and match pieces from different armors as long as the armors in question obey rule 7.
8a. I do not expect everyone to check the armors to adhere to rule 7 but if the armors you want merged do not adhere to rule 7 i will send a pm back to tell you so.
9. I can limitedly remake textures (as long as I have an original) in case the parts from armors x,y,z are all different colors.
10. requests will be handled on a first come first serve basis.
10a. When I receive a request and there is already a line I will respond with what # you are in that line.
11. I do have a life so I wont be checking my pm's every 2 seconds. I usually check 4-5 times a day.
12. I am offering this as a kindness so be respectful.
12a. If the armor doesn't turn out the way you wanted send me a pm detailing whats wrong (pictures appreciated) and i will ATTEMPT to fix it.
13. be aware sometimes I might forget a step in the process and an error will result because of it. In that case follow step 12a.
14. I personally use the ADEC (not CBBE) body and armors from here. If you do as well, you do not need to send the files (i already have them).
15. I do not intend to play skyrim forever so there will come a time when I withdraw this offer. I do not foresee that being anytime soon though.
15a. when the time comes I will stop taking new requests but i will finish whoever is still in line.
16. I am occasionally bad at wording things so if i respond to you and it comes off as rude I apologize. it is not my intention, usually.
17. If the mod developer Ojanen makes an requests of me, those will take precedence over those waiting in line.
17a. Unless he tells me hes in no hurry for them.
18. If Ojanen does not want me to do this i will revoke my offer immediately, WITHOUT finishing those in line.
19. all requests are for personal use only. you cannot upload these anywhere without the original mod authors permission.
20. I probably forgot something so i might update this post at a later time. you will know if i update anything because it will be listed under *edit*

How to become a succubus
Please execute become Succubus in the maintenance tab of the MCM menu.
I would like to make even lower-friendly events in the future.
In addition, you can not vampires, werewolves are at the same time as the succubus.
All diseases including Vampirism and Lycanthropy will be cured when you become a succubus.
In addition, it is no longer a succubus In the event of a Werewolf or vampire for some reason after you become succubus.


Custom race is not used because it is a cause of troublesome conflict. You can become a succubus in any race if women.
By using the custom races like Succubus indeed also be used vanilla race in order to respond to various events which can also.
However, it will ensure that race which does not correspond to the specification SexLab will die in hunger.
This mod does not give any change in the appearance of the PC.


Succubus Sex
You can drain Health as Energy from victim. Then raise relationship of them and you.
You can kill the victim in sex.


Energy you can drain is calculate by following equation:
(Your Vaginal or Anal or Oral or Bestiality sex stats) * 2 + Succubus EXP + 50 * Succubus Rank


Increasing relationship rank is is calculate by following equation:
(Value you can drain / 5 + Succubus rank * 20 ) %


If you enabled "Extract Semen Potion" option, then you can extract semen potions instead of drain life normally.
Quantity of semen potions you can extract is calculate by following equation:
Value you drained normally / 50
Fraction is truncated. And energy obtained by consuming it is only 35.


Succubus Energy
You can absorb energy as the Health of the other sex by SexLab.
You may have to live with that a variety of the energy in this mod.
You will continue to consume energy 14% of the daily maximum value. This percentage can be changed in the MCM.
Health, Magica, stamina, recovery rate of those, movement speed will change the ratio with respect to the maximum value of the energy by (Satiation).
And also this energy can be used to strengthen yourself and cast succubus magic.


The maximum value of the energy is calculated by the following equation:


If EXP 10 or Greater : 250 * √Succubus EXP
If EXP fewer than 10 : 60 * Succubus EXP + 200


This rises to every sex, you may hunger of a few percent may occur if you do not life or absorbed targeted Semen Potion.
You will be affected by the status satiety.
Increase or decrease value is calculated by the following formula.
Health : Base Health * (Satiation Percentage * 55 - 30)%
Magicka : Base Magicka * (Satiation Percentage * 65 - 25)%
Stamina : Base Stamina * (Satiation Percentage * 55 - 30)%


Health Rate : Base Health Rate * (Satiation Percentage * 150 - 80)%
Magicka Rate : Base Magicka Rate * (Satiation Percentage * 170 - 70)%
Stamina Rate : Base Stamina Rate * (Satiation Percentage * 150 - 80)%


Movement Speed : Base Speed * (Satiation Percentage * 70 - 30)%


And if you have no energy, then you suffered 2 damage/sec by starvation.
You can disable this feature.


Succubus Rank
There is a Succubus Rank of 1-8. And to learn magic to every rank rises, the succubus ability is enhanced.
I tried to make it above the 6, but because it is difficult to reach, and I believe 6's highest.
There is a need to increase the Succubus EXP to have sex and to increase the rank.
EXP that you would get is determined by the number of people who participated in the sex.
You can be set in the MCM to gained multipliers of EXP.
EXP necessary to rank rise is as follows.


Rank1 : 0, Rank2 : 10, Rank3 : 50, Rank4 : 100, Rank5 : 250, Rank6 : 500, Rank7 : 1000, Rank8 : 2000


Orgasm Effect
After you feel the orgasm, you will be strengthened for a while.
Effect time will be longer each time you masturbation.
Power of the succubus magic, weapon damage attack, the effect of armor, Alchemy, Enchanting, Smithing will be affected.


Succubus Magic and Power
You will learn some magic when you become succubus.
Most This has the same effect as those of a similar name of vanilla normal time, but a certain period of time effect will increase by greet the orgasm.
Whenever you cast succubus magic, you consume energy half of that spell's cost.


This is a list of magic to learn the rank.
Those with a Succu to the one having the same name as the vanilla This has the same effect as vanilla.

Energy Conversion (Magicka)
Energy Conversion (Health)
Succu Charming Aura
Succu Self Fascinates
Succu Seduction
Succu Night Eye
Create Penis
Succu Courage
Succu Fury
Succu Oakflesh


Succu Firebolt
Succu Ice Spike
Succu Lightning Bolt
Succu Calm
Succu Fear
Succu Fast Healing


Energy Conversion (Fortification)
Succu Rally
Succu Frenzy
Succu Heal Other
Succu Stoneflesh


Succu Fireball
Succu Ice Storm
Succu Chain Lightning
Succu Fascinating Aura
Succu Control Magic
Succu Close Wounds
Succu Ironflesh
Succu Hyper Drive


Succu Incinerate
Succu IcySpear
Succu ThunderBolt
Succu Pacify
Succu Rout
Succu GrandHealing
Succu Ebonyflesh


Succu FireStorm
Succu Blizzard
Succu Bounce Chain Lightning
Succu Irresistible Aura
Succu CallToArms
Succu Mayhem
Succu Harmony
Succu Hysteria



Succubus Ability
You get disease-resistant, Sneak, Bartar, Destruction, Illusion, and Magic Resistance fortification by being a succubus.
Each value is determined as follows.
Disease-resistant : 100%
Fortify Sneak : 20%
Fortify Bartar : Rank1 : 3%, Rank2 : 6%, Rank3 : 10%, Rank4 : 15%, Rank5 : 20%, Rank6 : 25%, Rank 7 : 30%, Rank8 : 40%
Fortify Destruction : 3 * Rank + √EXP
Fortify Illusion : 3 * Rank + √EXP
Magic Resistance : 2 * Rank + 0.5 * √EXP + 7


Skin, eyes, hair color, armor, shoes, gloves, horns, wings will change in transformation. To return to the original use again.
Can be change the setting to sow fear when transformed, and hostile the cities.
Transformation of each site can be switched in the MCM menu.
Armor, shoes, gloves, horns, wings are clothes.
Armor has succubus rank × 40 DR, and shoes and gloves have a succubus rank × 20 DR.
There is no grant of the special abilities of other currencies, by the transformation.


Meshes and textures are not included. Please put it in a folder and texture mesh you have something you want to use your own.
File needed to be transformed into the site of each is as follows.
If you would like to change the color of the skin at the time of the transformation, please change the color of the texture of the skin file.
Slot of Wings is 44, and Slot of Horn is 45, and Slot of Tail is 40. If you want to use the Slot If other, please create a patch using the Tes5Edit.

Succubus Boots


Succubus Cuirass


Succubus Gloves


Succubus Horns


Succubus Wings


Succubus Tail


Transform Body
Succubus Form
Human Form


Transform Eyes


Transform Hair



Jumping ability is increased When equipped wings, falling damage is reduced.
These values can be changed by Succubus EXP and Satiation.
It has been determined that the character is a "Wing" items that "wing" to the item name is or contains.
You need to prepare the wing up your own.


Jump height is calculated by the following formula.
Satiation Percentage * √√Succubus EXP * 136.8


Also, decrease the amount of falling damage is calculated by the following formula.


Satiation Percentage * √Succubus EXP * 80


How to Sex
I think that the use of add-on external basically, sex introduced a lore-friendly (may) also have been designed to some extent.
Sleeping Feed : You can have sex choices out when I talk to NPC you have sleep.
Mesmerize Feed : You can have sex choices out when I talk to people you multiplied by the calm magic of Succubus.
Force Feed : You can have sex choices out when I talk to the person you running away in the magic of fear or in Bleedout.
Also, I think Courage Succubus, function to generate the rape by the NPC that were affected by the Fury system magic sticks, but would I want to use Sexlab Defeat or Sexlab Submit is good basically because it does not only fairly bogus processing.


Succubus Match Maker
It is magic, such as the SSL Matchmaker to learn when it came to a certain level and when you became a succubus.
The difference between SSL Matchmaker loosely
Be ineffective only to the party Calm magic work
Be calm about 20 seconds from the start of the effect
That there is a magic range version
That there is no upper limit of the number of people
That process is appropriate slightly
Succu Fascinating Aura, Succu Irresistible Aura, Succu Charming Aura, Succu Self Fascinates
There is magic in question.




Ashal for SexLabFramework
ZaZ Chris for Gush effect




I am not able to write a little English, text of this mod also described one is also news from machine translation.
I think representation or unnatural, difficult to understand the meaning would be very high, perhaps.
It pointed out that such things, then the is welcome if you can Correct.
Old Change Log

- release
- Modification of Succubus Seduction and Bartar Skill
- Add EXP Gained Multipliers
- Fixed Bartar Skill Level 1
- Fixed a bug that hot key is not reloaded
- Fixed a bug that was the processing of Satiation calculation without a succubus in the processing of some
- Add files to MCM is displayed correctly in a language other than English
- Added Create Penis Self hot key
- ESMfied file added
- Added Spell like Matchmaker
- Added Drain Value Multipliers
- Added Auto Extract Semen Potions
- Added Drain setting of each position
- Stop combat with victim when Sleeping feed
- Notifications simplified
- Fixed Position acquisition at threeway sex
- Transform ability added
- More Dummy Translations file added
- Improvement of the processing of the matchmaker like spell
- Added Fear effect option when transform
- Added hostile option while transform
- Fixed a bug Transform Skin does not apply to elves
- Added Hair Transform
- Added Stark Reality Spell
- Fixed a bug NPC Rape function run even if disabled
- Added SexLab Aroused Plugin
- Transform skin need no meshes and textures anymore
- Added Succubus Drain Stamina Spell
- Added Succubus Fluid (Poison)
- Added Semen drinking animation
- Added option auto transform when hyperdrive
- Small fix from 2.07
- Aroused plugin esp ver
- Added some transform option
- Fixed Cure Werewolf bug
- Fixed PSQ Arousal Hostile bug
- Added some Aroused option
- Added toggle spell/ability MCM menu
- Some fixes
- Fixed Scale Change bug
- Fixed Arousal transform bug
- Added RND option
- Added Succubus Bound Bow
- Added Physical Weakness Option
- Added some options
- Fix to be had forgotten to change the BSA files to new one
- Added Energy Bar
- Added Kissing Drain
- Added Spell like Vampiric Drain
- iNeed Option
- Other somewhat
- Supports SSL1.5+
- Added SoulGem Pregnancy
- Change transformed hair color settings
- Added some options
- Fixed some bugs
- fixed translation files
- fixed sneak feed everything bug
- added toggle allow sneak feed option
- change internal processing of PSQ Match Maker
- small update for Sexlab Hormones
- Added summon succubus merchant spell
- Added option to not learn vanilla like spell by rank
- Added alternative energy mode
- Added disable force/sleep feed option
- Some fixes


What's New in Version 3.2.8a


  • 3.2.8a
  • Since it was released with the processing for debugging in, it was deleted.
  • It does not matter if you have not started a new game.
  • 3.2.8
  • Added Lure
  • 3.2.7a
  • changed belly scaling math of alternative Belly Scaling option
  • 3.2.7
  • UIExtensions Required
  • Changed Succbus Curse effect(Some require racemenu)
  • Succubus Familiar compatible with EFF
  • added alternative Belly Scaling option
  • Changed SexLab Tag Selector
  • 3.2.6
  • added Succubus Familiar
  • added tattoo directory (tattoo files needed)
  • 3.2.5a
  • added forgotten translation files
  • 3.2.5
  • Added Body Paint Option
  • 3.2.4
  • Added NiOverride compatibility
  • Succubus merchant has returned
  • Changed cum inflation settings - If auto leak checked, same as before, or If not checked, use leak semen power to leak.
  • Adjusted Succubus fluid - poison to increase arousal or Potion to restore magicka and increase arousal. It does not effect to player. Can be switch in cooking pot.
  • 3.2.2
  • Added RND & iNeed compatibility
  • RND: Install PSQ RND.esp and check enable
  • iNeed: Register iNeed in MCM Maintainance of PSQ
  • 3.2.1
  • mostly bug fix
  • Fixed
  • Destruction spell learning bug
  • Learning known spells consume energy bug
  • Jump height is not adequate at the time of loading bug
  • Jump height during the transformation release does not return bug
  • Bug to reduce and at low rank efficacy of succubus spell to transform
  • Added
  • Energy magnification and lover to be absorbed from the lover I have to be able to set the energy magnification to recover
  • Now Succubus can entering Soul Cairn
  • 3.2
  • Added Vanilla like succubus spells
  • Added Succubus Spell boost during transforming
  • Added energy consuming for succubus spells
  • 3.1
  • Added Fortify Destruction, Fortify Magicka
  • Added Futanari combat bonus
  • Cum Inflation Effect restore magicka continually
  • Equipping item with name "Plug" + "Vaginal" or "Set" prevents Cum Inflation decrement
  • Fixed Animated Dragon Wings bug
  • Real Flying Wing compatibility
  • Animated Fairy Wing compatibility
  • Real Flying Flying compatibility(Real Flying installation required)
  • Change jump height effect now not related satiation
  • Wing prevents falling damage 100%
  • Fixed NPC Energy calculation
  • Kissing drain power reduced
  • and maybe something
  • 3.0
  • many things
  • 2.91A
  • The necessary experiential value given too much highly was returned
  • 2.91
  • fixed some bugs and some changes
  • 2.9
  • A new version not compatible to the previous version.
  • It'll be beta edition of 3.0, but it's alpha rather than beta. When not understanding well, please don't use it.
  • 2.17
  • - Very small update
  • - Foursome compatibility with PSQ Matchmaker
  • - Added uto equip penis when transform option
  • - Deleted a dirty record
  • 2.16
  • - Compatibility with the soul gem pregnancy
  • - It seems I was doing something else, but it is completely forgotten
  • 2.15
  • - Fixed Sneak Feed issue
  • - Added Buff Settings to MCM
  • - Added Milking
  • - Other Something
  • 2.15a
  • - Fixed Succubus Merchant CTD Bug