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If you are just now tuning in, this is a pregnancy mod. Every time you sex about in Skyrim there is a chance you will get pregnant - with a soulgem. You can get pregnant with up to 6 gems, and over the course of 6 days they will slowly grow from nothing to black gems. Additionally, while pregnant, you will begin producing milk that when farmed will provide buffs. Each race produces milk with different buffs, which can be used as alchemy ingredients or cooked into stronger versions which provide the actual racial powers from the origin race. You birth the gems and have filled gems filled. I say filled, and then flavour it saying its the soul of the baby it isn't. Unless that's too morbid.


Soulgem Oven: The Third
~ Current Version: 310
~ See the latest change log for IMPORTANT NOTES.




These are non-negotiable.

  • SKSE 1.7.3
  • ZaZ Animation Pack 6.07+ (6.11+ suggested)
  • UIExtensions (not, Extended UI)
  • SexLab 1.6.1+ OR SexLab 1.59c with PapyrusUtil 3.1 overwriting.
  • Racemenu 3.4.4 OR NiOverride 3.4.4


New Features of SGO3
This is a 100% new codebase.



SGO 3 contains [almost] all of the features of SGO2, plus...


Scaling is done by NiOverride now. This means SGO3 will not only play nice with other mods using NiOverride, but it will also work with Racemenu. No need for the body reset spells anymore.


All new actor tracking system. No longer uses AOE (cloaks, SGO2 was actually a cherrybomb not a cloak but it does not matter) to calculate progression. All actors are now processed one at a time in queue. This means if you fill an inn with 70 pregnant hookers your game will no longer explode trying to update them all at the exact same time. Any framerate loss experienced when doing weird things like that now are just your computer being unable to handle 70 hookers in the same room pregnant or not.


All the spells are gone, replaced with 1 Lesser Power called "SGO | Main Menu" using this spell while standing close enough to an NPC to have their name show up will target that NPC and open a wheel menu providing all the available options. Using it without an NPC targeted will use it upon yourself. This wheel menu now has options where you can on a per Actor basis, disable things like getting pregnant or just disable the scaling for that one actor.


Milks are alchemy ingredients now, drinking them will restore a percentage of your health/stamina/magicka. Cooking 3 of the milks from the same race into 1 potion will create a potion that provides the same Racial Power as the race they came from, so, for example, cooking 3 Dunmer milks into 1 Jug will give you a potion that heals and gives you their flame cloak race power for 60 seconds. The difference here is, they are not limited to once per day.


You can now transfer gems from and NPC to yourself, or the other way around. Custom animation for that created by llabsky. You can also insert gems you find laying around to grow them more.


Having milk in your boobs will increase your speech so vendors will give you better prices. Having gems in your belly will encumber you and make you move slower. These are options in the MCM default enabled.


SGO3 has a rather extensive and documented modding API so that you can actually make mods for SGO without editing SGO. In addition, it is now possible to add custom races to SGO which give custom milk. This has not yet been documented, but in the near future I will release an example probably succubus or whatever is the one people are always asking for.



Upgrading From SGO2 to SGO3
How to perform a reasonably safe and clean upgrade.



  • Uninstall SGO 2.
  • Open the game, Load your save, save your save, quit the game.
  • Open the save with SaveTool
  • Delete all scripts beginning with the prefix "sgo_"
  • Save the save with SaveTool.
  • Install SGO 3 and go.



Feature List
All the things this mod does.



  • SexLab pregnancy - get pregnant from sex.
  • Birth Soulgems, Milk Milks.
  • Fertility cycle that modifies pregnancy chance.
  • Actor tracking without cloaks for calculation.
  • Control biological functions for each NPC individually if you want.
  • New Lesser Power to replace all the spells.
  • Milks and Semen are now alchemy ingredients which are tuned to be on par with the best of the alchemy ingredients in the game. You can still eat them to heal.
  • Milks can be Cooked into a potion that heals and provides the racial power from the race they came from.
  • Custom races can be added which give custom milks.
  • NiOverride scaling.
  • Blush When Aroused integration.
  • Multiple birthing animations to choose from.
  • Transfer gems from NPC to PC or PC to NPC with new animation by llabsky.
  • Modding API and Event toolset so various things can be modded by mods.
  • Dependency checks, so it should bitch at you if you failed.
  • Level alchemy by milking yourself, level enchanting by birthing gems yourself.
  • Insert gems to incubate them into bigger gems.
  • Boobs fill of milk will give you better prices at vendors.
  • Belly full of gems will encumber you.
  • You gain health and mana from gems.
  • Getting hit can cause damage to the gems.
  • Breasts drip milk when more than half full.
  • SexLab stripping.
  • Proper Futa support.
  • Stats about gem growing, births, milks, etc.
  • Per-character achievements.



My Body Is Not Scaling
Here we go again.



This is because your body is missing the weights it needs. Start up Bodyslide, choose UUNP HDT, UUNP Special, or CBBE HDT, choose a shape you like, hit build and go. I hear that if you choose CBBE you may need to drag the "Big Belly" slider up to like 10-20% before building to give it some distance from the node to actually make scaling visible. You will need to use Armors which have belly weights, or bodyslide projects so you can mass add the weight, or manually add the weights to armors that do not have any if you also want to see armors expand.


Also in the download sections I have included the UUNP 7B body I am using, which has my specially crafted belly paint so that pregnancy looks nice. You can install that as a separate mod in MO, it includes the body, hands, and feet. If you are using my body and still not seeing scaling while naked then you have some other problem that is out of the scope. You can try asking on the forum, other users have been trying to help eachother out. General rule of thumb is that if you feel like it is being way too hard to get working, then you are trying way too hard, because it is easy I promise.


I don't care if you use CBBE, try my body if you are having problems. The texture will look stupid but you will know if you have bigger problems or not.



Frequently Asked Questions
Please check this list before hitting the support thread.



1) My milk leak textures are not showing.

You need SGO 301 or newer and you need available overlay slots. These are the same slots used for tattoos and Blush When Aroused. If you are not seeing milk leaking when 50% or more full of milk, you either have overlays disabled or you do not have any available slots. You can increase the number of available slots in the skse\plugins\nioverride.ini file. Change the number of iNumOverlays to be more than you have now.


To verify in-game, do `showracemenu` in the console and open up the body paints section. You should see a few items saying "Default" and that means they are free. When SGO applies the milk leak texture you will see "milk-leak" listed in this list. If you do not see any "Default" or "milk-leak" in this list then you have no free slots so you need to free one or increase the number in the nioverride.ini. Increase iNumOverlays, you can leave iSpellOverlays alone.


[Overlays/Body] ; "Body [Ovl#]" and "Body [sOvl#]"
; Determines how many body overlays there should be
iNumOverlays=6 ; Default[6]
iSpellOverlays=1 ; Default[1]



2) How to setup TV/Futa/Hybrid genders?

Since v309 SGO3 has what I am calling proper hybrid gender support. For this to work you need to have SexLab 1.62 or newer, and done MCM > SGO > General > Restart Mod after updating. From that point on it will detect when SexLab genders are changed. When SexLab says you are male you will produce and spread semen, when SexLab says you are female you will produce milk and gems, and the switching of
genders will not cause loss of progress.


To maintain biological features regardless of gender first pick your primary and tell SexLab that is what you are. For example if you feel the character is primarily and usually female but with a penis then go to SexLab, make sure it says female, and then use the SGO Main Menu Actor Options and enable Insemination for your character. From that point on semen production will be locked on no matter what happens until you disable it. Same goes in reverse, if you tell SexLab you are primarily male but want to produce gems still then enable the gems in the actor options. Note if all you want is to enable milk, it will work, but currently there are no mods that stimulate milk production without being pregnant, at least not yet, until I finish MSE.


NOTE - scenes involving more than two actors will still have interesting results on who gets pregnant. Lets say there is one male and two females (and by female i mean, able to produce gems) but the animation only had penetration on one of them, most likely both females will still get pregnant because there is really no good way to know who is doing what to who with the animation system...



Race Milk Powers
What the milks do for alchemy and cooking.



If you are sure you really want to know without just playing the game and discovering them...

Raw Milks (Alchemy)
Mix, match, and discover just like normal. Plus you can eat them to get some healing instead.

  • Altmer - Regenerate Magicka, Fortify Illusion, Fortify Alteration
  • Argonian - Regenerate Health, Waterbreathing, Fortify Lockpicking
  • Bosmer - Cure Disease, Fortify Archery, Fortify Light Armour
  • Breton - Resist Magic, Fortify Conjuration, Regenerate Magicka
  • Dunmer - Resist Fire, Fortify Destruction, Lingering Damage Health
  • Imperial - Fortify Persuasion, Fortify Restoration, Vulnerability to Poison
  • Khajiit - Fortify Barter, Fortify Sneak, Fortify Pickpocket
  • Nordic - Resist Frost, Fortify Two-Handed, Fear Poision
  • Orsimer - Fortify Two-Handed, Fortify One-Handed, Fortify Block
  • Redguard - Regenerate Stamina, Cure Poison, Fortify One-Handed


Cooked Milks (Cooking)
All Jugs of Milk heal for 200 health/stamina/magicka, as well as provide the following racist powers. The powers are [mostly] the same ones that all the races get that are one time use per day, except you can use them more than once per day just by drinking this stuff.

  • Altmer - Magica Regenerates 25x faster for 60 seconds.
  • Argonian - Waterbreathing for 60 seconds.
  • Bosmer - Cure Poision, Cure Disease.
  • Breton - Absorb 50% of the magicka from hostile spells for 60 seconds.
  • Dunmer - 10 dps flame cloak for 60 seconds.
  • Imperial - Calm: nearby people stop fighting for 60 seconds.
  • Khajiit - Unarmed damage increased by 12 (not sure if it scales yet) for 60 seconds.
  • Nordic - Battle Cry: Enemies flee for 60 seconds.
  • Orsimer - Berserker Rage: increases damage delt and taken for 60 seconds.
  • Redguard - Stamina regenerates 10x faster for 60 seconds.



Modding API
How you can alter the way Soulgem Oven operates without editing any of it.



Events API (View Documentation)
These are designed to be informational so you can do things when soulgem oven says it does things.


ModActorValue API (View Documentation)
This API will let you mod things like how many gems can be carried, how fast they grow, etc etc etc.


Adding Custom Races with Custom Milks and Semens (Coming Soon)
SGO3 has been designed so that you can add races which give custom milks.


Add/Remove things like Gems or Milks via Scripting (Coming Soon)
SGO3 has been designed so that you can programatically interact with the actor's biological functions.




  • 2016-11-24 - v310 - Happy Thanksgiving Gobble Me

  • holy fak have i been sitting on this update for a while.

  • detect a character's gender if it has sos applied to it - meaning attempting to detect tg/futa automatically better. code to make this happen contributed by cetuximab.

  • determine who is pitching and who is catching during sex - meaning attempting to prevent futas from inseminating themsevles and other weird things like that. code to make this happen contributed by tanookitamatachi.

  • if those two features make your day better please thank those two community minded incubators for contributing the code two months ago. both are features i have been putting off for forever.

  • stats tracking. sgo now tracks how many gem stages a character has incublated, how many they have birthed, how much milk they have produced, how many milks have been milked, how many gems have been inserted, how many gems have been transferred, how many gems were conceived naturally.

  • stats page in mcm to view gamewide sums.

  • stats option on wheel menu to view per character stats.

  • per character achivements:
    ~ Moo Moo - Milk 100 bottles of milk - character will produce milk 10% faster.
    ~ Incubator - Grow 100 levels worth of gems - character will grow gems 10% faster.
    ~ Unbirthing - Insert 100 gems - character max gems increased by 1

  • milk should drop from the front of the character rather than pop out their ass.

  • weight scale dampener options. looks at the characters current weight (think: racemenu weight slider) to dampen the math that does the scaling of the belly and the breasts a bit. this will help prevent characters which are max weight from having breasts the size of jarl balgruuf's ego while characters at min weight from having little effect. the result should be that bellys and breasts scale more reasonable across the board.



  • 2016-08-27 - v309

  • support for sexlab gender swapping.
  • --- requires sexlab 1.62 to work.
  • --- may need to swap genders once or twice before it fully kicks in.

  • rewrote biological function checker.
  • --- when sexlab says you are male you will produce semen and get people pregnant. when it says you are female you will produce milk/gems and not get people pregnant. you will not lose either when swapping. to keep all features of a sex regardless of sexlab gender force enable them in the actor wheel menu.

  • if 1 is the only valid option when inserting gems, just insert the gem instead of asking how many.

  • new option enabled by default: use sexlab for stripping. sgo will use the sexlab config to strip all the slots sexlab normally strips when milking/birthing/inserting/whatever.

  • 2016-05-16 - v308

  • Birthing menu has been replaced with "Ultrasound Menu" which will show what gems are currently inside. You still cannot birth specific ones. That submenu now is the one that contains Induce Labour option as well.

  • Fixed SGO Main Menu showing "Not Pregnant" when the gems do not weigh anything yet.

  • 2016-05-08 - v307

  • fix Altmer milk strength to match the racial power instead of 1/25th of the racial power.

  • Insert Menu: indicators of full or empty gems (< > empty, <=> full).

  • Insert Menu: indicator of how many of each gem type you have.

  • Insert Menu: bulk inserting. it will calculate the maximum number that can be done and then ask you if that is what you want using UIExtensions Text Input

  • 2016-04-07 - v306

  • gem birthing physics are more sane. believe it or not havok is barely touching them. what bit they move is just the gem trying to get out of the player hitbox and it actually always was. thats why turning off kick felt like it did nothing.

  • removed 2 birthing animations (4 and 8) which were very very very problematic for physics sorry.

  • added Belly Bonus effect - you get bonus health and mana based on how mature the gems you are, and it scales with your level. at level 1 you get max 5 bonus. at level 100 you get max 250 bonus. default enabled you can turn it off in the immersion section of mcm. you wont see it come on (or go away) until the next time the actor gets updated.

  • added Belly Damage effect - taking damage could break gems down to earlier states. power/bash attacks have a greater chance to cause harm. blocking the attack will completely negate this effect. default enabled you can turn it off in the immersion section of mcm, and configure the chances and max damage. setting damage to 1 means it will lose 1 full stage each time it takes damage. when it takes damage, which specific gem takes damage, and how much damage it takes, is all purely random. you wont see it come on (or go away) until the next time the actor gets updated.

  • set jugs of milk to weight of 2 from apparently 0 before.

  • 2016-04-03 - v305
  • fix Altmer milk effect lasting 0 seconds instead of 60 (racial: mana regen)
  • when disabling belly/breast/ball scalling in actor options, their size will be reset to default.
  • when disabling gem/milk/semen production in actor options, their current data will be deleted and size reset to default.

  • 2016-04-01 - v304
  • fix empty messages on gem progress.
  • only update breast/belly immersion effects if the numbers were recalculated.
  • fixed pick up sounds for bottles and jugs
  • fixed bottles using jug model
  • fixed jugs not having any model...
  • renamed sexual healing to calcium enrichment because that was a stupid name. still does the same health/stam/mana restore.
  • added option to change at what point breasts start leaking, default 80% full
  • added option to clear leaking immdiately after milking default enabled
  • implemented spinlocking for potentially crashy situations
  • implemented new garbage collector for dealing with shit the game deleted on us
  • support for Display Model 2


What's New in Version 310


  • added faq about tv/futa setup

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