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Continuation of Slaverun Reloaded's Enforcer. Adds features to enslaved cities, including NPC group sex & sexier outfits for women. Also, bugfixes, performance & compatibility improvements, and so much more. This mods builds upon the slavery laws, increasing their impact on the citizens and Player. The goal is to make the Enforcer more engaging, and for the city atmosphere to feel like the premise. You can add this mod to your existing Slaverun playthrough. Or start a new game.


Backstory and Premise

Civil war made Skyrim take an ugly turn. As men fight, women become outlets for their lust and frustration. Whiterun develops into the center of a new female slave trade. Thereafter it is commonly known as Slaverun. Misogynistic slavery laws take hold and begin spreading to other cities. Any female without wealth or resources to safeguard herself can be enslaved. Men start having sex with slaves in the city streets.


What is the Slaverun Enforcer?

When a city falls to slavery the Enforcers take over. They begin enforcing new laws on the female populace. These laws are customizable in the MCM menu. Default settings and Outfit Themes will strip poor and weak willed females of their clothes and enslave them. Men will have sex with slaves as often as they desire. On the street, in the markets, the inns, and keeps. The women who remain Free do not completely escape manly lust. Depending on your settings they might be given sexier clothes to wear, asked to give blowjobs, or get treated little different than slaves.


New Features

  • Quality of life improvements to make Slaverun more compatible with other quests and story mods. Includes major performance improvements, bug fixes, and miscellaneous tweaks.
  • Give women sexy clothes or bondage devices from other mods. The clothes given can vary based on the region.
  • Males can have sex with multiple females at once. Plays MFF - MFFFF animations.
  • Any slave can be gangbanged. MMF - MMMMF animations.
  • Hooded Slaver Guards at the entrance of towns intercept all incoming female NPCs and demand a blowjob. Before only the player was intercepted.
  • Pairs considerably more horny males and available females. Everywhere you go a SexLab animation can already be playing. It no longer feels like the player is the primary slave in Slaverun, all slaves behave like the player would have.
  • A sneaking player can avoid lustful men. But be careful. Females sneaking is against Slaverun law. MCM punishment settings apply.
  • Extensively customizable logic for determining who remains free and who is automatically enslaved.

20+ miscellaneous features:



  • NPCs from neighboring cells can be included in Enforcer runs. Distance customizable in MCM. This dramatically increases the number of SexLab animations you will see.
  • Added MCM options.
    • Slider to decrease how frequently the player is called versus other NPCs. You might find you want this as animations play constantly now.
    • Option for Basic Roleplay Notifications. This replaces commentary about how the player must be feeling with basic information about their recent experience. It accommodates more diverse roleplay options. Sometimes the commentary conflicted with your head canon.
    • Button to reset all NPC outfits back to their original.
    • Separate stripping options for boots and gloves.
    • Sliders for how often some animation tags play for Free Women or Slaves. Free Women can give blowjobs 0 - 100% of the time. Slaves can be 0 - 100% Anal.
    • Option to Skip Beast Races in the Enforcer. Functions the same as the Skip Old People setting.
    • Hotkey for showing Slaverun statistics will also toggle the enforcer on or off. Useful if you need to temporarily disable the Enforcer for a quest.
  • Now extremely rare that a conversation is interrupted by Slaverun. Major improvements when it comes to detecting who the player is currently talking to. Also prevents interruptions when player has the map open or a similar menu.
  • Increased compatibility with other story mods. Fewer interruptions of NPCs that are in scenes.
  • The Confidence ActorValue for male followers affects how often they will demand sex. Less confident followers will rarely ask the player or others for sex. Fully confident followers will bang you whenever they please. The result is that you might find some male followers more appealing companions than others.
  • Females are treated how they are dressed. When dressed as a Free woman ordinary men treat a female as free.
    • Slavers are not as naive as the common man. If the player is actually a slave, but dressed as a free woman, they will see through this disguise and punish you.
    • If MCM is set to automatically strip NPCs your outfit theme can limit this to only poor and weak-willed women. They will be enslaved while wealthy women and adventurers walk free. Or you can strip everyone. During installation choose the Outfit Theme that is right for you.
  • Sleeping males are ignored for SexLab animations. Better for thief playthroughs and the like.
  • Sitting actors are made available for SexLab animations. The location of this animation will take place in an open area of the room rather than clipping through a chair.
  • Increased variety when nearby actors are paired together. No more "Pike chooses Greta" every single time.
  • Improved scheduling of the next Enforcer run to happen more consistently at your MCM interval setting.
  • Major performance improvements. Also some MCM sliders can improve performance even more if needed. The Enforcer is also much lighter on your script load when you are outside of a Slaverun city. Might help if you ever crashed during combat in the wilderness.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs from the original. Particularly ones that prevented animations from starting or the Enforcer from finding available actors. NPC animations play more frequently in this version.

Installing / Upgrading

First install Slaverun Reloaded (SE or LE) and its requirements. Then install this mod with a later priority. It overwrites some of Reloaded's files. Activate this mods .esp files in your mod manager. Detailed instructions and links to all of the required mods.


Upgrading midway into a Slaverun playthrough

  1. Before installation go to an area that is not enslaved and wait for the "This location is free from nudity law" notification.
  2. Save there.
  3. Exit and install the new version.
  4. Load the game and resume your save. Visit the Enforcer pages of the MCM menu as some settings may have changed.


Uninstall & Downgrade

Follow the steps outlined in the FAQ.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Why are you calling it "Standsalone"? First, the Slaverun premise stands alone as the best story mod concept in all of Skyrim. In my opinion of course. This is why I spend so much time adding to it. Second, many people have requested a standalone version of the Enforcer. Reloaded is a great mod. Unfortunately its still in beta. And unlikely to ever be completed. So I am slowly working towards decoupling the Enforcer from the parent mod. Each new version moves this mod closer towards that goal. One day I will be able to remove Reloaded as a required dependency. Will still maintain compatibility with it though.
  • How can I skip Reloaded's story quests and enslave all of Skyrim? Enable Cheats in the MCM options menu. This gives you a [Cheat] dialogue option when a Reloaded quest starts. One of the earliest cheat options is to skip the entire story and jump straight to Skyrim being enslaved. That activates the Enforcer in all cities. Once the story is over the only thing left running is basically the Enforcer. The compatibility patches included here make the Enforcer a lot less likely to conflict with other mods. Since you skipped the story quests you skipped past all of Reloaded's bugs. Reloaded is still in Beta of course. It includes a fair number of bugs in its story quests.

More frequently asked questions and some tutorials can be found here.

Credits & Thanks

@pchs for the original Slaverun mod and permission to build follow-up mods.

@WaxenFigure for the original Slaverun Enforcer scripts.

@Kenjoka for the herculean effort that went into the Reloaded version. Also thanks to the Devious Devices crew, Zaz Animation Pack, and the other mods that Reloaded is built atop of.


You certainly have my permission to make modifications of my modifications. But be sure to give the afore mentioned folks credit. They did all the hard work.

Edited by kaxat

What's New in Version 0.7


  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue when the Player is a Slaver. The MCM setting for how often to play a scene was not being honored. Scenes were playing 100% of the time. Thanks to @Balrog899 for reporting this.
  • Minor bug fixes
    • Added missing zbf keywords to ZAP theme. Thanks to @HabibHanson for the report.
  • Misc
    • Improved debug messaging when the Enforcer can not load JSON files. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Now includes a variety of messages.


More info: Changelog (Version History) | Roadmap (Future Plans) | Known Bugs

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