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  1. I hope everything is good at your house. You are thought of often. Stay sharp. Thank you.

  2. Hello, I have been working on some fixes for slaverun SE, mostly actors not following in scenes, some scripting etc.

    * What are the permissions on this work?

    * Are you working on a new version Kenjoka? If so I'd rather wait for you instead. Otherwise, I could post the fixes


    Thank you for this mod.

    Best Regards!

    1. Nymra


      kenjoka is now not online for months (last is july 2019). 

      I think you are save to just upload what you have. Note that slaverun is originally from pchs so you should name both him and kenjoka.


      I was going to do some editing for slaverun too, at least things I can do in Tes5edit (for example I changed the custom slave pose and whipping pose). 
      I also thought about reworking the complete dialoges, also cutting them down massively, lol. 
      But yeah, time is of the essence :(

    2. Catnapper2


      Karfio, is there going to be a fix for Bellamy Horse? Whenever anything is triggered for him either through the mod itself, through creature arousal, and even riding him causes the game to crash.

  3. Would also like to see SlaveRun final version :)

  4. Please come back, Slaverun is waiting :D

  5. My only issue is that the sex animations/poses are the only ones that don't trigger, they get either skipped over or stuck my character in the situation of being unable to move or interact. Would you please help me with some troubleshooting? I use Vortex as the mod manager and play Skyrim SE.


  6. Hello, I can't find  Appropos mod after I downloaded your file, and you didn't mark it in the post, which makes me very distressed. Could you tell me the download address of this mod?

  7. hey sir i am a huge fan of your mod but i have some questions


    1. how do i get to be a slaver as a female?

    2. for the gladiator quest, is there a way to do that before becoming a slave since the mcm lists enslavement as a consequence of defeat

    3. is there a way to turn the nudity law off, or alter it in the mcm?
    4. some of the requirements aren't available anymore, is there any way to find them?


    oh and if i could suggest an idea, maybe a lezdom slave  option/quest or even a seperate mod. that'd be nice



    anyways thank you for this great mod sir :D

  8. Hello Kenjoka. None of the animations are working for slaverun for me. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it


  9. Hello Kenjoka, I have a problem using the Slaverun mod. You see, I have downloaded all of the needed mods, I can see the mod in "Mods", but I cannot see it in Mod Configuration. What do I do?

  10. Hey Kenjoka:
        I played through and enjoyed Slaverun Reloaded.  It was a little more hardcore then i would prefer, but it was well done and played through with little or no trouble.  I have had it loaded for subsequent playthroughs more to set the tone of a skyrim with slavery then as a quest mod.  Lately I have been thinking about rebuilding the original slaverun into a softercored background mod.  I don't have any prior modding experience, so I really don't know what it would take or what I would be getting myself into.  
        There are things from your mod that I really like, (the nudity law, the enforcer, the autostripper) and things that I find frustrating, primarily that any low level shoeshine boy/book keeper type NPC can strip and sex your Dragonborn, high level hero character, and there really isn't a thing you can do about it.
        So my thoughts have been "what can I  or would I change if I wanted to rebuild a different version.  How much work would it be to make essentially a mod that altered more the mood of the game then the details.  I realized that you have already made a lot of the stuff I would like to incorporate in such a mod, and that it would really be in the details of how those things where brought about.  An example of that would be the way you are stripped by any nobody NPC.  I would change that so that the local guards would come and instead of arresting you they would give you the opportunity to strip and after the second or third time a fine.  After that you might be publicly flogged and/or tattoed or even raped in the stocks.  But the Key element to it would be that you would get the opportunity to go quietly, (like an arrest) or you could fight and be killed or get a bounty on your head.  
        If I did go ahead with this idea, it would parallel the basics of your mod in some ways but would be more of a flavor mod to add a softer version of the flavor of Slaverun, without the quests, the Colosseum or your NPC's, but adding the nudity laws, enforcers and auto stripper and possibly more.  My thoughts were to make it so it would need the absolute minimum of required mods, but so it would recognize mods but not require them.  My idea was more along the line of Amorous Adventures, which you can play without sexlab or OSA, but it recognizes and uses them if you have them.  The slavery laws would be more a threat then a reality although it could be tied into Simple Slavery if you pushed things with the laws and the gaurds too far.
        I like the idea of not all the towns having the nudity laws, and/or the nudity laws not invading spaces like the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Dawnstar, or the Ragged Flagon in Riften.  That sort of thing could be set up in an MCM menu.  I like the idea of a more public slave auction where NPC slaves are bought and sold and led away by thier new owners, but again, it would be more to add flavor to the game and be more a backdrop.
        One problem I have noticed with the auto stripper is when you are riding a horse.  My character will stand up on the horse and strip, and then the only way I have found to dismount is to move my character with the console to some other location or NPC, "ie. player.moveto".  It occured to me that if you ran the quick dismount tag, (from Convenient Horses) before the auto stripper, that could solve the problem.  
        I don't know what the ethics of the stuff I am talking about are, and I certainly don't want to steal someone elses work.  I also don't know what you intend to do, or if you are already doing something like I am talking about.  So I thought that contacting you and explaining things might be a good first step.  I have no wish to step on your toes or steal your work or anyone else's work for that matter, but I am also under the impression that people don't mind you using thier work as a resource so long as you give them credit due.
        It would be great to hear your thoughts and/or idea's or even constructive criticism on what I am thinking.
    Have a great day
    Dan "aka sattyre"

  11. you have to build these in the workbench... but I agree that it is a bug, Gustus will send you to build them first before your training continues there
  12. No, oldrim will still be my development platform, but now it takes me about 15 to 30 minutes to create an SE version of any new oldrim version SE version is up... I did not test much but until Riverwood quest everything looks fine ... fixed 2 bugs in the beta 1, maybe in 2 or 3 weeks there will be a beta 2
  13. View File This is my first SE version of Slaverun Reloaded. I will add some more descriptions here soon, for now look here at the Oldrim file --------------------------------------------------- old descriptions Latest change: 03-06-2018 Slaverun V3.0 Beta 1 : so here it is finaly: the beta version of V3 where I tried to fix as many bugs as possible there are no big changes and fixes, but here is a list - finished the Finn quest - finished the bounty hunters - finished the slave gladiator training - added a chance (configure in MCM) that a slaver gets raped too - slaver has to report back to (if active in MCM) - a slaver can quit his job now and get a normal free person again BUT PLEASE READ MY COMMENT HERE BEFORE INSTALLING Latest change: 14-02-2018 Slaverun V3.0 Alpha 3 (was not planned) fixes a problem with the Colosseum funfair quest; it also adds the missing animations for the crawling feature (credit goes to DarkAngel1265 (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/33097) . They are optional in the fomod installer, if you install them don't forget to run FNIS. 14-02-2018 uploaded Slaverun V3.0 Alpha 2c which is only a patched esp for : just intall over alpha 2 to overrite your esp (fixes bug with free woman blocked in arena quest when talking to Bellamy, Gustus and Quintus) 11-02-2018 I uploaded Alpha 2 version of Slaverun V3.0 08-01-2018 I uploaded Alpha 1 version of Slaverun V3.0. BUT PLEASE READ MY COMMENT HERE BEFORE INSTALLING Latest change: 28-12-2017 Slaverun V2.1.3 - fixing not doing sexlab calls because Zaz Framework 8.0 results true for isanimating when npc uses furniture - try to fix heavy deivces like yoke and armbinder for DD V 4.0 24-11-2017 Slaverun V2.1.2 - enabled usage of Zaz Framework 8.0 - removed haircoloring for slaves with yps fashion framework New prequest: Notes for Slaverun Reloaded 2.1 New prequest: the Slaverun Mainquest will now not be started the first time you start a game with active slaverun esp file. A new prequest will now be started by courier. After the new prequest is done the mainquest will start as usual. Wedding quest: The wedding quest is totaly optional. In this quest you will get visit from your family. Your family members (5 NPCs) will be Nord and Breton race. So if you are playing a non-human race and are annoyed by this, just don't play this quest. You have more then one option to skip or abort it! As I said it is optional Conditions to start the wedding quest: - you are a slave - Windhelm slavery quest is finished - faction with Bellamy must have been at least once at 20 and now > 15 - DeadslaveWalking quest must have been proceeded where you have done enough whiterun tasks and enough arena fights to make Slave master Pike rethink his execution plans (you can do this by easy by activating the ingame cheat option); for this the faction with Pike must now also be 20 (= most submissive as possible) - once who have started and aborted the whitewedding1 quest by telling Pike your parents are dead, the wedding quest can not be retriggered Notes for Slaverun Reloaded 2.0 Very Important. - the latest patch 2.04 reqires and checks at startup for ZAZ Animation Pack V7, you can find it here - Version 2.0 has more hard dependencies than 1.x, if you have a CTD at startup you probably missed one, please do yourself something good and use a TOOL like Wyrebash or MO to find out what you are missing - Version 2.0 has a storymode flag in MCM Menu which is by default disabled. With storymode off, scenes will be shorter, less text is displayed, and skipped. I recommend playing with storymode on, but I guess more people don't want to read text and there is realy a lot of it in v2 Here is a list of ids and names of the complete slave quests, in case you need them , yes there are more than in v1 Slaverun Reloaded This mod was inspired by the original Slaverun mod: The authors pchs and WaxenFigure did a fantastic job. But since the mod wasn't updated in a long time and with major updates for other mods as well as new content rolling out, compatibility problems began to pop up for a lot of people. I wanted to fix this, so I learned to use CK (and am still learning). Eventually I realized that in order to rid the mod of all of it's issues, I had to recode it from scratch. And while I was there, I figured I might as well expand on it's potential. So expand on it I did. A lot. Version 1.x of Slaverun Reloaded is finished with a slave and slaver questline for all cities (in my opinion), but I am sure not bugfree. I will make bugfix releases for 1.0, but there will be no new features in this version. I continue working on Slaverun Reloaded V2 Beta which will have new features, new quests and also new dependencies (see the forum thread for more details) What is this mod about: "Civil war has turned Skyrim bad. As men fight, women become victims of their rage and lust. Whiterun, now commonly called Slaverun, became a center of female slave trade. Every unwealthy female without resources to keep herself safe may become a victim of enslavement." (quote from original mod) In the original mod, when you arrive at Whiterun, the town is already enslaved, and if you're a female Dragonborn, you might end up as part of the inventory. A nice little slave training quest followed. All of this is still intact (and fixed). Here is where the mod was expanded. The mod starts automatically when activated, but the town has not changed, you get a quest to go to the Jarl of Whiterun instead. After the prologue quest you have choices: - Get enslaved as a female but with resistance. Your slave trainer has a particular fondness for rebellious slaves, he didn't buy all those torture devices for nothin'. (This is the female slave questline. You will have to do a lot of quest for your slave master. Status: finished) - Get enslaved without resistance or voluntarily and you will get a normal slave training. Good girl. (Also the female slave questline, just the beginning differs a little bit) - Comply with the new law but remain free (all other options remain available). I suggest you bring your favorite killing skill up to max fast cuz otherwise we all know where you will end up. (You stay free, but have to obey the "women naked" law. City after city will fall autimatically under slavery, but you will do nothing about that, there are no quests for you!) - Male player characters can join the slavery organization if you like. Oh you know you do, I don't even know why I made this optional. (This is the male slaver questline, you work as a slaver and will do quests for the slave master. Status: finished - If you happen to be a strong woman you can kick the slavers' asses and start to work in the slavery organisation despite having the vagina box checked on the equipment tab. Who knows, you may end up making your would be master into your own personal bitch. Charma is fun. (This is the female slaver questline, you work as a slaver and will do quests for the slave master. This questline is nearly identical to the male slaver questline. Status: finished Right now the female submissive story is functionally complete. It will send you onto a long quest to enslave the whole of Skyrim for your slave masters. It has three different endings depending on your choices. It may recieve more polishing later. The dominant player questline is now also finished and has two different endings. Both the slave and slaver quests will eventually implement the laws layed down in Whiterun by the original mod in every hold capital + Riverwood. Things you should know BEFORE installing the mod: - This mod is now released in a version 1.0, For me this version runs pretty good, but of course there a some bugs still hidden and compatibility is always a problem. I will make bugfixes in this version, but no further features. New features will all be in a beta of V2.0, which will come soon. If you expect a bug-free and polished mod like Falskaar, this mod will as big a disappointment to you as you are to your parents. - Quests are still being worked on, content is still being added. Don't play with a save that you care about. Once an update rolls out, it may well be that you have to start over from a point where the mod was not started yet. - This mod will change the world forever, even after the main quest is finished. Keep that in mind before you begin. - If you don't want your female Dragonborn to get tortured and have lot of sex with things both humanoid and not so humanoid (and I do mean a LOT), don't play. I'm serious, you'll be fucking for hours. - Strong language should not offend you. If it does, the fuck are you doing here. - Some of the quests for the submissive story line assume you are neither Orc, Argonian nor Khajiit. There is nothing preventing you from playing as these races but odd things will happen. You have been warned. - If you plan on continuing to play vanilla quests in enslaved cities, this is entirely possible. But beware. If the enforcer options are toggled on, things may break vanilla quests in new and exciting ways (e.g. try using the Staff of Magnus in the college after it has been enslaved during the Arch Mage quest line. Tolfdir will troll you no end. Or the guard reporting to the Jarl of Whiterun during the Alduin questline might decide to go fuck a slave instead, breaking the quest). So i suggest turning those off for the duration. Credits pchs and waxenfigure for Slaverun + Enforcer/ Requirements: Fuz Ro Do - on Nexus Hard Dependencies for V1 (mod won't work/game will crash without these): SexLab - by Ashal (I recommend 1.61+, as it fixed all freeze problems for me) Zaz Animation Pack [2014-04-21] - by xaz Devious Devices and Devious Integration - by Min SexLab Aroused - mod redneck2x or Sexlab Aroused Redux by fishburger67 Hard Dependencies for V2 (mod won't work/game will crash without these): SexLab - by Ashal (I recommend 1.61+, as it fixed all freeze problems for me) Zaz Animation Pack [2014-04-21] - by xaz Devious Devices and Devious Intgration - by Min SexLab Aroused - mod redneck2x or Sexlab Aroused Redux by fishburger67 Dragonborn.esm (yes, slavery comes to Raven Rock) and Dawnguard.esm Devious Expansion.esm iis now a hard dependency ApachiiHair.esm and ApachiiFemalesHair.esm both here Crash fixes to handle the 64k string limitation of Skyrim Very very very much recommended mods: Better Dialogue Controls Highly recomended is to install the fantastic animations by FunnyBizness , here , Slaverun V2 will use these animations, special the FMMMM gangbang animations if available Soft dependencies (mod will utilise or has been made compatible with these mods, nothing bad will happen if you don't have them): Slavetats V1.2.1 with Tatoos "SlaveTats-slut" by murfk if enabled in MCM an enslaved PC will get 3 tattoes in the face and 2 on the hands, 10 progressive tatoos which can be configured in the json config file will be added later, each after a new city is enslaved BrandingDevice of Doom V0.47 by nooblet123 (also needs "SlaveTats-slut" from Slavetats) if tattoos are enabled in MCM and this mod is found, the progressive tatoos will be applied in a little scene where the player is branded down in the slaverun dungeon Coriontios Progressive Slavetats v0.04 by Corinthio (you don't need the esp only the tatoos) these tatoos are the default configuration in the json config file, change to other if you want to use your own tatoo selection SerialStrip v1.1.4 by Antono was used when the player was forced to undress during the enslavement (I think it will not be used there anymore, as serialstrip does not work in scenes) SexLab - Sexual Fame Framework version 0.95+ by Versh (for the OPTIONAL slaverun comments.esp) Slaverun comments.esp is is an standalone esp which can be used with slaverun or without, it uses collected fame of the sexual fame framework to let npc make comments, for example when you are seen with devious devices or be well known to have sex with animals, argonians, orcs.... Simple Slavery v3.92+ by jfraser is used in both directions; slaverun is a possible outcome from simple slavery when enabled in the MCM of simple slavery, but also Slave Master Pike offers you the dialogue option to sell you (if you are his slave) to Simple Slavery in V2.0 there is also a button in slaverun MCM where you can simply trigger the event to be send to simple slavery Hydragon Slavegirls by hydragorgon this mod adds a lot of npc which are slavers or slaves. Slaverun Reloaded can use them to create a more immersive feeling that cities fall to slavery. As default (can be disabled in MCM) slaverun will disable slaves in free towns and will enable them if a new town is enslaved Diablo-esque Decorations - by nooblet123 is similar to hydragon slavegirls and adds some tortured or killed nps to a few Skyrim cities. Slaverun will also disable them and slowly add them again when a city is enslaved Milk Mod Economy by Ed86 Slave Master Pike will get a dialogue to make you a milk cow it the esp is found. When you are a milk cow, Pike gets an option to milk you (slaves only) Skooma Whore by Guffel Slave Master Pike will get a dialogue to give you some drugs if you ask nice (slaves only) Deviously Cursed Loot by Kimy Slave Master Pike will get a dialgoue to give you a cursed item if you ask nice (slaves only) Player Succubus Quest by ojanen After finishing the dremora slave training, your dremora trainer will offer you a quest to make you a succubus, if this mod is found Frostfall 3.0+ by Chesko Due to forced being naked in enslaved cities you would probably freeze to death, so slaverun will save you from that Immersive Hair Growth and Styling by emily1673 in MCM you can choose between slaverun hairgrowth or Immerysive hair growth Slaverun Reloaded had its own hair regrowth mechanic, but you can check an MCM option to use the mechanic of Immersive Hair Growth mod Amputation Framework by Haeretic This framework is used in 3 places to cut off some arms and legs (even if installed in can be disabled in MCM) The first victim is your slave sister Ivana during your enslavement, then the player when your Master will get very angry by some actions and during the quest 'Daughter of Coldharbour' SOS Schlongs of Skyrim by b3lisario, if mod is installed and checkbox in mcm menu is enabled all male slavers will start with a schong size 10 (default for the max size in SOS), after every city quest the schlong size will increase and your slavers dick will get bigger Sexlab Inflation Framework by qotsafan if enabled in MCM the enslaved PC boobs will grow after enslaving a city (Alternative you can enable weight growth if you have a bodyslide configuration that fits). Any growing feature is disabled by default. Mods that add more NPCs, like Inconsequential NPCs, Interesting people, Immersive Whenches, Populated Towns, etc. Appropos by gooser With the wear and tear textures toggled on, your female PC will be in tears half way through slave training, I kid you not. Conflicting mods The original Slaverun mod of course, as it does the same. Special Features: Slave Tattoos (if toggled on in MCM): Your master might give you tattoos so you and others may know your place. If installed he may also send you into the branding device of doom. Note that if you want slavetats to do it's work, you must make sure the number of overlays defined in the nioverride.ini is larger than 0. The customisable progressive tats feature: If you enabled slave tattoos in the MCM menu, the PC will get a new tattoo after each city quest and city prequest. The names of the tattoos are defined in the json file in skse/plugins/slaverun/slaverunconfig.json Tattoo section and tatoo names build a pair to define the tattoo to be used. Predefined are here the tattoos from Corintio's Progressive Slavetats by Corintio, see the threads there and my screenshots. You can replace them with any tattoo you like. At the moment there a 10 tatoos defined, if you want to use them, your nioverride.ini must have iNumOverlays>=10 in Overlays/Body (I use 12). If you want less tatoos, you could simply accept the slavetats error, or replace the tattoo name by "", i.e. replace "Slave Stg 10" by "" (removing the complete line is not recommended). Slave shaving (if toggled on in MCM): Once enslaved your master will shave your head. Ya know, just to remove any illusions of control over your body you might still have. Over time your hair will regrow to it's original length. How long this takes and how many stages there are are also configurable in the MCM. If you are an Elf and nothing happens, try installing this: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/11282 Slave Name changing (if toggled on in MCM): The PC will get a new surname at the end the slave training and following that the end of each city quest. The surname can also be configured in SlaverunConfig.json. Find the lines containing "slaverunslavename" in the json file to see what the names are in order of appearance (slaverunslavename0 is 1st, slaverunslavename1 is 2nd and so on). The Enforcer System (if toggled on in MCM): Men will periodically check for slaves and/or free women to tend to their needs. I mean cocks. Highly customizable regarding who should be called, what arousal levels should be used and if you want a filter for aggressive animations. If you have performance issues, try turning this off, it does put stress on your system. Test/Cheat mode for testing (if toggled on in JSON file): In the JSON file is a property testmode. Setting the value 1 will enable some new Cheat dialogues to skip content and jump from the begin of a subquest to its end. Recommended for testing MCM help: Walkthrough for the medium end of the female slave quest line since the good and bad endings can't be missed. I'm assuming that if you're reading here, you just want to get shit done and don't care about spoilers. But still. Spoilers ahead. Here an overview what quest are in the mod, if you need the technical ids (OLD, this is for V1.x, see top for slave quests in V2) Old Changelog Submitter Kenjoka Submitted 06/10/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires sexlab, dd integration, dd explansion, sla arousal Regular Edition Compatible No View File
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