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  1. Anyone know if he has a social media?

    1. isaactevess1


      It seems to me that he has already died.

      (no kidding. I just don't see any other reason to suddenly disappear for more than 2 years)

  2. I hope everything is good at your house. You are thought of often. Stay sharp. Thank you.

  3. Hello, I have been working on some fixes for slaverun SE, mostly actors not following in scenes, some scripting etc.

    * What are the permissions on this work?

    * Are you working on a new version Kenjoka? If so I'd rather wait for you instead. Otherwise, I could post the fixes


    Thank you for this mod.

    Best Regards!

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    2. Nymra


      why would he, its not his mod? 

      I just mean I think at this point anybody can do anything he wants with slaverun reloaded and also upload it. 

    3. Catnapper2


      Nymra, PCHS is the original creator of Slaverun. They gave permission to Kenjoka to update the mod and this is what came out of it.

    4. Nymra


      I know, but what do you want from pchs? 

      ask for permission to work on Slaverun Reloaded? Only kenjoka can give that permission.

      Original slaverun from pchs has this permission:

      This mod is free to modify, use in parts or as a whole in other mods, etc. unless it's meant for any kind of financial profit. Just please mention my nick if you use the mod in any way."


      From personal experience: 
      do what you want with Slaverun Reloaded and upload it. Nobody will stop you. 



  4. Would also like to see SlaveRun final version :)

  5. Please come back, Slaverun is waiting :D

  6. My only issue is that the sex animations/poses are the only ones that don't trigger, they get either skipped over or stuck my character in the situation of being unable to move or interact. Would you please help me with some troubleshooting? I use Vortex as the mod manager and play Skyrim SE.


  7. Either update slaverun OR release source code and let someone else TAKE OVER

    1. lastbytescout


      Ever heard of that underestimated word "please"? If not, you might want add it to your vocabulary.


      Other than that, there's no need to cry. The sourcecode IS available since release, you can start fixing it right away.

  8. It's been over a year now since Kenjoka's last post, yet he shows as "last visited" on April 20.


    I'm not sure what this means.

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    2. Lupine00


      I mean the strange thing is that the site is showing him as logging in and reading stuff, but he never posts.

    3. Nepro


      Don't be surprise so many things can come out in the life or just he got burned out and takes hiatus. There are known modders that come back after the break.

    4. Lupine00


      I wonder if it's simply some automated thing in his browser, and he isn't reading the site at all.


      Or perhaps he has set a rule for himself that he won't post anything at all until he has finished his next mod release?


      If the latter, I wish he's said so in advance :) 

  9. Hello, I can't find  Appropos mod after I downloaded your file, and you didn't mark it in the post, which makes me very distressed. Could you tell me the download address of this mod?

  10. hey sir i am a huge fan of your mod but i have some questions


    1. how do i get to be a slaver as a female?

    2. for the gladiator quest, is there a way to do that before becoming a slave since the mcm lists enslavement as a consequence of defeat

    3. is there a way to turn the nudity law off, or alter it in the mcm?
    4. some of the requirements aren't available anymore, is there any way to find them?


    oh and if i could suggest an idea, maybe a lezdom slave  option/quest or even a seperate mod. that'd be nice



    anyways thank you for this great mod sir :D

  11. Hello Kenjoka. None of the animations are working for slaverun for me. Do you have any suggestions on how to fix it


  12. Hello Kenjoka, I have a problem using the Slaverun mod. You see, I have downloaded all of the needed mods, I can see the mod in "Mods", but I cannot see it in Mod Configuration. What do I do?

  13. Hey Kenjoka:
        I played through and enjoyed Slaverun Reloaded.  It was a little more hardcore then i would prefer, but it was well done and played through with little or no trouble.  I have had it loaded for subsequent playthroughs more to set the tone of a skyrim with slavery then as a quest mod.  Lately I have been thinking about rebuilding the original slaverun into a softercored background mod.  I don't have any prior modding experience, so I really don't know what it would take or what I would be getting myself into.  
        There are things from your mod that I really like, (the nudity law, the enforcer, the autostripper) and things that I find frustrating, primarily that any low level shoeshine boy/book keeper type NPC can strip and sex your Dragonborn, high level hero character, and there really isn't a thing you can do about it.
        So my thoughts have been "what can I  or would I change if I wanted to rebuild a different version.  How much work would it be to make essentially a mod that altered more the mood of the game then the details.  I realized that you have already made a lot of the stuff I would like to incorporate in such a mod, and that it would really be in the details of how those things where brought about.  An example of that would be the way you are stripped by any nobody NPC.  I would change that so that the local guards would come and instead of arresting you they would give you the opportunity to strip and after the second or third time a fine.  After that you might be publicly flogged and/or tattoed or even raped in the stocks.  But the Key element to it would be that you would get the opportunity to go quietly, (like an arrest) or you could fight and be killed or get a bounty on your head.  
        If I did go ahead with this idea, it would parallel the basics of your mod in some ways but would be more of a flavor mod to add a softer version of the flavor of Slaverun, without the quests, the Colosseum or your NPC's, but adding the nudity laws, enforcers and auto stripper and possibly more.  My thoughts were to make it so it would need the absolute minimum of required mods, but so it would recognize mods but not require them.  My idea was more along the line of Amorous Adventures, which you can play without sexlab or OSA, but it recognizes and uses them if you have them.  The slavery laws would be more a threat then a reality although it could be tied into Simple Slavery if you pushed things with the laws and the gaurds too far.
        I like the idea of not all the towns having the nudity laws, and/or the nudity laws not invading spaces like the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Dawnstar, or the Ragged Flagon in Riften.  That sort of thing could be set up in an MCM menu.  I like the idea of a more public slave auction where NPC slaves are bought and sold and led away by thier new owners, but again, it would be more to add flavor to the game and be more a backdrop.
        One problem I have noticed with the auto stripper is when you are riding a horse.  My character will stand up on the horse and strip, and then the only way I have found to dismount is to move my character with the console to some other location or NPC, "ie. player.moveto".  It occured to me that if you ran the quick dismount tag, (from Convenient Horses) before the auto stripper, that could solve the problem.  
        I don't know what the ethics of the stuff I am talking about are, and I certainly don't want to steal someone elses work.  I also don't know what you intend to do, or if you are already doing something like I am talking about.  So I thought that contacting you and explaining things might be a good first step.  I have no wish to step on your toes or steal your work or anyone else's work for that matter, but I am also under the impression that people don't mind you using thier work as a resource so long as you give them credit due.
        It would be great to hear your thoughts and/or idea's or even constructive criticism on what I am thinking.
    Have a great day
    Dan "aka sattyre"

  14. you have to build these in the workbench... but I agree that it is a bug, Gustus will send you to build them first before your training continues there
  15. No, oldrim will still be my development platform, but now it takes me about 15 to 30 minutes to create an SE version of any new oldrim version SE version is up... I did not test much but until Riverwood quest everything looks fine ... fixed 2 bugs in the beta 1, maybe in 2 or 3 weeks there will be a beta 2
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