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OBSOLETE. SEE Bad Dog's Ungulates: Horse, Deer, Minotaur


A cervid race with a range of nose shapes, horns, face patterns, and a few hair styles. Gazelles, moose, goats, and giraffe are all achievable. 


Face morphs are on different sliders and their function may not be obvious. Play with it. Ear size is on a face slider, and some sliders that are labeled for the face affect nose shape. The Thomson's Gazelle face pattern is on the dirt slider, the rest on more-or-less obvious tint sliders. Horns are on the brow slider.


The giraffe pattern is on an overlay. There are other patterns as well--Tommy stripe, fawn spots, socks, etc. Thanks to ASlySpyDuo for many of the patterns.


Download and install the files you want. Order doesn't much matter.

  • Designed for use with the SOS body. If you care about seams along the thigh but don't want dick, load SOS and don't enable its ESPs.
  • There's a file with schlongs if you want them. That does require SOS. If you want the girls to have dicks, enable that ESP and set the schlong priorities. 
  • There's a file for digitigrade feet but for this mod I'm on the fence about whether it's better. They look fine in plantigrade, I think.
  • Download and install the CBBE file if you use that body.
  • Courtesy of @Ratchet the last Lombax and with improvements by @Blaze69there's a NPC file that turns a few existing Skyrim residents into deer, mostly in Falkreath, and adds a few new NPCs. 1.4.2 has Blaze's behavior improvements, so you want it.


Requires RaceCompatibility


I'll probably do an NPC file at some point, but otherwise this is just about done.


LE version here.


(Screenshots courtesy of @ASlySpyDuo.)


What's New in Version 1.4



  • Improved NPC file


  • Improved eyes
  • NPC file
  • Improved overlays
  • CBBE overlays
  • Deer circlet


  • Added human-style male eyes


  • Replaced missing Hoodies ESM

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