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About This File

This is KrittaKitty's Lykaios race, updated with her latest work and completed by Bad Dog. 


A subspecies of the forest dwelling Vukasin tribe, the Lykaios are thought to be distantly related to the long extinct 'Vulpine' Lilmothiit peoples of Black Marsh. The nomadic Lykaios have no homeland; instead they live in small family packs in the coldest and most unreachable parts of Tamriel. Excellent hunters and trackers, the Lykaios are a hardy and rugged people resistant to cold and most diseases.


SE version here


Latest Changes

  • NPCs are consolidated into the main mod to save ESP slots
  • New digi mechanism doesn't require an ESP (but does require XPMSE)
  • New schlong mechanism does't require RCAE


About the mod


This mod allows you to play as a Lykaios, male or female. The race has its own abilities and perks. There are many facial markings available but not all are obviously labeled, so play around with the sliders. Some markings are under the "dirt" option, so look there too.


There are hair and earrings. Some earrings are under the "brow" slider.


Males have an optional SOS schlong that uses my Hoodies mechanism. Hoodies is built in so it's not an extra prerequisite. Schlongs are dog sheaths and will unsheath for sex or if you have Sexlab Aroused installed with SOS integration turned on. There's an antho uncircumcised unsheathing schlong for your extra pleasure. There are female sheathing schlongs. 




KK was in the middle of a major update to the race when she stopped modding. She made her assets available, and I picked them up to use in the Yiffy Age mod. Mostly I just finished what she started. Differences are that I gave them my canine pawfeet and my clawhands; I left out the Scottie-dog brows and made her earrings available on that slider so they could be used with any hairstyle; I gave them high-poly heads following her models; and I re-did the face markings to allow a wider range of wolf and dog patterns.




Make sure you have the latest version of the files. 3.0 is a save-breaking update because some scripts have changed. 


Download the files and install the ones you want in this order:

  1. Dawnguard
  2. RaceCompatibility. Use the "Untranslated Files" download to prevent crashes.
  3. Lykaios_Reborn - Base mod. SFW: Bodies are vanilla with underwear unless you have a replacer loaded. Works with the UNP female body.  Followers are near the Alchemist's Shack in the Rift, and in the Vilemyr Inn evenings.
  4. Lykaios_Digi - Digitigrade feet, if you like that better. (I do.) You can wear boots and they'll look like vanilla. Barefoot, you're digitigrade.
  5. Lykaios_Schlongs - Hoodie schlongs. Requires SOS if you want spells and potions to work. 
  6. Lykaios_HDT_Tails - Requires an HDT setup. Tails are subject to stretching and the occasional invisible character. Try them and keep them if you like them.
  7. Lykaios_CBBE - If you use that body. 
  8. XPMSE if you're using the digi feet. If you don't want to run the mod, disable the ESP.
  9. PapyrusUtil for the schlongs. Sexlab comes with the necessary files, so don't worry about it if you're running that.


Managing the Schlongs


Keys and erection spells work. For females, unlike prior versions, I'm letting SL handle strapons. If you put a dick on a girl she will be "treated as male" by SL -- so no strapon, and chosen as the active party where possible. There's a "no schlong" SOS option which the girls get by default. Change priorities if you want something different.


Making NPCs


Tint files ship in 256x and 2048x sizes. Go to textures\actors\character\Lykaios\Tintmasks and copy the contents of whichever size you prefer from the subfolder to the main folder. You need the 256 if you're creating NPCs, 2048 if you're just setting up your PC. If using 2048, edit skse.ini to add




so the higher-res face tints will work.

What's New in Version 3.2



- Digi 2.1: More vertical canine shanks

- Schlongs 9.2: Improved stripping and trigger registration



- New schlong scripts



Alt feet textures for bare toes

>New digi mechanism

>Fix to female mouth

>Female NPCs fixed

>Female earrings are removable in racemenu


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