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This mod provides 5 unique cat races: Cheetah, Panther, Lion, Snow Leopard, and Tiger. 


Each race is complete with textures, head shapes, claws, and cat feet. They have a variety of hair thanks to KrittaKitty and Apachii, in addition to some vanilla hair. There is also some ear jewelry that can be found on the "brows" slider. There's an optional HDT tails add-on.


Race assets are the same as the cat races in the Yiffy Age mod. The sabrelions have been updated somewhat--there's now a regular lion option.


SE Download Here


  • The schlong file gives you dick. Each race has its own schlong, selectable through SOS. 
  • The digi file gives you digitigrade feet.
  • The CBBE file gives you CBBE-compatible body textures
  • NPC file turns some of the named NPCs around Skyrim into cats.
    • >>>Tell me if you like this. I did this instead of creating a bunch of random camps around the landscape for the cats. This way, you get a little furriness without having to go full Yiffy Age. I might do this with Lykaios and the other dogs, so there are furries everywhere--but not everyone is furry. For now you can find cats in Solitude, Winterhold, Falkreath, and Morthal.


Note the panthers don't get vampire eyes when they turn. For some reason, the panther race (but no other) was crashing when turning into vampires.


What's New in Version 2.2



- Fixed panther vampires (but no vampire eyes)

- Schlongs updated to Hoodies 9.2 - fixes stripping and arousal triggers

- Anthro schlongs for all races

- Digi feet v2.0 - no separate skeleton



- New model paths

- Corrected attack data



- Textures and models updated to the latest from YA. Locations changed to the common location.

- Female lions have a non-sabretooth mouth

- Some face tint updates

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